Treatlife Spinner Swing Review! Happiness Or Despair?

We haven�t had a chance to build the hanging
papasan chair this year, but we did pick up this nifty little swing for the kids to use
in the front yard. Welcome to The Hippie Geeks. If you enjoy this video, be sure to subscribe
and hit the bell notification icon to catch all our new videos! Looking inside the box that the swing comes
in, everything is well packed and showed up without any damage. There is a bag that has the hanging straps,
hanging clips and a wrench that you will use to attach the hanging ropes later. There is a bundle of ropes that have eye bolts
at the ends, and then there is the seat of the swing itself. The seat is separated into four quarter circles
that need to be hooked together into a complete circle. As you unfold it, you will see where the sections
go together. Slip one end into the other, around the circle,
being careful to not get your fingers pinched. You will need to use a bit of force to get
the last one to pop into place, and seriously, don�t pinch your fingers. Once it is flattened out, it is time to get
the hanging ropes attached. Grab one of the hanging ropes by its eyebolt
and take off the lock nut you will find on the end. Make sure that the washer is on the eye bolt,
pull back the rubber coating on the seat where the pieces meet, and slip the bolt into the
hole you will find. Once the bolt is in the hole, flip the seat
over, pull back the rubber coating on that side, and place the lock nut onto the bolt. Make sure to grab the wrench out of the bag
and use it to tighten the nut down completely. You may find it easier to hold onto the eye
portion of the bolt with a pair of pliers to finish tightening it down. Repeat those steps for the other three eyebolts,
making sure to not tangle up the hanging ropes as you go. Once the four eye bolts are tightened down,
your assembly is done! Now it is time to hang the swing up. As we already have a hanging point in our
tree I didn�t need to use the included hanging straps, they are very well built and would
be easy to use for those that need them. Once we slipped the steel rings into the clip,
we tightened the clip down and moved on to the next part. The seat was hanging too high for Noah to
be able to use it, so we used the adjusting ring to lower it all the way down, which was
really easy and got the seat right where we needed it. Finally, it was time to try the swing out. It has a max load of 220 pounds, which should
allow some adults and most children to use it without concern. Lindsay hopped into it first and swung a little,
and then Noah came out to give it a spin. It was just the right size for him, and the
padded edge made it painless and easy to get into and out of the swing. We need to move the hanging point further
out from the tree, but the swing itself works great and we can�t wait to use it for the
rest of the summer. If this is your first time here on The Hippie
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