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hey everyone welcome back to my channel
today we’re gonna be doing a clean with me 2019 this is kind of the cleaning routine
that I have been doing every day after the kids go to bed or once everyone’s
kind of slowed down for the evening this is what I’ve been doing and I also want
to thank Old Spice for sponsoring today’s video first I’m gonna go ahead
and get started in the shower the kids had a mini soap war and they were
rubbing soap all over the glass and I just want to get that washed up before I
go ahead and head down the stairs I also want to share with you the Old Spice
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any of the product lines from their collection then I’m gonna go ahead and
move downstairs and just start cleaning up I’m officially a mom of five I had a
baby about six weeks ago and to be honest it’s been really hard to keep the
house tidy so the one thing I’ve been trying to do is not make sure the entire
house is clean but at nighttime I usually do a Power Hour where I do one
full hour an hour and a half and just bust through at least the downstairs try
to make that downstairs space spotless and kind of clean to the best that I can
so that if we have anyone come / that it is more tidy I’ve also been such a stickler with like
the dishes usually it doesn’t bother me if there’s dishes like piled up in the
sink that’s never been something that’s kind of bothered me but lately I’ve
wanted to be a little bit more do diligent with that and when my sink is
empty it just feels like the best feeling ever I do want to find a better product to
like wash my sink and really scrub it out we bought this house used and it has
lots of like scratches on it because this is original from like the 90s but I
want to see if I can make this sink absolutely Sparkle then I’m just going to go ahead and
clean our countertops we’re just using a glass cleaner for it now we have granite
and one of the things that I need to put on my to-do list is to get it sealed
whether my husband can do it or I need to hire somebody to do it but that’s one
thing I need to do since we’ve moved into the house I don’t think that’s been
done in quite a while but one thing I love about having a dark stone as my
countertop is you can never see anything so if somebody works like stain the
stone or cut the stone you really can’t see those imperfections and I really
like that and then I’m just going to go ahead and wipe down all the cabinet’s we
have tons of fingerprints from kiddos and just smears and when you look really
closely you can see all those imperfections in all this dirt and just
grime so I try to get to this a couple times a week if I can Oh and then I’m gonna go ahead and move on
to the stools we actually picked these stools up from Facebook marketplace for
like $25 I got all four of them for $25 which is such a steal and I remember
when I first got them here and put them underneath like the bar area I was like
oh my gosh I don’t like them but then I just kind of like let them stay for a
while and allowed them to like soak in for me to just like get adjusted to them
and I loved him I was like you know what for 25 bucks he can’t beat that price
and I love them imperfections and flaws and all and then I’m gonna go ahead and
wipe down the countertops me sometimes when reason about us I know it
got me it’s awesome back-to-back we would carry
we do anything for the study safe and sound then I’m gonna move on to the kitchen
table this is one place that’s really dirty all the time my kids do a great
job of like picking up after themselves or taking their plate to the trashcan or
putting their like silverware on their bowls in the sink they do a great job of
that but there’s always like leftover foods and bits that they’re still
working on and I like to help them out with that and just clean it up and then
I’m gonna go ahead and sweep underneath the table I got this Berber rug for
underneath the table and it does awesome so if kids were to spill something like
spaghetti sauce you can get it out really well and it’s super discreet so
it you can’t tell that it’s there and I really like that it does make it a
little bit more challenging to kind of sweep up the crumbs and bits but it is
really nice for hiding any of those just kids being kids and then I’m just gonna
go ahead and wipe down the table I’m using soap and water and a little bit of
all-purpose spray so that this table can get really really clean if you guys have
followed me forever this is just a table that’s super important to us I know that
it’s kind of mismatched it’s not perfect but things don’t have to be perfect to
be well-loved at least in my eyes and then I’m just gonna go ahead and mop the
floors Oh and then I’m gonna move on into our
office area and I just want to help organize my husband’s office space a
little bit better he tends to collect a lot of items a lot of bills a lot of
receipts on there and I just try to help him keep it a little bit more organized
and tidy so then for the playroom I just asked the kids if they would come down
and help out with the playroom huxley wasn’t super interested in cleaning and
that’s okay tell it I just asked them to do the best that they can and sometimes
I’ll give them a little bit of guidance like make sure that bends a little
cleaned up over there and so be it but as long as they did their best that’s
all that matters to me and then I’ll go ahead and just sweep the area and then I’m going to move on into the
shoe closet this actually happens to be Radley’s daily tour but he didn’t get to
it today so I’m gonna help him out and I don’t sweep the closets very often or
like organize the coats in the backpack so I want to go ahead and organize this
just a little bit better so that maybe it won’t get his messed up as fast one
thing that was really nice is last year I bought all the kids coats a size
bigger than they were so that means that this year I won’t need to buy new coats
and we can use the same ones cuz they’ll still fit this living-room tends to collect a lot
of dust it collects dust on our bookshelves our mantel on the plants on
the shelves in general so I tried to dust in this area as much as I can and
then I’m just gonna go ahead and like fluff up the couch and the questions
this couch has been well loved I’m wondering if we’re gonna need to replace
this couch soon cuz all of the pillows and the cushions are starting to get
really really slouchy however I want to salvage it for as long as I can because
it’s such a nice couch and it’s so comfortable baby I’ve also been trying to be a really
good plant mom and one thing I love about the plants that we have in our
living room is they’re actually very low maintenance they’re hard to keep alive
but they’re very low maintenance if that makes any sense at all
they only need watered once or twice a week depending on your plant like you
can go ahead and water them and kind of see how they respond but for the
bird-of-paradise I get a spray that one down every other day and for that fiddly
fig I can do that once a week and he’s really really good to go there is
nothing better than coming downstairs for breakfast and the whole house is
spotless I love that feeling it only allows for like 10 seconds until the
kids come down but I do try to soak it in and stare at the kitchen for as long
as I can I swear I need to take pictures after every cleaning session just so
that I can remind myself oh my gosh I did do the work I’m not delusional I’m
not dreaming it because it gets so messy so fast the best I told you with that I hope you guys liked this video and
found it motivating and encouraging and if you liked it definitely give it a
thumbs up and if you’re new here and you like what you see definitely subscribe
and and thank you again Old Spice for partnering with us in today’s video I
hope you guys have an amazing day and I will see you in my next video

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