Tutorial 1: Mobile Filmmaking…..1 Min With Me

hey what up guys do you want to take your filmmaking from this to this all while using this stay tuned I’ll give you a couple of tips on how to take your cell phone video to a filmmaking level video welcome back guys I’m going to start a new series here on my channel a couple of tips that I can give to you guys to basically take filming with the cell phone to a whole nother level I’ve been doing this for a while now almost seven months eight months almost for a year now so I wanted to give back so I’m starting this new little thing going here we’ll see how it goes but I got a couple of tips that I use that help me take my videos to a whole nother level tip number one never never never film like this the phone is designed to be held like this we can take photos like this but when you start to film you do not want to hold your phone like this take it like this into the Y skate mode as you can even see here full screen it’s going to record at a full screen you go like this it’s going to record it and you’re going to get the crops black lines on there that’s the first tip always film like this tip number two also you know you know some of the shots you know oh my god that sounds so great they’re just basic film camera move tip number one I’ll give you what the move is the tilt the tote will you take your phone and you just tilt it up or you tilt it down until very basic I’ll show a couple examples here of how you can just basically take the edges and tilt up and tilt down second will be the pan the pan will take your camera and like you got to imagine yourself as a tripod you’ll take your camera and you’re just going to pan to the left to the right so simple pen number three which is a little bit more of a cinematic move which can take your whole just standard videos to another level it’s the slide they sell special equipment for this but you don’t need that you got to do that take you guys think about yourself as a age if you want to make your videos look better and you got to act like you’re filming a movie so think like that when you start shooting the video better just walk it around you’re just filming you’re filming you’re filming think about it more like every shot is a cinematic shot that’s how I had to start thinking to example the slide gültekin Optus it’s not the pan it’s a fly sliding of the camera slide another cam you can slide up and you can also slide down again this is not a tilt up until downwards pivoted is just slide more of a sliding action just those do basic moves can make a world of difference so I’m going to show an example right now I’m just basically using a tilt a pan a slide and the horizontal view for recording so let’s take a look [Music] now those are just a couple of tips to help you guys out in the beginning I’ve got plenty more tips that I want to do and try to bring to you guys hopefully this would be the first period I blew this would be the first video of this series of filmmaking 101 with yourself on that although it there’s not too much stuff on YouTube about it that’s why I decided to do it every time I search something about filmmaking with a cell phone there’s very little stuff there’s a lot of stuff about DSLR cameras and all the high-end stuff that most of us can afford but we all have a cell phone so we all can get out there and start filming something birthday parties many events that you guys go to family events and things and we take photos why not take video also I’m going to be showing some other examples of some free software we can use for editing I’m sorry I’m really going to try to find a lot of free stuff cuz in the beginning that’s all I searched for you know budget filmmaking like if it’s trying to do this with a cell phone free software free apps I’ve got some other apps that I want to use here that I use on for making my videos which are not my standard cell phone apps but we’ll get into that in another video it was it is about rank actually right now it is golden hour and it’s not too golden I tried to time this right but the weather we’re still pretty deep here in a winter in Japan here so hopefully you know spring will start coming a little early because I can use it but as for now I hope to get these tips helped you guys please leave a comments or questions down in the comments down below Wow I’ll come out with another video soon guys if you guys like this please also give it a thumbs up if you didn’t give it a thumbs down don’t matter to me cuz I’m still going to keep making videos but I hope this helps out until next time take off your cellphone and keep filming you [Music]


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