UAG PLASMA SERIES ICE Case for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

hey what’s going on guys I want to give
a quick shout out to UAG for sending another case so we can review it
on this channel this is going to be for the galaxy s10 plus now this is gonna
be the plasma series and this is gonna be the ice .version this is very nice I
actually used it before for the Galaxy Note 9 and it was a very nice case it
was pretty light and it looked good on the phone so let’s get it out of the box
real quick and we’ll check it out so and again this is one thing that I like it
it does feel very light is one of those cases that can add a lot of protection
on the corners in the back in the front but it’s gonna make the phone look very
good and pretty light alright so just put the phone in there and as you can
see foam went in there real easily it was noisy clearing it in there trying
to get the phone out again this is one thing I like about this case it feels
good on the hand it has a good grip you got a got a good grip on the side you
got your rubber on each side and then you have these indentations with the
plastic worried adds more more grip to your hand so overall again it doesn’t
feel very heavy in the back you can still showcase your awesome new Y prism
color which looks very nice I gotta admit it is very nice it looks really
good buttons are very responsive and that’s expected let’s check out the
volume rockers BIG’s P so buttons are pretty good and one thing that I like
about them is that in the buttons you’re gonna have this cutout on all the way
around and you can tell that’s going to allow the buttons to be more responsive
more clickable so you have a very nice design here that kind of separates the
big sweet button or favorite button now from the volume rockers it’s not the
same same with the power button on this side you got kind of like an in the
stripes going down so it’s easier to recognize where your power button is
where volume rockers are and where big sweep is cutouts are usually pretty good
right in the bottom you do have this indentation so in the corners it’s gonna
add more protection but if you can see towards the bottom it is gonna kind of
go towards inside of the case so it doesn’t feel or it doesn’t look too
bulky same on the sides you can see on the
corners as you go in on the case it’s gonna kind of go in in there and it’s
not gonna make it to Balki’s on the top cut out on the top for your
microphone is wide open when it comes to the camera it is not the shiny frame
that you get sometimes that may cause an issue with with the flash on some of the
night pictures looking at the design in the back I kind of like it makes it look
pretty futuristic you see this design which is pretty unique with them towards
the corners now you notice that you have this honeycomb design on the sides and
on the bottom well that’s going to be on the inside of the case and let’s take a
look real quick the honeycomb you can barely feel it it
does have this is going to allow it to add more protection and make the case
feel a little bit lighter so it doesn’t feel so thick now as I mentioned you do
have this kind of ice color where it’s not very clear but it towards the metal
especially on these sides here and here it is going to be clear where you can
see it through and let’s put the phone back in there so you can have a better
idea so you’re going to be able to showcase your phone and show the colors
better to this indentation here or on the on the side and right in the middle
it does feel it’s a little bit more blurry and that’s just to add a touch of
design and on the metal GOG logo it is gonna be kind of a stainless steel color
so it does look very nice right in the front you do have your lip protection so
if you do happen to drop it or slam it on the table or slice across you have
lip protection top and bottom so rubber it’s pretty good now on the bottom house
I get is I know we always do the saggy test and it’s not saggy at all actually
they did a pretty good job so another thing that I notice is that even though
it’s a clear case you don’t if you get finger prints they’re not so noticeable
you may get some fingerprints like here and here but you can’t really tell I
mean honestly you can’t can hardly tell not even there you know I can’t really
tell if you have finger prints something that you have sometimes with a lot of
the clear cases though this is gonna be a very nice case it’s very popular case
for you if you want to showcase your phone add some protection and make it a
little good now when it comes to wireless charging it is compatible it
will work there will not be an issue there now when it comes to wireless
power share they do mention this on their side is not going to be compatible
with all the devices so it will be compatible with another phone that is a
wireless charger compatible so it did pick that up now if you do have like the
Samsung Galaxy watch you should also pick it up based on what it’s on their
side and you can see picked it up right away if you do have
the galaxy birds they did mention that he may not be compatible or they make
you may have issues where they get disconnected like I can totally pick
them up and it’s charging right now but I have noticed with all the cases that
they may not stay connected all the time and a couple of you guys already
mentioned that in the comments so just keep that in mind it will work but if
you really are gonna use wireless charging on a case like this for the
galaxy birds you might as well just remove it make sure that you are
actually giving it everything that you can a hundred percent because you’re
gonna be losing power out of your phone and you might as well want to make sure
that the most power is going to your galaxy but other devices if you are
gonna use that feature this case is gonna run you around thirty nine forty
dollars at the time of this video if you are looking for a case that looks really
nice more of a high-end style where you are willing to drop a couple of dollars
on it definitely this is the case to consider you guys know I also review the
you AG Mon urge this so far has been one of my favorite cases so far if you guys
want to check that one out make sure I’ll have a link on that one as well but
these were my thoughts let me know in the comment section below consider
subscribing we have a lot of other case reviews make sure you check them out on
the channel hit the like button if you enjoyed this content and I will see you
on the next one


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