Turned Down For The Dance – Giveaway WINNERS!

– Good morning guys and
welcome to the vlog. I hope you’re having a great day. If not, I hope it gets better. Find my, my country girl here. Where’s my little country girl? Hi y’all. Y’all come over here. Get on over here. – [Priscilla] You look so cute. – [Asa] Yee haw! – Are you having your dance today? – [Asa] You look so precious. You gotta pull your shirt down now. Here we go. So Abbie has a dance at school today. She asked, how many boys did she ask to the dance ‘cilla?
– I don’t know. – She asked a couple of boys to the dance and they said no, on their iPads, they said no. But Marques, he said yes. So, she’s going to the dance with Marques. Question though, Why wasn’t
Marques your first pick? Like,
– Go get your napkin. – [Asa] Sometimes, you just gotta go for the easy win, you know?
(Priscilla chuckles) If you knew he was going to
say yes, go with Marques. – [Priscilla] Get a paper towel. – So why is it a country-themed dance? – I don’t know. – That’s just what they picked
– Wipe you mouth, your mouth. – [Asa] I’m not super
confident about the braids. (Asa murmurs) – Yeah.
– Like is that, does she look country or
does she look like RiFF RAFF? Are you sure? Do you know who RiFF RAFF is? – [Priscilla] I have no idea. – [Asa] Okay, hold on. – Oh my gosh! – That’s RiFF RAFF.
– She doesn’t look like RiFF RAFF.
– Okay. Bye, sweetie girl. Love you, have fun! Bye babe!
– Bye, I love you. (coffee pouring) – Skipped right over yesterday,
didn’t vlog yesterday. What did we do? We got the tree up and
took Nala to the vet, that went well. She’s a healthy, happy kitty. We had her next appointment
scheduled to get her spayed. Priscilla and I went and delivered some Maass
Squad Cares packages downtown to the homeless. That was a heartbreaking experience. Met a young man with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder
and it was, be thankful. Be thankful for what you have and where you’re at. Just be thankful, it’s tough. Picked up Ab from school, we did work. Everything was great. She was in a good mood. Pretty much, that was our day. (coffee pouring) Oh my goodness, the
school just sent pictures of Abbie getting all make-upped up, all gussied out for the dance. That girl, she loves getting pampered, That girl, she loves getting pampered, – Yeah.
– getting fancy. How stinking cute is she, guys? LimeLife mug with a handle. Can I have it? – We can share it. – [Asa] I put you on
camera so that you feel bad if you say no.
(Priscilla laughs) A minute ago, she said, “It’s not yours.” – Well, its not yours. – [Asa] Come on, I went live
with you the other night. – I knew you were gonna say that. – [Asa] This is so nice. – Isn’t it?
– Yeah. – It’s one of my incentives.
– Wow, that’s fancy. I like that a lot. Can I have it? Come on.
– Sure. Sure, sure.
– I’m a LimeLife husband. – You are. – Okay I’ve been looking on the internet but I value you guys’ opinions more than strangers on the internet. Although, I guess your kind
of strangers on the internet but we feel like we know
a lot of you. (chuckles) So, we’ve got, like, the chair in the office has some little holes in it. You know who that’s from ’cause it’s like a pleather material. You’ve seen that? – Nu-uh.
– No, you didn’t see it? Yeah, she climbs that chair, so, like, what, don’t
look at me like that. It’s not that big of a deal.
– She’s gonna have to go. – Oh my gosh, so my question is: Do we do the little caps on the nails or is just trimming the
nails gonna be enough? To, like, I don’t wanna stop her from being able to climb things. Like, that’s what she does. She’s a tortie and she’s
a kitten, like, she wants to climb, and play, and
attack all the things. And–
– Why can’t (sighs) – I don’t want her to jump for something and like, try to grab it and
like bust her tail. (chuckles) You know? I mean I’m sure it will happen a few times at first ’til she learns. What is the best way? Let me know down in the comments. Do you think, like, trimming or the little caps for the nails? That seems weird.
– They have caps? – Yeah, they have little
caps, like little nylon type that go over the very tips of the nails. You have to, like, replace
them every so often from what I’ve read but let
me know, you cat-cap people. Should we draw our winners today? – Sure.
– You wanna do winners today? Do you wanna tell them
what they’re getting? – What are they getting? – ButcherBox.
– Oh okay. I’m so excited about this one as a chef. You guys are gonna get a holiday
gift pack from ButcherBox. – [Asa] Seven people. – Here we go.
– Seven people. – Can I do it?
– I gotta add up the comments. We’ll do it tonight ’cause
I gotta add up the comments, see where the most comments were, ’cause that’s four on
one, three on the other. – Gotcha.
– Between YouTube and Facebook – Oh that’s so exciting!
– Yup. I have, I only have four people
that I’ve gotten a hold of or that have reached or
that I’ve gotten a hold of that have won the Air Pods. So, you guys make sure
you’re watching the videos so that you can keep up with everything. Yeah so, it’s like $150 worth of, well, the package is $139,
– Yeah. – but you’re also getting
like, free meats along with it. – Right.
– Like the steak sampler package. – Yeah.
– So it’s a lotta, it’s a lot of meat. That’s what we got. And it was a ton. How many meals it that like? – [Priscilla] It says its
like 30 meals, I think. – Oh, come on, 30? Not quite 30.
– Hi. – It’s a lot though. Well, no, cause there’s
(Priscilla murmurs) a ton of chicken, and there’s a ton of salmon.
– Yeah, and there’s salmon. – Yeah, that’s true. At least ten meals, we’re feeding you for like ten meals at least, depending on the size of your family. What are we gonna do with
your fingernails there, madam? – Are we gonna cap you off? What happens when her
claws aren’t in though. – [Asa] Well, they don’t
retract all the way. See? They don’t retract all the way. It’s just part of the way. – That seems goofy, I feel
– Cats have little sleeves – like she would just
– where they, – pull them off. – [Asa] No, she won’t pull them off. They’re supposed to be hard.
– Hi! – [Asa] I don’t know. Well, they are sharp. You’re like a loaded weapon. – Everybody says we need to cut them while she’s young.
– Every end is a pointy end. – There’s your puppy, look. There’s your puppy. Do you love her so much? Do you love her so much, Maverick? He’s like nervous.
– They are definitely getting better together but she just dislikes him. – [Priscilla] Hey, he’s okay. – It’s okay, bud. – Go do it, it’s okay. – [Asa] You’re the OG. – Yeah, oh my goodness! He’s dancing and everything. – Look who it is! – It’s our little
– They did country girl. – So the, yeah, so the dance
today was country-themed and Abigail did not approve of the music. (Priscilla laughs) – [Priscilla] We knew she wouldn’t. – It’s fine. – They were like,
– It’s fine. She wouldn’t get up and
dance until we turned on some other kind of music. – Some hip-pop, something with a beat. (Abigail grunting)
What’s the matter, kiddo? Little frustrated? All right. – What do you need? You want music? Okay. – [Asa] Say hi! – I Need time to learn,
I’ve never done this. – [Priscilla] Oh, yeah. – [Asa] Yeah, I just saw. I didn’t even realize you were back from New York cause I just
saw pictures on Facebook. I didn’t even think about it.
– Yeah, I know. Everyone’s commenting me like, “Have fun!” I was like, “I’m already home.” (laughs) – So Becca went and visited with Summer. I think that’s so cool that you guys have formed a relationship. – Yeah it was cool. – Yeah.
– It was a lot of fun. – [Priscilla] That’s awesome. – [Asa] Abbie, look at you
bringing people together. – [Becca] I know, right? – [Asa] People on the
internet, people in real life, all over the place. (upbeat music) – [Asa] Hey! Hi! Hello! Here’s your coffee. I even put it in my coffee mug for you. (Priscilla laughs) Did you tell your mama “thank you” for staying up, for getting up with you at 5:30 this morning on a day off? What are you thinking Ab?
(Priscilla giggles) (Asa mumbles) – [Priscilla] She wanted
to spend more time with me by herself. – Is that what is was?
– It’s what it was. – [Asa] Okay. – [Priscilla] We spent quality time. – [Asa] Did you help her do laundry? – No.
– No, she did that on her own? – Well, she took the pillow back to sleep. But of course, I couldn’t
really go back to sleep. I’ve just been tinkering. – [Asa] A few naps. – Working and, you know,
doing all the things. – [Asa] Well, thank you
for letting me catch up on sleep.
– Of course. – We have two loads of laundry
left and we’re caught up. – Nice!
(Priscilla murmurs) – [Asa] Hey, do you wanna
help me pick a winner? – Yeah.
– Winners. Okay so we have four people that we’re pulling from
Facebook, three from YouTube. Because we have a thousand more comments on Facebook this time, than we did on YouTube. – Okay.
– Here we go. Okay, round and round we go. So were just gonna scroll,
– Okay. old school style and
stop on a random name. – [Priscilla] Okay you ready? I’ll tell you when to stop. – [Asa] Okay, but you gotta
close your eyes first. – [Priscilla] Okay, stop! – [Asa] Audrey Irving said,
“Wow, what an awesome dinner. “I would love to win
the ButcherBox giveaway. “That sounds like enough for
a month or better, for me, “and they look absolutely
beautiful cuts of meat “and it appears to be packaged great.” They are, Audrey, and congratulations. – [Priscilla] I’m so excited! Like, that was a good comment.
– Right? Okay, now, over to YouTube. Okay, so the only rules for this were that you had to comment. So, it could even be like a
troll, one of the troll ones. Do we just make like a
command decision, no trolls? – [Priscilla] No, no. I mean,
– Okay. We’ll let ’em, maybe it’ll
turn their day around. – [Asa] Okay, that’s a good point. All right, picking a winner. Picking a winner, picking a winner, Work faster. Oh my gosh, Stephanie Dishon, “I love watching this and
just love your family. “I love Abbie, she’s
absolutely the cutest.” – Aw, yay Stephanie!
– Congratulations! Okay back over to Facebook. Now, the only thing is you have to be in the US to win this one
because ButcherBox is in the US. – [Priscilla] Got you.
– Yeah. So, that’s the only thing. Only rules here, sorry
about that the last one, the Air Pods, we did anybody. We actually, shipping a pair to the UK, but yeah, okay.
– Oh cool. – [Asa] Scrolling, let’s
move back towards the top. You can tell me when to stop. – Stop!
– Oh. – [Priscilla] “Oh” what? – [Asa] I just, I didn’t stop
exactly when you said stop. Stephanie Hamner-Tracy said, “I’ve been hearing the
name ButcherBox a lot “the past few weeks. “Glad to see your review. “The meat looks fantastic. “Big hugs to Abbie and y’all.” – [Priscilla] Yay Stephanie! – [Asa] Okay, YouTube again. Picking a winner, here we go, here we go. (hands tapping) – [Priscilla] I’m like
shaking your camera. – [Asa] Debbie Fults, “Love your videos.” Good comment, it’s a good comment. Congratulations, Debbie. – [Priscilla] Yay Debbie! – [Asa] How many is this for Facebook? Is this three? It’s tree.
– This will be number three. – [Asa] Number three, okay. All right.
(Priscilla mumbles) Wait, I’ma go towards the bottom. Hang on, okay. Scrolling, whenever you’re ready. – [Priscilla] Stop! – [Asa] Brei Shepherd,
“Can’t wait to try some “of Priscilla’s recipe’s. “Love watching your vlogs.” Well now, you can cook
the meat from ButcherBox with Priscilla’s recipe’s. – [Priscilla] That’s pretty cool. – [Asa] Okay, and last one
from YouTube, here we go. Here we go. You guys excited? Cover it up. Woo! Cayla Sivers, “Love watching the vlogs. It brightens up my day.” Congratulations, Cayla!
– Aw, well hopefully ButcherBox brightens your day.
– Right? – [Priscilla] Congratulations! Last one. – Last one on Facebook.
– Okay. – [Asa] You guys excited? I’m excited. Tell me when to stop. – [Priscilla] Ready, stop! – [Asa] Melissa A. Falkerson, “I so enjoy watching your videos. “I’m so glad I stumbled over
them unto them a year ago.” – [Priscilla] Aw, thank you, Melissa! Woo hoo! – [Asa] We might have actually
gotten everybody in the US. That’d be awesome.
– I’m so excited guys! Now, you have to tag us
when you make your meals from ButcherBox and let
us know what you think. – We got a bunch going on today. Priscilla is going to Hamp with her mama. – I am.
– She hasn’t, You guys used to do it
once a week and it’s been, – We used to like, try to meet for lunch or just something. So,
– Right. – We’re gonna go to Riverside. – We’ve been really busy. – We have. We’re gonna go, but you have to make time for those people in your life. Yeah?
– You do. So, she’s gonna do that. The kids and I are gonna
hang out for a bit. Abbie’s been asking for a cheeseburger since 5:30 this morning. – Yes. – So, I might make that happen. We’ll have to see, but I
got a lot of stuff to do. You guys can come along with us if you’d like in tomorrow’s vlog. We’ll see you tomorrow. – Bye guys!
– Bye! (Abbie yells) – Do you want hugs? (Abbie yells)
I want hugs. – Ugh, it’s gross, it’s so gross, dude! (Priscilla laughs) – It just, like a water
spout, it just shot out. (Priscilla chuckles)


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