Try Not To Laugh Twice Challenge ✌

fuck, at this moment the Lucas knew he how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if
a woodchuck could chuck wood like this but I gotta tattoo some kids just party too hard glory
oh boy party Barnum boy look like it go sneeze don’t you back here live at the
waterfront village with my friend the zombie Jonathan you’re looking good
Jonathan just got an awesome facepaint job what do you think I like turtles
alright you’re great zombie and good times here at the waterfront village
open for the next 11 days one day after watching the adversity
approve one week after watching the Emperor’s New Groove two weeks after
watching The Emperor’s New Groove three weeks after watching the Emperor’s Snow
Grove write the poison the poisons were gonna use to go through stuff
girls girls boys little bit you forgot dream Ares do you know where that Tahoe Hall is yeah I don’t I don’t
so where your faith yeah yeah step one get yourself one of these corncob things
shove it right up in there and your intake you walk towards the back of the
truck get a body to start your truck and you got yourself some popcorn this is my backward shot what’s up guys
my name is Robbie in this song’s called life all right here we go
oh how are you baby so hard oh I don’t know how you’re doing this but you’re
hitting me so hard oh my god red you guys stop of the whole time told you why you’re really good


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