Transform Your Honda CR in Minutes!

today I’m gonna show you how to go from
this to this man that looks a million times better and only takes a few
minutes to swap out so this is the original style from the cr125 kind of
old-school looking you know 2000’s style and I’ll be converting it over to a 2019 CRF
style so you need you newer plate and fender obviously and a bracket and all
you have to do is drill a few holes in the fender so pretty simple stuff now
there’s a couple different styles you can choose from here when converting
your front end all the way from 2010 up to 2020 so there’s three different
styles and I’m gonna go ahead and show you so this is the 2018 to 2020 style
right here this is my favorite I think they fit the cleanest together there’s
no gap between the number plate in the fender and now we have the 2014 to 2016
style a little bit different than the 18 to 20 but still looks really good and
last up we have the 2010 to 2012 style so whenever style you choose you gotta
use a matching number plate and fender you can see where they meet up is
different on all of them so for example if you’re gonna use a 2010 number plate
you want a 2010 fender as well and make sure you stay tuned to the entire video
I’ll be doing a giveaway on everything required to restyle the front end of
your CR and just for clarification this conversion works on cr125 into 50s from
2000 to 2007 alright let’s get started all right so I’ve got the old fender and
numberplate off the bike let’s go ahead and check out what we need to do to the
new style fender to get it mounted up so you can see the mounting holes are quite
a bit different from the to the newer style has a little bit of a step up so
we’ll need to read drill the holes on this one luckily I’ve got a template
here to make this easy for you guys so just mock it up there and we’ll get
started now before we do anything else we’ll
need to take our fender washers and install them upside down so with the
flange on the bottom side of the fender put these in the rear holes of the
fender then make sure you have to your fender bolts handy line up the template
with the front facing the front of the fender take your fender bolts and push
them through the rear holes and then take something that sharp like a punch
or a pointy screwdriver line them up with the four dots on the fender and
then give that punch a little tap with a hammer go ahead and do that to all four
pull the template off and then we’ll have four dots that we can easily see
that way we know where to drill now we’re gonna grab an eighth inch drill
bit to drill through those holes we’re just gonna drill a small hole right now
to use as a pilot hole now we’re gonna step up to a 3/8 inch
drill bit now you can see how close the rear holes are gonna be to the existing
holes that can be a little bit tricky so you can either just go for it with a 3/8
and kind of just slot this existing hole or I’m gonna try going in between with a
quarter-inch size drill bit I’m gonna step it up two 5/16 that way I’m is
slowly working towards that threes now we’re ready to step up to the 3/8 you
want you can kind of go ahead and clean this up with a knife and now we can just
put the old fender washers back in place and now the fender is ready to go on the
bike so this process with the drilling is gonna be the same exact or any fender
from 2010 up to 2020 so the fender mouths just like the
original one and you want to make sure you use the original washers on the back
cover up those slotted holes that front fenders looking mighty fine on there
mount it up really nicely now for the front number plate I’ll go ahead and
show you how we’re gonna go about mounting this thing up on here alright
so the CF number plate uses two mounting holes one on either side whereas the
original number plate bolts up in the center of the triple clamp right there
so obviously this is gonna need some modification now what I’ve done in the
past is just run a zip tie around the triple clamp through that hole hasn’t
held up the best it’s kind of ghetto not really the greatest solution but I do
have a more permanent solution here it’s a bracket that bolts on right here and
allows you to you just straight up both the number plate on so pretty much like
a factory part and this is that bracket I’m talking about
so just slips on like so fits right over the triple clamp hole like that fits
really snugly on there and then you’ve got two threaded holes on either side of
the bracket to bolt that number plate up so pretty trick setup pretty simple deal
just bolt that bracket on using the center original hole just like that nice
and tight on there now if you’re going to be using a cycler stadium plate like
the one I have here you’ll notice that it zip ties around the fork which is
awesome but there’s also some stuff you gotta be careful about so on this bike I
never protected the fork you can see it wore into the anodizing a little bit so
you’ll either want to use a piece of clear vinyl to wrap around the fork to
protect it or siker actually makes a little rubber pad that goes behind a
number plate right here where it rides on the fork in a pinch you can even use
some clear packaging tape I don’t have any clear vial right now so I’m just
gonna have to use that for now and now the number plate just mounts up
like a factory part now another thing I really like about the cycler stadium
plate is it has its own brake line guide so it just has this little piece that
clips in like so and holds the brake line in place and then you just take a
zip tie secure the plate to the fork and we’re all done man it’s crazy how much
of a difference just a number plate and fender make on a bike this thing looks
like a completely different bike now and one thing I was gonna say with the 18 to
20 style it fits really good right here the seam the other styles you end up
with a little gap here not a huge deal but in my opinion this style fits the
best everything clears fine back here with the pipe and the radiator guards no
rubbing at all so yeah just a really clean set up now
this bike is a 2005 and 2004 to 2007 uses a little different style bracket
compared to the older bikes so this is the newer style bracket if you have a
2002 2003 this is the style bracket that you want let’s go see what it looks like
on my oh three so I have a 2019 CRF front fender and plate on this bike as
well it just uses a little different style bracket though that one right
there now when you buy bracket you get all the mounting bolts required the
fender template I showed earlier and mounting instructions so a pretty
complete set up also these brackets are made of stainless steel
pretty thick material so they’re not gonna break or bend on you nor are they
going to rust also they’re made in the good ol US of A America so I’ll drop a
link down below to you where you can buy the brackets and if you’re needing a
front fender and number plate as well I’ll also link the cheapest place to
find those now if you want to modernize your bike a little bit further what you
can do is the poor tree style kit makes the bike look like a 2019
that’s what I have on this bike here pretty cool-looking kit I’ll link that
down below as well and on the 125 this is the original plastic style which i
think looks pretty good as well but one thing you can do to modernize it a
little bit one thing I did on my old 125 I’ll actually put a picture on the
screen right now that I trim the number plates down a little bit so started
right here kind of trimmed down like that just got rid of the back portion so
this flows a little better I might do it on this bike not quite sure yet but just
an idea for you guys now if you don’t run a cycler plate the bottom is gonna
be a little bit loose what you can actually do see these two holes in here
you can run a bolt down through those existing holes in the fender here and
throw a nut on the bottom side and that will secure it so the 10 to 16 plates I
believe you can do that and then for the 18 to 20 plate I have this little
locating tab that goes into the fender and that’ll keep the bottom of the
number plate secure now I promised you guys a giveaway so what I want you guys
to do is go down below in the comment section and comment Prime that’s PR y
and E I’m gonna pick one of your comments and I will completely refund
your order on prime of X if you order a bracket and anything else on the store I
carry t-shirts hats stickers cleaning pads obviously the brackets but in the
next five days I’ll pick one your comments and completely refund your
order and I’ll also send you this fender and number plate so you can get your
bike looking just as good as this one so go down below comment Prime order up a
bracket along with anything else you want on the store and enter to win that
all that for free plus these as well the only stipulation I got to keep it in the
US these are kind of big to ship overseas so just keep that in mind well
that’s it for today appreciate you guys watching and
hopefully this video helped with modernizing your CR I’ll see you all in
a video coming soon keep it Prime


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