yes, and I’ll get in touch with you
new haircut and a new video back I hope they like it
I would like to have a combination please have a like for this new one
Haircut I have a lot of effort So I’ll be fine
look on youtube one must yes always be careful so be outside
shows and jannis end with funny so I want something with you today
go through this is called the ehf marketing instructions many of mine
youtube subscribers says now Torben probably holds the video
we already know something about it Yes, yes, but I have too
under this video I was at that time have made many questions
and I would like to ask these questions now clarify in this video and I would like
not only clarify these questions but a really detailed
Instructions given step by step step by step for
step by step every single one you had to go with it
philipp marketing apply today to earn his first commission
that’s one I can almost say the guarantee i have a trick with
that works like a shortcut many also always say with you today
then you can earn the commission and now I’ll show you the first
individual steps the tools we all need to deal with affiliate
marketing at all and earn money then we will come later as we
Today I earn the first position Hope you like the video and me
just do not want to keep it up Let’s start right away
yes and that’s your name again Welcome to the marketing
instructions this time on my pc and me show yourself in this video as you step
step by step to your first missing martin provision comes and that and
Now comes the decisive one today not tomorrow not the day after tomorrow not in
a year not sometime but today and that is possible otherwise
I do not do this video I did it myself
many of my students are mine my courses prove that they say
hey with the method that really works really great that it works and therefore
I can also say it works in the So today you can be the first
reach position and if now some of you
think hey torben the schlawiner you have but have a video on this topic
made yes the video is 1045 euro in three days
it’s basically nothing else than that here but I have noticed that I
in this video we shoot right could not answer some questions
I got a lot of comments a lot of questions and above all always
the same questions That’s why I have this one now
affiliate marketing instructions here made the step by step shows
how the whole thing works and the Hopefully ask for this video
you can answer right shoots and I do not want to anymore
We are talking about the porridge here longer Start directly with the marketing app
instruction and today ours looks To-do list is as follows
first look at hey what is ever affiliate marketing and how
It works to be many of you Now watch this video and say hey
I know what he does for every marketing you do not need me ten more
let’s say okay I’m sorry then just skip the first few
minutes until you tackle the topic but there are just a lot of them
are not one hundred percent sure What is it and how does it work?
number 2 which tools we need around implement field marketing there is
some things we need and these tools I will show you these programs
Now that you can be sure of yourself I need that and that and then
can i run lost marketing yes and number three is very important of course
how do we still earn that today? first commission
but one by one we start first time with number one what is
phillippe marketing and especially how So it works finds marketing
We can basically use one Recommendation equate everything we do
when he made philipp marketer so our task as fulfilled is marketer
There are other products that already exist to promote so to recommend
So we do not have the task We do not have to do the work
make and create your own product So we do not have to, for example
go and have any headphones build or we do not have to
go and any digital info create product but we as kate
marketer can just do this whole Skip process and still 50
percent or 20-30 percent that comes always a little bit on the product
of the product deserve by us Just recommend the product so we
go and say hey this headphones they are really great quality
As far as the sound is concerned, they are waterproof bluetooth headphones so you have no
hanging cable so really class I can recommend it to anyone when I do that
would and then put a link underneath but was amazon for example
what to buy these headphones for then that would be affiliate marketing
So I do not do anything else or Make affiliate marketing general
nothing else than a specific product recommend to say hey why
is the product great why is it suitable for you etc
blah blah blah and then you just pack this promo left under symptoms
on the left you can see below this is from dielsdorf their 20 one and
that’s the rule of such a link has then installed a few parameters
So once you see such a number 19 49 63 that’s the case then
the product has what product’s possible so every product on the guests 24 to
example has its own number with it can be recognized again
and then I’m in the back of it stands by your id there is then if
you’re logged in at 24 your guests 24
which just inserted and works that way Basically marketing lacks this
polo link is the millionth you see so to speak, all the magic is everything we do
to do that is to try that people via our promo link that
buy product because then it can internet so to speak hey
the person has made this purchase otherwise this would be the one brought
Buyer of this product just bought has is on this link on Amazon
came bought this headphones That’s why we, as owners, get these
id a certain commission credited and that’s it for that
Any marketing is in the reason you could stop the video now you know what
affiliate marketing is and can start no of course not i know like you
you probably just feel you are with the feldmark in and not too
we have a lot in mind then we have to whole even a bit more accurate
We’ll do that now Number two we’ll start with
which tools so which programs and so on we need and and
marketing and that is limited itself in the reason that the beautiful with
philipp marketing on two things that is once websites and e-mail marketing
and here I want you now do not present three programs
each person is the same some people say hey the program
I’m starting to get well not that it does not work
nothing works and the That’s why I take others
I do not want to prescribe anything here I show you three programs is the best
all three programs and then you can You say hey I take that class
and then you just start with it Let’s start with the websites there
there are the three tools klick fandels pictures jol and x.com so that’s it
Of course there are many more tools though These are my three tools that I myself
use or have used and too which I can say something too
could have been through that works does not work so well that I think is good
this and so on we start clicking Wandels klick wandels is the program
what I am currently using and I am Also really excited about it
is very easy to use and it is Well programmed what do I mean
So everything works flawlessly There is nothing that bothers me in any way
Everything goes well with the operation By the hand you can work fast
You can implement what you implement If you want these designs are great
So I really can not do anything bad The only thing that might say
many click it does not quite fit is that it is relatively expensive it costs
namely $ 97 a month that’s the cheaper fare so it
there is another tariff that is but much more expensive costs 297
But dollar a month is so you do not need that I have myself
but not 97 dollars a month of course a house number so
Almost to start with marketing starts then you have in the rule
Now I can not say money to throw oneself
that’s why it’s already on exclusion criterion too many and what with
click once this is coming Program is usually available now
just to build pages so why do I say that because pictures that is a really cool tool
that’s an all-in-one tool we have a lot of programs in one
so inside once have that possibility to build pages like the
possibility e mail marketing too operate
we have the opportunity to do so product images so mock ups is called that
to create we have the possibility Thousands of possibilities already
Simply the best time at I train also lead an extra video
but role in pictures is like that for me a little bit the problem it does not work
So click on the dumbbell we had many things
are a bit magic still worth changing that too with the time and it takes
just relatively long with the Getting used to things work
that’s not all so intuitive built up while click from there
the whole thing works better for me but the cool pictures lol is just you
get very much for very little I mean a lot of functions
programs and and and for very little money that is extremely cheap I have the
rates are not in the head right now but I mean that starts at nine euros
in the month and of course one Tenth of what click change costs
and then we have comcom gone a little stupid name for german
but something great is not disturbing where I get is basically that from there
So now it was time to click the programs very well together
compare because even with wicken come Do you have only the function pages to build
and it is however from the function ago You can not do it at all
sound with a click then compare us is a drag and drop editor so you
Everything is great though in the reason is if war also a drag and drop
editor so you can do it Comparing with each other is easy
also in the program to build web pages works relatively easy you can
get used to it very quickly It is also very good
So long on the market is already very much well developed and it is also relative
inexpensive in my opinion so I started when I started
started with waypoint com and got im It’s really a long time
I will work until sometime more have earned money that I click on
we simply switched because then there are a few more
options are available I already have a thing so far
pressed we continue now first with the three e mail marketing tools the
I want to introduce you to us too Need for affiliate marketing and
why that is so we will come later but now first the tools I
would like to introduce it here are in the blood goes response and click
tips and again, I would like tell you briefly what I found cool on the
program and what just not at the beginning at cent in blue cent in blue
perfect for getting in when you are straight you are with philip marketing too
start and really on every cent you do not want to see a lot of money
First, I can spend you fully understand and then I can testify
are in blue is made for you because there is a cost
You can do it as e-mail marketing use program for free without too
just to pay one cent for it and still have all the features in the reason anyway
which we need to start first and basically i can do it at all
nothing bad about being in the blues Clear sometime then burst in such a way
the capacity is getting bigger you need more and you have to
pay something but in the reason rich us the function in blue we are in
this free plan turns off completely then there is money
Response earnings bonds is one such a bit more advanced of the e-mail
marketing there you have a lot more function as president blue also very much
a lot of helpful features that way Lose a lot of work and it’s easy
a good service that you do this meantime and then there are just still
This year high end products at this time Quicktipp developed in Germany and
really so click synonymous tip you can Basically compare as above with click
Change has been extremely well developed the function everything works flawlessly
Yes, I can not really bad About clicks say except maybe
that it’s just a high end too product is expensive and this is the reason
is not bad but that is easy for many ever
exclusion criterion and yes, I just want to show it anyway
I always have a program which is relative is cheap and then just what
is relatively expensive and once in the middle of it it takes care of that so the tools are
we need you here you are looking for it 1 each from above and below me
I would like to say something about this for a moment namely in pictures role
if you roll up for pictures decide then the lower one does not apply
the happy decision for you in pictures role yourself you have an e
mail marketing program with it in there though only with a certain tariff so that
so I think so because middle tariffs or there is, and as I said there are so good
as with any program, I believe one 14 days or seven days trial
So in the best you are joining in now every program just such a time
trial and hey hey what works then it works best for me
In the end, the higher and higher are not what others who say but always try
when it comes to such programs which works a lot to try that
find out yourself what works for you best where you can with you
work best where do you find yourself at fastest right and the program
Do not take torches around for a long time Just take it and then we’ll do it
continue with number 2.2 it is also about the tools
we need and that is facebook but not facebook as you might
So far, for example, used to to write with friends
to upload any photos funny videos of little dog puppies
to look at the just cute no we need facebook for advertising
Show ads for our site that is very important because so guarantee
we that we visitors from the first day get on our side where we ours
then affiliate products will be selling the whole thing really great
facebook is that we are ours desire buyers so if we have a product
I always come back to the Dog school back because you are easy
very good at explaining one of them Dog school will be in the case
our desire buyers people one Nevertheless, dogs do not have a good education
is or for example a puppy have no education
so what would that be our wish buyers and On facebook it’s just great
can come and say hey i want People are just reaching a dog
and who own a dog or the just bought a new dog that
we can stop everything and that is Of course then the people we
want to achieve with ours advertising report then is another
great point of facebook no you you do not need 34 500 euro to
facebook a commercial ad to switch That is enough
I think the minimum budget is currently even two or three euros
during the day and you can already relative many people reach clearly in the beginning
not yet when you start the problem is that yes
advertisements do not switch them relatively good performance that means that
So you learn with time facebook ads are correct too
you turn on many in the beginning mistakes you will not make later
that’s why it’s a bit stupid actually you have to start investing more money
as later returns later when it runs you earn money and you get more money
will have the ads for a cheaper but still it is
possible with a minimal budget facebook advertisements to switch and
at the touch of a button people on the side too pick where we sell products and
Of course, our goal is for less to reach money people via advertising
to come to our side as that product costs so to speak so we want
of course, earn more with the sale our products as it costs people
on our picking up points and that’s great
that is on facebook we do not need any lengthy adjustment so I have
written seo seo means to engine optimization
that affects google when we go on im internet then create a page
a lot of people are doing search engines optimization so seo
you want to go through certain texts where they have many hosts in a particular one
write in a certain number and so they always want to go on
so they can stretch at some point on google at a particular
search request on page one at the top stand because it is proven that you the
first three four five results at a google search those are the am
Most clicks get everyone on page 2 is barely getting anymore
clicks of course that’s why you want it all stand up and that is omitted
facebook because we can push a button say hey we want people of ours
time gets for it interesting and of course extremely
of course, then has his own price clear we have to pay something for it
that it is not the case with google but I can only tell you one thing
forget seo facebook is the step So I have one too
video made here on the facebook the facebook channel on the youtube channel
of course that is the 2018 facebook ads complete guide if you
have no idea about facebook advertising how the whole thing works
how to advertise on facebook then you watch this
video on but very important as soon as possible this video over here is the medium
the first diet marketing instructions she is so you know hey how
it works and then you can we will continue with facebook ads then
are you watching this video? it continues with number 3 and that is
now the interesting thing you deserve because now your first one today
Commission and we just have to take a few steps and that
number one you are looking for first time a product on the gis gate 24 too
do you learn more in the video 1045 euro in I show it all for three days there
pretty detailed like you the whole makes on the guests 24 years product
choose I do not have that in more detail here now
made because I really do not need two videos always on the same topic
have number two you create one sale page with any websites
program that just introduced eg click change pictures goal.com 1
of this program you take on best then you put one
sale side there if you have one sales page created you should
The following things will be described first of all the product hey what is that
product what’s it all about? Advantages of what it brings your
target group for example online dog school online dog school then
Do you speak to the people? Nevertheless, dogs have not been well educated
what good is it for people now you buy this product
you can go home without one Learn how to attend dog school
educate your dog and close your dog a really well behaved dog
educate on all orders he does not always react stupid
not world by the apartment now when it rings at the door
postman any letters bring it over so you build one
the sales side on must be simply the to name advantages of the product and you
have to try hey your target group has somewhere problems any things
you have to press like these problems you talk and say hey this
Problems are caused by this product solved and then step number three you
switch facebook advertising and that way that the goal is the side you are
have just created so then the sell side you can then on
give facebook a link and that is of course then the link of
sales side that you learn everything in facebook first completely cold and then
You just do not do anything else than open push button people on his side too
send and the beautiful is we hold ours
advertising report if we do it right only to people who are already very high
Probably interested in it are what do you mean
Well, for example, again dog school is of course stupid if we have one now
advertising message to simple people switch thoughts without us first
who ever make it ours Target group because then we run the risk
that our advertising message for example the people are turned off
have no dog or one have cat or the budgie
no matter but if there is someone for example
budgie at home in his cage then it is with very high
Probability without me now Do not lean far out the window
I am interested in a dog school not maybe you can be
I also go educate budgie strongly believe that it does not work
so of course it would be stupid if we these people with us
So we want to reach the ad yes only people reach the one synonymous
own dog and that is with facebook possible to learn how that works facebook
ads with the facebook is completely cold here on youtube but only after this
Video So now watch out for a mistake
because you see a lot of people is she wonder why can ask me
I do not immediately advertise for that make the sales side of the windows and
Now maybe you’re wondering, hey not only understand the question so we
as an affiliate apply a product this product we have to advertise in
99 percent of the cases have their own sales page and our promo link den
For example, we get the disco 24 Leads to this product’s own
sales side that is if we now if we could do it now, for example
many people introduce themselves hey us could now switch a werbeanzeige
and simply as the goal of this url advertising message wrap this crawling
then we can also address people those with a high probability of that
product are interested and that would we just go to the website so on
the product’s own sales page we could pass on, so to speak
also earn the commission in the theory is correct that works but me
Now give a few reasons why So it’s not possible to do it all over again
to clarify That’s why we make the detour via our
own sales page and e-mail marketing
why do we have to spend any money at all? to take the hand and, for example, us
via click wandels an account create an own website
we can create and have to be ourselves then make the effort e mails too
Write to our customers why can not we just go right now
over facebook so just over the way facebook go there our promo link in
the advertising message pack and so the earn affiliate marketing commission
to the number one facebook pixel the do you learn in my on my facebook
ads coaching what i here under this video has linked what that is again
with around so a facebook pixel is a code you feel on yours
sell pages 1 and serves page visitors to trace the on his
come later and later in the afterwards, more precise target groups
visit based on these pages create
means if you are now eg us sell now for example a product and
this product has a thank you page and
people who buy this product come after you bought the product
have a thank you then know We all people on this
side were on the bank side the product bought otherwise they would be
did not come to this thank you page and on this thank you page is now for example
our pixel activates our facebook pixel and now we can in fact
facebook within facebook one Target audience will create all of these
people who were on the bank side so to speak lists in a target group
and once we have 100 people in this we can target audience inside
go to facebook and say hey facebook this is a target group that has mine
I now want you to buy product me on facebook people find the
these people are in this list same and now you can do it yourself
imagine what happens then we have our perfect one here
target group these are all buyers ours products and what happens then
the facebook to us humans finds the this people is the same great
then these people join the facebook to us be found with much larger
Probability of our products buy that is why you should say why
that’s like a jet of water in the sky that shows us how much money we earn
So we can with this audience bring a lot of money and that relatively
fast by building it up and that’s why this facebook pixel is like that
important if we are people directly from our advertising message on the sales
own sales so on the product we can send our own sales page
do not install this pixel we can only do that on our own
insert pages so long talk short sense
we need beside own own side activate our facebook pixel
more about that you will find out in my facebook ads coaching you under this video
Number two retargeting as targeting means that we humans on the
our side were not bought have been able to talk again and that
great thing about it is the people to the example on our side were but
did not buy the have ever interest in our product
otherwise they would not have ours vips clicked on our advertising ad
and will be on our sales page come there are people who have
we already have 80 percent of them already they have decided ours
to buy product but something can in between, for example, they were well on the way
and had to get off the train or the mother called to eat because of it
just dinner what do I know something came in between they have the
sale side publishing and did not buy and this
Of course, people are extreme easy to persuade yet
Selling but I still buy it and that
So let’s do that with targeting what’s called again and targeting means
agitate we speak to her again So we’ll do a commercial ad
only to the people the upright our side were not bought
have and that is a commercial ad the brings us a lot of money for
extremely little money that we spend We often only have to go with it once
snap his finger and say hey look time you wanted to buy it
but not done you can still do this here and now
then people usually buy and number three only with its own
side it is possible to e mail marketing too operate and why must the e mail
marketing simply because we trust
very many people want to build up Do not buy at first contact very much
many people is a sales page will not come for the first time
Buy 0.1 to 0.3 percent of all people the first time on your
Buy come buy that is extremely little i can not say
how little that is why we have to So a few things have to be so
a bit more work and that put all in and we can
for example through e-mail marketing we can say, for example, hey
here you can email me register and you always stay on the
latest stand or hey here you can sign up with an email and me
send this to you and for free and then we can just these people the
sign up there for ours Sales Manager such a specific e
mail to his form where you sign up can send his e-mail to the one we can
then in our e-mail marketing save and automate program
write about so autoresponder and then we can trust it
Build and interested in the yes somehow interest in the masses
but we have not yet Trust and therefore you have bought
The product also persuades to We can still sell there to buy
we will become really aggressive can say hey the product is genuine
class write me something about it the product did not detain
bought that then we can just open to enter our target group and to do so
is suitable e-mail marketing so now my voice is gone
That was the mistake many people make and I could clear it up here now
why you do not commit this mistake should you do what you do now how are you
the whole thing now I would continue on best you look at the video
if it does not already know 1045 in three days you can find that on my
youtube channel there you look like me these individual steps turnovers on
Example of the online dog school number two you best watch the video
facebook ads completely on this youtube then you learn how to get in
facebook advertising schaltest and if you like my number one tip
strategy that really works want to learn with your today your
first commission I earn have shown to the reason here
but there is one more trick I give you Of course not shown the advice
not just like that on youtube because he is worth a lot of money to me you can
best under this video in the description of times the affiliate
look at marketing coaching I’ll tell you in this coaching
this trick and with this trick it is just possible because it is also very many
other people was possible today your first commission with the party
marketing verdienen du lernst in diesem coaching sehr viel über
affiliate-marketing was du bist ja nicht wussten was du auch niemals erfahren
dürfe über youtube oder über irgendwelche anderen internetseiten
und das wirst du diesen coaching erfahren und ich verspreche dir damit
ist es möglich heute dann erst provision zu verdienen so also genug mit der
eigenwerbung ich hoffe dir hat dieses video gefallen ich hoffe dir meine
affiliate-marketing anleitung so ein bisschen die augen geöffnet wie das
ganze funktioniert falls dem der fall ist würde ich mich natürlich über einen
like freunden falls du fragen hast schreibt mir das gerne in die kommentare
vielleicht habe ich doch nicht alle fragen geklärt dann kommt irgendwann
nochmal ein drittes video zu dem ganzen theme
und dann würde ich sagen sehen wir uns einfach im nächsten video wieder
und bis dahin viel spaß

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