Types of Referrals: Affiliates

– Hey guys, Alex Branning here, I wanna talk about referrals. In my podcast on episode four I broke down three different types of referral sources that you have. Today I wanna talk
specifically about affiliates. Affiliates are people are
going to bring you business in exchange for a monetary return. I have an affiliate
army of about 200 people that are regularly sending us business and they know that if the
person they connect me with hires us, we cut them a check. In your business, one of the things that could give you exponential growth is if you start on an affiliate program so that the people that know you, like you and trust you
will be incentivized to bring more business. If you wanna jump on a free coaching call where I can help you figure out your own affiliate plan, let’s do it. alexbranning.com/call. If you want more information about my referral tips, you wanna
hear about all three types of referrals, sources
that I recommend building, check out my podcast, go
to alexbranning.com/podcast and find episode four, have a great day.

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