TRULY Earn Money Online with Affiliate Marketing – The 5 Golden Rules

Affiliate marketing ergo promoting
services products and software and get a commission out of each purchase
basically it’s like being an encyclopedia salesman a good part of my
revenue comes from affiliate marketing and in this video I show you the golden
rules you have to follow to make affiliate marketing work and to get
passive income out of it I’m Alessandro and I’m an online marketing expert and
in this channel I give tips and advice on how to create an online business how
to grow it with customers and clients and how to make it your real job
and leave your corporate one where your Boss probably is an asshole if this sounds
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to the video’s topic are you ready for some affiliate marketing 101 welcome to
the Growth Academy affiliate marketing is one of the best
ways to get online passive income and if you follow my channel you’re well aware
of it unfortunately many people try using affiliate marketing to get revenue
to their business and they fail mostly because they don’t follow some basic
rules so let’s start with number one you need to prefer recurring payment
products I rarely affiliate for a single payment
product I prefer to affiliate for products that have recurring payments
especially if those products are really difficult to quit I know it sounds like
I’m selling drugs but don’t worry this is totally legal I’m an affiliated for
Teachable for Active Campaign for Elementor and all those services they
have something in common there are all services that you have to pay monthly or
annually and they are really difficult to quit and move to the competitors
let me give you some examples if I create my website and my landing pages
with Elementor it’s gonna be really difficult and it’s gonna take a long
time for me to move to the competitors because I have to recreate all my pages
with this other tools and at the same time if I quit paying for Elementor
all the pages have done well I can’t modify them any more or take Teachable
all my courses are on Teachable and if I want to stop my subscription with
Teachable well I’m gonna lose my courses and if I want to use something another
tool a competitor tool I have to move all the
things all the content that I stored in Teachable and I have to move everything
to the new tool and it will take me a long time and these are the two
characteristics you need to look for in every tool you want to promote
they need to be systems based on recurring payments and at the same time
they have to be really difficult to quit and now you can make all the jokes about
my Italian roots mafia whatever number 2 prioritize tools and products that
have longtime cookies cookies are the online stalkers they can see if the
purchase you’ve done is through a recommendation or not in this case they
check if someone bought something through your affiliate link and there is
something no one pays attention at no one checks if the product they want to
affiliate this product has longtime cookies or have short time cookies to
be more precise let’s assume someone clicks on your affiliate link gets on
the products page but she doesn’t buy then she revisits the product page not
through your affiliate link but through the real link and she buys the product if the
purchase is within the cookie time you will get a commission anyway so now you
can realize how important the cookie time is Amazon for example offer just 24
hour cookies on regular affiliate links I suggest you to promote just products
that have long time cookies the next time you want to promote something look
carefully for the cookie length inside the page and the details of this product and
usually you have to look for this thing for a long time because it’s really
hidden in the text it’s more or less like those tiny texts that are at the
bottom of every contract that end up fucking your life number 3 choose
products you are already using if you promote the product you are ready using
consistently you can teach people how to use it and
you can educate those people to stay on this product and keep paying for it and
that’s why it’s a good idea to have a blog or ever YouTube channel like this
one and publish tutorials and guides on the products that you are affiliating
for as I said I’m an affiliate for Elementor and if you check my channel
you would see a lot of videos where I explain how to use Elementor by the way I
think Elementor is a great tool that you need to have and if you want to buy it
there is the link in the description what is this sound? number 4 is to
promote those products just when there is a discount apart from the links that
you may have in your blog and in your YouTube videos you need to promote your
tools and your products just when there is a discount to your email list and if
you want to use ads like Facebook Ads for example and if you are using ads I
suggest you to target just the warm audience just people that already
watching your videos and reading your content first is a way to reward your
subscribers and followers to watch your content and read your content so it’s a
win-win situation plus if you regularly publish tutorials
and guides on the products you affiliate for your followers are well aware on how
is beneficial for them to get this product and if this product is in a
promotion well they would be super happy to buy it if you want to take a look at
a real case study in the description of this video you can download the
document where I explain to you how I promoted Elementor on Black Friday I
used Facebook ads and chat BOTS and in this document I put all the screenshots
for my campaigns so you have the link in the description next advice is strictly
connected to the one I just told you number 5 sign for those products
newsletters the reasons why you want to be on those newsletters is because when
there’s gonna be a discount of the tools you are promoting you’re gonna be the
first one to know it and sometimes those tools would send you even the assets that
you can use for your campaigns this for examples are all the banners that the
Elementor team sent me via email for the latest discount they run
that is everything you need to follow to make affiliate marketing works if you
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