TUNE Partner Marketing Platform: Affiliate Click & Unique ID Parameters

Publisher tracking links are ready to go once
you create an offer, and there are many ways to tailor them to your campaign specifics. Using parameters and macros, you can dynamically
capture and pass information from a click session. Historically, publisher-requested data can
be collected using the aff_sub and source parameters appended to the tracking link. Now, you can segment your data by separating
non-unique values and source placeholders from unique values using aff_unique placeholders
making it faster and easier for networks to accumulate and act on their data. We’ve also included a new placeholder called
aff_clickid so your publishers can implement their click ID parameter in their tracking
links. Networks can create a placeholder for publishers
in the tracking link according to their templates. Let’s take a look at adding these values to
a tracking link. To begin, navigate to the offer in which you
wish to generate tracking links for. In the “generate tracking” section, choose
the affiliate you wish to generate a tracking link for. Click the option to “Add parameter for unique
affiliate click id value”, as well as “add parameter for other unique values from the
affiliate”. You can now add the parameters provided to
you by the affiliate, or leave them blank to allow the affiliate to take care of this
step. Once you have added your parameters, click
update. You will now see a new tracking link complete
with the placeholders and values added. Publishers can also input the correct values
into the tracking link from the “Generate Tracking” panel in the Publisher Interface. For example, Belltownmedia is a publisher
who has additional data they’d like to capture for the “TUNE” Offer. To do so, they will navigate to the offer
itself, and then focus on the tracking link section of the offer. Once there they can click the options to “add
click id” and “add unique”. They can then add their data to the appropriate
aff unique placeholders, and click “update” to view the tracking link with their newly
added data. Publishers can also see this data on their
conversion report by selecting Conversion Report from the Reports section. There they can expand the “Report Options”
section and include the new values to be displayed. Click apply to see these values on the report. Once a click occurs for that tracking link,
the aff click id and aff unique values appear in the Conversion Report and Event Tracer. To view the values on your conversion report,
simply include them in the data options section of the report, and click run. If present, you will then see new rows with
populated data. To view these values in the Event tracer report,
navigate to the Event Logs tab. Once there, expand the fields tab, and then
expand the affiliate section of the field tab. You will then see the options to include the
aff click id and aff unique placeholders. These values are not aggregated, and can not
be viewed in the daily report or affiliate performance report. Non-unique values such as source and aff_sub
ids can still be viewed via these reports.

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