Transcendental Meditation: Mechanics of the Technique (Maharishi Mahesh Yogi)

Suffering is happening is dominating life everywhere Tension and stress and strain are increasing in
every country whether it’s an affluent society or a developing nation but suffering is everywhere it is possible for everyman to go deep within and saturate his conscious mind with inner happiness with that unlimited intelligence that dwells at the source of thought. The principle of Transcendental meditation is simple. Being is bliss in it’s nature it is infinite happiness. Mind is always moving in the direction of greater happiness It is the experience of everyone wherever the mind goes it goes in the direction of greater happiness and because the nature of inner being is bliss, infinite happiness,
therefore The mind during Transcendental Meditation takes that inward course in a more spontaneous manner. In this meditation we do not concentrate or
control the mind we let be mind follow it’s natural instinct toward greater happiness and it goes within and gain’s Bliss Consciousness in the Being yes The technique is we take a specific thought which suits us. It’s called the mantra or a suitable sound for us we which we see from the trained
teacher Of Transcendental Meditation and these teachers are
found everywhere in the world I have trained them properly and they gave a suitable word and the man experiences the thought of that sound and starts minimizing that thought to experience the finer state of that thought until the source of thought is fathomed and the conscious mind reaches the transcendental area of being. So from gross thought to the subtle state of thought the the subtler to the subtlest state of thought this is the path of Transcendental Meditation and the Mind, Conscious Mind, reaches the bliss consciousness or transcendental
conscience or pure consciousness or the state of Being Here in this state of being the mind becomes soaked with energy, intelligence, and great happiness We sit it comes out and performs and
experiences the world much better than before


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