(upbeat music) – Okay, I’m ready to take these things out and see what happened to my head. Caleb, what you doing? (gentle music) – Good morning. School that our kids go to
one day a week got canceled because of an ice storm. It’s pretty serious. They’re saying maybe a
third of an inch of ice from freezing rain is gonna come down and cover everything. So we’re gearing up for a day at home, hoping the power stays on. You’re making the bed? – Mm-hmm. – [Jeremy] So how are you guys
feeling about the ice storm? – I’m a little bit sad
because we can’t go to school. – [Jeremy] That is a bummer, huh? – I’m disappointed about it, but I’m especially disappointed that I can’t go to basketball practice. – [Jeremy] It’s hard when
things get canceled, huh? Well, hopefully it gets better soon. But I think we can try
to have some fun here. Why don’t we do some
serious basketball practice at home? (peppy piano music) – Ice storm warnings in place for all of the counties shaded in purple. That goes until six p.m. – [Jeremy] Is that a telephone? She loves the remote control. Thanks for folding, Laura. (peppy piano music) – I’m trying something
new with my hair today. I’ve had these curlers for a while and I’ve been wanting to try ’em and see if it’s an easier way for me to curl my hair,
but you’re supposed to shower at night and put ’em in and sleep in ’em and I just don’t shower at night very often, so
this morning I showered and I was like, “I’m just gonna be home. “I’m just gonna put ’em in.” So we’ll see how this turns out. – Nae Nae’s like, “What?” – Ooh, I like it. – So curls will come down? – Well, we’ll see. When I take it out, it’s supposed to be that my hair dries like this. Then when I take it out, there’s curls. What do you think? – I think it’ll work. – [Jen] Really? – [Jeremy] It’s a good day to do it. No one’s going anywhere today. – We’re not going anywhere. Do you wanna come see? Does something seem a little different? – [Jeremy] Did you do
something to your eyebrows? – So before I ever had
kids, I would see children with crusty, disgusting noses and inside I’d be like,
“Why don’t their parents “just wipe their kids’ noses?” And now I know. Their parents already have
wiped their kids’ noses a hundred times that day. That’s just how kids’ noses go. Hey, should we wipe that nose again? So every time my kids
have disgusting noses, it’s a reminder to me not to judge. – [Jeremy] It’s her nap time. (piano music) – I made my own ending in the song. I just go back to this. (piano music) – [Jen] I love listening to you play. Caleb, what you doing? – [Caleb] Trying to get the dirty clothes. – [Jen] From the bottom of the hamper? – [Caleb] Yeah. – [Jen] Well, you’re gettin’ it. – Still more. – [Jen] Uh-oh. – My belly kinda hurts. – [Jen] Yeah, that’s rough. Thank you for starting the laundry. – [Caleb] Yep, mm-hmm. – Should we turn it on? (washer starting) Is the laundry going? Uh-oh. She is getting so tall. Can you touch all those buttons? Oh, that was a step, good job, Nae Nae! It still is really rare
for Janae to take steps and so that was really
exciting for us, yay Nae Nae! – Here’s my name. – [Jen] Did you write your name up here? – [Laura] Yeah. – [Jen] Wow. – [Laura] It’s for windows. – So I’ve been waiting for the right day to bust these out. These are window markers
and Laura and I had a good talk about how these
are only for the window because they’re very special markers and they don’t go on the wall or on the door or on the table or anywhere else, just the window, so hopefully that works
out, but she’s enjoying it and it’s pretty nice for
a cold weather activity ’cause we’re staying inside
but it’s something new to do. I just came outside ’cause
I thought it would be cute to film Laura from the outside and it is so cold and icy out here and I’m in bare feet, so that was a really silly idea. No, no. We are staying inside today. – It’s time for school lunch. – [Jeremy] So yesterday
we prepared their lunches for school, but they’re
not going today, so. – I got a snack! Oh, I got a snack! Look what I got, I’m cool. – So when you were about our kids’ age when you went to school,
did you bring a lunch or did you get lunch from a cafeteria? Let us know in the poll. – Okay, I’m ready to take these things out and see what happened to my head. (peppy music) I don’t know exactly what I think of it. Some of the curls turned out great and some of ’em just really didn’t. And then I got this kink
to have to deal with, which I’m sure is just
learning how to do it better, but it’s fun to try something new. I think I’m gonna have to
fix it up a little bit here. I’m using my straightener to try to get that awkward kink out and then I’m gonna use my curling wand to try to put a little bit more curl in. What’s nice is the bottom layers already have quite a bit of wave to them, and so I’m only really
having to do the top layer. Well, I touched it up with my curling wand and now I think it’s almost
a little bit too curly. I just can’t figure out
how to do those big, loose, gentle waves, and I’m trying, so you know what? It’s fun to try new things and it’s not always gonna work out. And luckily I’m not going anywhere today, so it doesn’t really matter. (bright music) – So last night we
ordered online groceries from our local grocery store and they’re supposed to be arriving some time in this next hour. Nobody is driving, everything is closed. We’ll see if they end up coming, but we want to clear the steps so that it’s not so crazy dangerous icy if they do come. Well, it’s really coming down right now. This freezing rain is intense. It’s cold, but it’s beautiful. The way that it covers
everything is really neat. So yesterday I put a letter in the mailbox that needed to be picked
up by the mailman, but I forgot to lift the flag, and it is hard to break through the ice to get the flag up, and
I think I cut myself. What’s that? – A yellow nine. – Good job. She forgot what the nine
was last time we did it, but this time she remembered. Sometimes it helps to sing
while you’re doing it. Laura, how’s your smoothie? – Good and really colder
than anybody else’s. – [Jeremy] It is cold. – [Jen] So I’m cooking myself some eggs. And apparently Janae wants some. Janae, do you want some eggs? – She likes eggs. – She does? Janae has taken a few steps today, and so we’re practicing with her. Go to Daddy. – She walks better to you. I think it’s more exciting to go to Mom. (cheering) – Walk to Daddy. (cheering) So it’s quiet time right now and everybody’s doing
great except one person. (babbling) Do you not want to take a nap? Are you not tired? It’s nap time. Are you ready to go? We got teddy, we’re ready to go. I’m a big believer in quiet time. I feel like it’s great for kids and they can play alone
and use their imagination and just kind of have down time in the middle of the day. I think it’s great for parents. I really love quiet time, and I was able to make the schedules work when I had one kid and
two kids and three kids and four kids, but with five kids, I have not figured out how
to sync all the schedules so that I can still get that quiet time. So some days I’m like
I should just give up and never try, but it still is nice when the big kids are having their quiet time and able to kind of recharge and play. – We may not be in San Diego anymore where we did have that amazing view, but tonight’s sunset is beautiful. The camera just doesn’t quite capture how bright it is out there. – Our groceries made it. I am so grateful that I did not have to go out shopping in this storm. Thanks for carrying that up, buddy. All right, guys, let’s start unloading. (peppy music) – I love that! – [Jen] What is it? – It’s, let me show you. – Cottage cheese? – Yeah, I like cottage cheese. – [Jen] Well, we got some. – Po-ta-to. – Potatoes. So I was craving cornbread today because we eat the best cornbread. It’s basically like cake. So it’s like hmm, what
can I make for dinner that will justify eating
cornbread with it? So we are having chili
and delicious cornbread, which actually works with an ice storm. It feels nice and cozy. – Uh-huh for the best mom ever, uh-huh. – [Jen] I don’t know what that was. – All right, let’s say a prayer. – So Janae has been practicing
walking a bunch today and she’s made a ton of progress. – [Jeremy] Tonight she
walked from this edge of this couch all the way over to here. – She’s taking like six steps at a time. Oh, she goes wherever she wants. (cheering) (babbling) (laughter) – [Jeremy] Little squat practice. Headstand. (laughter) There it was. – And so we had to run. And there it was trying to get us. – [Jen] Whoa, what are you? – This is Caleb. – I found two shirts that I like.

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