Try not to Laugh Challenge – Beta 1.0 YLYL #0057

WHAT’S UP! T BAD *cool explosion noises* (Haven’t seen these before) Thank you voiceover Pete for sending me your sword I will take great care of this (lies) epic sword. My ceiling is not very tall, but I do feel very epic. (somehow he doesn’t hit ceiling with immense 181cm height) Welcome to… You laugh you lose, everyone. (Youtube’s best clickbait skrattar du förlorar du) Hope you are having a fantastic day! Hope you’re having smiles and good laughs. And if not, you’re about to… Can I just f**kin do this and then do the video? The rule is simple, you laugh you lose. It’s a brand new show, we’re testing it out, it’s in beta phase. But let’s just see how it goes. Let’s jump into it guys. In background: eeeeep EEEEEEEEEP #relatable
Smash like subscribe on this video. (sellout) Dudes be scared to moan. I be in my girl ear like: EEEEEEEEEP So far very good
skrattar *autistic screaming* *Pewdiepie smacking his desk twice because that clip reminds him of himself* It’s more Tyler memes hell yeah. Spider-man with venom suit on him. (Tyler screaming) get this s**t off me – *More autistic screaming oh boy* – get that beta s**t off me! *Is there ever a moment when Tyler isn’t screaming?* Is all his live streams like this? I’ve never seen anything beyond these clips *laughing* Is this all he does? Why? What’s the context? How are they still making more of these? American soldier: Did you hear something? Tree: *A N G E R Y T R E E N O I S E S* *E V E N M O R E A N G E R Y T R E E N O I S E S* I’m so glad I’m so glad people can still make this horrific dumb ass jokes. Like if I made these jokes I would get in so much trouble (Let’s reach that 10 minute mark bois!) Oh-oh no-o-o *laughing* Ksi looks like you have a rival here. I’m not deflecting, my hairline is fine. Okay. My hairline is fine! Alright I’ve seen this *laughs* What an absolute alpha, my god I feel my testosterone levels increasing just by watching that. Can we please see it again? That was glorious. I won’t… I won’t lie, this is definitely me after taking a big peepee (wait what) P I mean P not pee, (good one Filex) I don’t- Oh God, this is pretty good skratta, skratta so far I’m having a good skratta this means I have to refill my G-Fuel In the meantime, maybe you can check out zero death merch; it’s available now, and I think you’ll like it. *burp* What if I tell you keep telling I have wireless microphone so I can tell you more about it It’s the 90 million club merch, and it’s very good merch. *He burped again* I need G-Fuel just to cope with my life (don’t we all) What is this? My fifth one today? (I think he’s addicted) Just need to block out the pain. The pain of being Pewdiepie (He’s gonna delete his channel at 100M) *Is he at the toilet? All i hear is pee pee… I mean P* *can being opened* What’s up guys I’m back with more G-Fuel. How’s it going over here, bros? Did you BUY THE MERCH?! (I don’t understand what they’re saying) OHOHOHOHOHO OHOHOHOHOHO Oh Why, why do they have a bunch of computers next to a f**kin’ basketball thingy? Dummies, you’re a dumb ball! You’re a dumb bay! You’re dumb! What’s your name? And what are you gonna do? Goddamn that’s dope Oh no. Aw no. Aw that’s sad. ๐Ÿ™ *Press F in the chat* Well, it happens to the best of us. You know, you don’t have to add a Minecraft meme to literally everything. It just isn’t necessary. (Yes it is) Hahaa, it looks funny though Hey Marty, McFly Williams. He ate the cobblestone. Okay, that was good. That was a good meme I made a Skratta No, but, for real, tell me how you’re doing Are you okay? You’re not okay? (No i’m not. I can’t do this anymore) Oh, that’s too bad It’s not like f**king EVERYONE ISN’T OKAY ♫ I don’t know what’s wrong with my cat. Why does he look like that? ♫ ♫ What is wrong? Please he- ♫ It’s funny because it’s not a cat it’s a dolphin, lol (Duck Tales music because copyright sucks. I feel your pain Felix. We want edgy content) WHOAAAA I don’t know if I can laugh at this if it’s fake, it’s not funny. If it’s real, it’s really funny Cuz’ then I imagine that they just keep flying away and maybe land somewhere. Safely, of course. Safely. The animal sounds with Tyler1 is back ♫The dog goes♫ *Loud Tyler barking noises* ♫The cow goes♫ (Warning Headphone users) *Cow painful noises from Tyler. I can’t handle this anymore* (That’s not a cow that Kratos busting a fat one .-.) Ah damn, I was hoping it was more. Oh well. It’s the only redeeming quality, these Tyler1 memes. Come on, STAHP (Getting gnomed is a blessing) ♫ …of the reign of Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg ♫ ♫ Through all the change and controversy, you’ve been by my side ♫ ♫There’s no army in the world I would rather give me watch time. ♫ ♫ It’s been a wild ride ♫ ♫ So while I can still be heard, here’s one last bro fist from the number one in the world ♫ Someone punching the screen? No? ♫ [Congratulations]♫ OH! OH! SKRATTA DU Hell yeah! Damn, so many people liked it. I’m so glad these kid- these a… kids? Did I call them kids? Really? Alright, let’s watch some more funny clips. What in the world is this? I need that for Edgar Or for myself Oh God, Jesus Stop, please! Who would do that? STAAAAHHP Oh, okay, it’s fine. The baby is fine, you saved the baby’s li- uh, oh People keep saying like: My channel is having a bad influence on kids, but now… 90 million kids – yes. You’re all children – has learned how to save a bebe. So, You’re welcome. I think my point has been proven and if you want to show other people how to save a bebe, 0 death merch! You can also have this. Also we have the merch coming up soon, I know how to save a bebe if it’s dying *sigh* I’ve been watching so many clips of this guy I- I’m thinking about making a video on it cuz’ it’s so f**king funny I mean you’ve probably seen these before *skrattar* STAHP HATIN ON SONIC!! My favorite one is the most relatable line of the entire universe “You idiot” ’06 was a good game. Sonic ’06, ‘best Sonic game ever’ AAAAAAAAAAAA (omg) (RIP headphone users) RAHHHHH IDIOTS! And- Oh I love it so much, it makes me so happy. Video: 3, 2, 1, cheers What is that? *splurt* oh, Jesus Christ OHOHOHOHOH What are they drinking? There’s- there’s some like this is me when my girlfriend bla bla bla ha ha ha a joke. I just can’t be bothered anymore Yes, the classic! This is my Starbucks…tea Here’s the motherf- tea! T-rex Triceratops Brontosaurus Micropachycephalosaurus a oh, God! What the hell is that!? What IS that? what the f-? what the what the what the what the?? Ew ew eugh ugh eurgh Wow, what a bounce. Wait where’s it gonna go *Bottle makes an epic journey across different places only to simply fail afterwords. You’ll see* oh. it landed. No? It didn’t It’s coming out of the toilet, okay, where is it gonna stop?! It keeps going *I told you* That was it. Really? *ghost being banished* Goddammit. All right That’s it for this week’s you laugh you lose if you had a fun time today a great way to support the channel Is buy merch and I’ll see you guys tomorrow and have a great time until then Goodbye, and watch like other youtubers as well. It it is, okay (Subscribe to—) Anyone else this is you *Felix doing questionable things because its been over 9 years. I think he’s lost the plot. So how’s your day been?* Tuber simulator, it’s now so relevant that it’s got a brand new minigame! (yay) CRANIAC! ๐Ÿ˜€ drop the crane and get fresh items only available in the washing machine like game and you say there’s more of course there is! New knowledge perks, new quests, and new pixelings and legs guys L E G S ^^ Ok bye have a beautiful time. Remember to subscribe!

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