hello guys it’s me Nikki hello are we ready to Sister snatch slay super fie super friar faces today in today’s video I’m finally sitting down and creating my first makeup look featuring the James Charles morphe eyeshadow palette first of all congratulations James gymss is one of my closest friends here in this industry and when I tell you that I am so unbelievably proud of him I was there when he got some of his first samples and for this palette so I just want to say congratulations honey I’m so freaking proud of you and I mean hello you’re breaking makeup sales records and since our sister pretty much broke all makeup records with this lunch a lot of you are either getting this palette in the mail soon or already have it in the mail so I just wanted to sit down and do a playtime video with this you know just sit down get creative use the palette and see what we can come up with this is what the James Charles and morphe palette looks like it is color upon colour upon color but then there’s also ways to a neutral look or a very simple and sophisticated look so I love how there’s so many options with a 39 color so in today’s video I’m just sitting down I’m taking the palette for a spin it’s my first time trying it out and let’s come up with like a like an exotic rainbow look let’s go oh and make sure you stay tuned to the end of this video to see who made it to the shadows of Dutch word of the day and for today’s new Dutch word of the day alright so for today’s primer I’m using this one by Shu way this is called the anti blemish matte primer for foundation I’m using the Tom Ford waterproof a foundation / concealer I got this after seeing Alyssa Ashley used it because it looked freaking bomb on her and for that extra kick of glow I’m mixing in this right here this is called Mac hyper real foundation this is sort of like an illuminator to make the foundation more glowy and I’m all about that glowy base so let’s go and today I’m using this Murphy sponge this is included in the brush set that James came out with as well so I’m here supporting a legend for concealer I’m using the usual the essential high coverage concealer by shoee now setting my under eyes using me maybelline loose powder in a 5 the fiddly loose powder and the rest of my face using the Charlotte airship and the rest of my face using the Charlotte Tilbury magic powder for eyes the first essential step is to prime and I’m using my pea Louise base the first color and going in with is the neon orange called 5 1/8 picking this up on a morphe m4 4:1 and applying it to the inner part of the crease now picking up the purple and the pink together and mixing them and these are called skip and single and placing it right next to the orange and buffing up the edges then I’m picking up the bright green and the yellow called B and socialblade and mixing these two together and going on the outer part of the crease and then picking up that yellow and going right above it and I know right now this look is total trash but trust me when I say in the end it all comes together placing the yellow right here on the inner nose line not picking up the cobalt blue called Cola I’m placing this very concentrated in the deepest part of the crease to create extra depth alright now it’s time to cut that lid to try and make some sense out of all of this and setting that using ring light now using a neon pink and neon yellow liner to define the cut crease and I’m putting the yellow on the beginning and end of the liner and the pink in the center for the outer corner of the lower lash line I’m starting off with the deepest purple called escape and kind of dragging that out straight to elongate the eye and going back in with that neon orange five one eight on the inner part of the lower lash line and blending it with the purple okay time to pop on some lashes and the eyes are done alright so as I’m bronzing I would like to know what was your first reaction to watching my latest video and seeing the new style and seeing the new channel feel now that you’ve given it a couple of days what are you thinking let me know down below I saw that most of you are freaking out about Dutch word of the day and like I said I’ve had that idea for literally the longest time so to see that all of you are responding so so good to it it just it makes me so happy and so you know it’s kind of like see just go with your gut it felt like such a good idea for such a long time and now that the response is good just trust yourself a little bit more you know and definitely stay tuned for today’s debt word of the day because of the video response to Toph an hour is for blush I almost feel bad for using this again but this flower buta one the name is powder blush flowerpots peach Primrose I know works every time then for highlighter I want to go in with a favorite this one is by flesh and this is got the boost highlighter I guess this is what I wear when I’m not wearing makeup it’s like on my day to day life I put a little bit of highlighter on and it just makes me look glowy and healthy and this is it this is what I use and I really want that for today’s look as well so it’s a lot softer than what I usually would wear but with these eyes it’s it’s okay oh well okay that failed my hand took over and I am now blending with a softer highlight I packed so much of that highlighter on my cheek oh my god okay so for lips I want to keep it defined and nude so that all the attention goes up here to where it you know where eyes belong not down there up here so first I’m lining then filling in with a warmer new lipstick and a lighter on the center and then a tiny bit of lip gloss just on the center to make the lips look even plumper and that guys concludes this playtime video using the James Charles and morphe collaboration palette and brushes did I say video already video huh I think this palette is awesome I think it truly gives you the possibility to create endless amounts of looks I had so much fun with this one like hi color it’s like a dark fall rainbow situation okay so onto the Dutch word of the day now in my last video the Dutch word of the day was Dovan R and toven R is wizard now Camille rocks 579 had me dying of laughter yeah oh honey so good Camille this is the best so the special video shadow goes to Camille thank you so much for practicing your Dutch in Dutch word of the day and a special common shout-out goes to Emily Ramsey and she said you’re eight Dovan are Nikki I thought for today’s Dutch word of the day it would be very fitting to tell you what the Dutch word is for sisters let’s go zhesan zhesan zhesan james better greet us in dutch in his next video he should be like hi Sisson as always if you possibly want to be next video shout out then leave a comment down below using the Dutch word of the day or post a video on instagram under hashtag and Dutch word of the day and show me how you pronounce Sisson show me what you got and you may make it into my next video I’m gonna thank you so so so much for watching today’s brand-new video using the James Charles palette I hope you enjoyed if you enjoyed watching this video then please don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel I love you so much you are all my glow babies I love you too moon and back and I will see you on the next one bye guys


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