TV Series Vs Real Life – ft. MyMissAnand | Shruti Arjun Anand

Anantya.. Your Simmi di has sent these outfits for you as these have got shorter for her wow Mom!! look like expensive one let see my child yeah Mom Madam has sent some of her daughter’s old clothes for you.. Oho Mom!! used ones Anantya.. Watching TV for long time Switch off TV now okk Mom ohh dear!! you are watching TV on this dark & black night!! Stop it Mom… Don’t you ever love me?? As I am your step daughter Oh its so late Ananta has not come yet I am from School Your daughter will reach home after 15 minutes as there occurred some technical problem in the bus okk… Thank you ohh god!! you’ve done so wrong with me but i’ve never complaint about that first you’ve made my face change I was silent you’ve made my third husband died I was remain silent And today you want to make my child away from me you’ve to return my child today I’ll not let you to take my child Swear of your motherhood I’ll see that how would you’ve not returned my child back I’ll have to take my child back with me Mom I’ve returned back from school oh You woke up.. Today I’ve cooked your favourite breakfast Potato stuffed Paratha, lady finger stuffed one radish stuffed paratha and many more also your favourite sweat dish Rusmalai so have your breakfast Thank You Mom!! Mom!! our neighbour Anishka has taken my all the gems its ok.. my dear child you can take new gems from the fridge wow!! Mom!!!… what happened my child?? Mom Mr. Bajaj has cheated us and taken our 500 crore property what!! what!! whatt!!! its ok dear.. we’ve our Haveli this also no more of ours what!! Oh Mom have you got injured?? No its ok dear!! it was my mistake Daughter-in-law. Coming Mom Wake up Mom.. Oho No.. I’ll not let her go Wake up Mom… If you don’t then what will happen to me?? who will make Potato stuffed paratha for me I know that you’ll never go anywhere leaving me alone ok my child I’ll bring stuffed parathan for you dear Wow Anantya Looking so beautiful in this Lehnga just looking like a bride what if you get married Oh Mom!! don’t you know marry a girl before 18 years is a criminal offence Yeah I know, I was just kidding oho that was very poor one oh dear!! looking so nice in this dress you are getting married in few days and you’ll go to your in-laws place Mom!! will you come to meet me there?? yeah my child… hello shruti will you want to go out?? Anantya will you want to come with me yeah Mom!! Lets go Okk we are coming No I won’t be able to come today today some people have come deep from the earth also some black braided witches stays in our home so won’t be able to come today Hello… also don’t come today As today My died husband has come No I am not coming today As its dark night today and I’ve to transform into a serpent today So that was today’s fun video If you’ve enjoyed this video then don’t forget to like & share this video also do comment below which segment you’ve liked the most and that has made you to laugh more If you want to watch behind the scenes If you want to watch cute little fun videos more Also don’t forget to subscribe her channel and press that bell icon nearby subscribe button If you want to see more collab videos so let us know by commenting below also give this video 30,000 likes so we’ll see in our next video till then take care bye-bye

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