Twitch Affiliate Payout

Need to know how Twitch Affiliate Payouts
out work? In this video right here I’m gonna show you all the ins and outs of
twitch affiliate payouts coming at you right now Hey all wild coming at you from my
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hitting that Bell so you know when my videos go live for you there are a lot
of streamers out there that are getting twitch affiliate status and if you’re
one of them congratulations you worked really hard to get to it
but a lot of people don’t understand how the twitch affiliate payout system works
and if you’re new to the affiliate program I’m gonna give you the rundown
on how it works or if you’re a veteran I’m gonna show you the ins and outs just
so you have a better understanding of how twitch affiliate payout works for
you when you become a twitch affiliate you get two revenue streams to earn from
twitch one of those being bits and the other one being subs when you reach
enough bits and subs from all the people that are help supporting your channel
you can actually receive a payout from twitch as long as you reach the minimum
threshold of a hundred USD if you do not reach a hundred USD within a given month
twitch will roll over that payment into the next corresponding month until you
actually meet that threshold required for a payout twitch payout periods work
on net 60 which means twitch will pay you out sixty days from the end of the
month which means revenue that was earned in June that meet their minimum
requirement of over a hundred dollars will be paid out in August to you by the
30th or before when considering payouts make sure you pick the best option that is
suited for you there are a bunch of different types of pants that you can
choose from everything from PayPal to an e-check all the way from a direct
deposit ACH to a wire transfer pick what’s ever best for you if you need any
help on that I will a link in the description below that
will take you to the actual affiliate payout FAQ I recommend taking a look at
it because it will help fill in the gaps on all of those blanks that you might be
having for questions that you need answers to one of the best notes I can
give you when you’re selecting your actual payout method try to look for
something that will have the lowest fees for you that way you collect more of the
revenue if you don’t have the option for what would be the lowest fees go with
what’s ever gonna be easily accessible for your account most people out there
it’s probably gonna be PayPal or a direct deposit to your bank account if
you ever have a problem receiving your twitch affiliate payout make sure to
contact twitch at and there you can submit a claim ticket
I will also put a link in the description below so that way it will
take you right to it to help you guys out if you guys have any more questions
on twitch affiliate payout make sure to leave a comment below and I will do my
best to either answer or guide you in the correct direction to get your answer
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