UbiGear Pass-Through Ethernet Crimper and Connectors

Hello in this video I want to talk about the UbiGear pass-through crimper and connectors For ethernet jacks, so traditionally I’ve used pair of crimpers like this for putting ends on Ethernet cable and You have to cut the end of the cable to a specific length and line it up and it can be kind of tricky to do and you know, my eyes aren’t getting any better and I found a better way to do this. So instead of using these crimpers I use these UbiGear Crimpers I got these on Amazon. I’ll put a link in the description to these and I’ll put a link to the connectors I got that go with them and if you use that link it helps me out a little bit and doesn’t cost you anything extra, but we’ll look at the the two rj45 Connectors here if you look on the left There’s holes through here and on the right, there’s not So what you do is you cut your wires long and you run through here and when you crimp them it cuts them So I’ll demonstrate that here. I’ll get the old stuff out of the way And the connectors I’m using I Have regular connectors and then I’ve used these shielded connectors. Also, they make both types So on the crimper, there’s a stripper here So we can take the sheathing off will come in a couple inches Tighten it down and I’ll twist it Okay, and now I can pull that off and you want to make sure that didn’t Nick any of your conductors here and then I’ll use these little side cutters I have here. I’ll cut the Pull wire through off so you see I have four pairs here and I’m gonna wire this to the t568b specification So I’ll unwind all the conductors Okay, so I have all the conductor’s Untwisted here. So I want to do orange stripe. Well, actually what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna straighten all these out I like to use a little screwdriver here and Kind of take the twist out it makes it easier to work with Okay, so I want to go orange stripe orange Green stripe blue blue stripe green Brown stripe brown So I have these lined up I’ll straighten them out and then I’m gonna check them. So I’ve orange strip orange green stripe blue blue stripe green brown stripe Brown so I need to have them all lined up at the end here and then I’ll take the The end It’s a little overlap there I’m going to slide these in and then when you slide them in you can confirm that your Colors are correct. So orange stripe orange green stripe blue blue stripe green brown stripe Brown and then I can Push this in to pull it through Okay. Oops So now that I know everything’s perfectly lined up I Can stick it in here that I found this to be a little tricky at times Cuz it’ll get caught on the blade. So you want to pinch it at the end I’ll stick it in here and then I’ll press it all the way down and This blade will cut off the conductor’s there And I’ll have a nice crimped end so I Found this to be a lot easier than using the old style where you have to cut them to the exact length and slide them in there and they get twisted off this I Found much easier and this is relatively affordable. I don’t remember the exact price, but look on Amazon Especially if it’s worth your time, if you’re messing with these and have a lot of trouble I found these to be a lot faster So a couple things here if you’re using a shielded cable I found it helps to take a pair of pliers and kind of smash the end here Before you stick it into the conductor Connector because it’s a tight Fit there, so it helps to kind of smash that down But that’s kind of the basics of this UbiGear pass-through crimper and connectors You have any questions, please leave them in the comments. If you like this video, please click like and thanks for watching. Bye

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