[Music] hi guys welcome back to another love mag ultimate clean with me or welcome to my channel if you are new in today’s video you are gonna see some complete disaster cleanups you’re also gonna see a really easy crock-pot recipe that is only three ingredients and also some decorating and I will have some tips on how I clean faster and more efficiently throughout this video so let’s go ahead and get started hey guys welcome back to my channel so today’s video is going to be an ultimate clean with me and I have a huge list so huge that I had to time block everything to make sure I could get everything done today because when I looked at this list originally I was like there’s no way I’m getting all this done but once I wrote down how long I thought it was gonna take me to do each thing I should finish up around 5 fingers crossed nothing takes me too long and I can finish up around 5 be able to cook dinner for my family it’s been the evening with them instead of working a but let’s go ahead and talk about this list as you can see I have everything on here that needs to be done today like I said this is my last thing at 4 o’clock it’s probably gonna take me about an hour hopefully we will be done by 5:00 but I am also very excited about today’s video because it is a collab with my friend Tiffany of Easton her channel is Beauty and the Beast and she has three kids and she does a lot of content like mine so if you enjoy my channel you’re definitely gonna love hers I will have her link down below she has lots of like cooking videos as well groceries hauls I feel like she has a ton of really good tips throughout all her videos so you guys go check her out she is also doing an ultimate clean with me today I will have all her links down below and let’s go ahead and get started on this clean with me I also wanted to say if you are new here and coming over from Tiffany’s Channel welcome to my channel I have two kids a five-year-old son named Ross and a six-year-old daughter named Julie and I’m married to my high school sweetheart Justin and we will actually be celebrating ten years of marriage this month it has totally flown by we even dated for four years before that so we’ve been together for so long but we also have a vlog channel called hitmen vlogs if you would like to know more about our family over there but I am so excited to be collabing with Tiffany today I know y’all love these cleaning motivation videos so I feel like y’all are getting like double the motivation today she is such an inspiration to me it’s really cool to just see her get it all done she actually has a series on her channel called get it all done so I know you guys will love watching her videos too I’m sure a lot of you guys have heard of her before but if you haven’t definitely go check her out after you watch this video and get some more cleaning motivation over there and let her know in the comments that love Meg sent you so I was actually running a little bit behind schedule when I started my list but luckily all I had to do in the kitchen was the dishes I thought there was gonna be more to clean up from breakfast but while I was doing my makeup that morning my husband actually cleaned up from breakfast so that really helped me get back on track with my time schedule so then I got started on our bedroom and just making the bed and tidying up in there normally I don’t time block my to-do list like this but I gotta say I am a fan of it now and I’m totally gonna be doing this all the time and this tip kind of happened like unintentionally but like I said in the beginning of this video I was really worried that I was not gonna be able to get everything done on this list like it just was not gonna be possible to do it all before 5 p.m. and you will see me fall off track a few times in this video and then get back on track but I did manage to keep focused and actually get it all done and my to-do list did not overwhelm me once I had time blocked it so if you just have a ton of stuff to do and you really feel very over well with your to-do list try to write it down and put sometimes beside it and I promise you you are going to feel way less anxious when it comes to your to-do list I get questions all the time on how I do my bun whenever I am cleaning and so I figured I would just give you a little quick tutorial in this video so the first thing I do is run my fingers through my hair especially at the roots and just try to like volumize it a little bit once I do that I start putting it up just like a ponytail I’ve run it through the hair tie once and then halfway through the second time and then I just kind of like pull hairs and like I said just try to create that poof a little bit and build it up but I did it recently do a video on my like hair tutorial and the products that I put in it before I even blow-dry it and I feel like that has a lot to do with keeping my hair looking like very thick it is naturally pretty thick anyway but I feel like this just adds a little extra and it’s really gonna help with that volume if you have very like fine thin hair holy cow this is my first time upstairs all day and we actually had my niece and nephew and my sister and her husband staying the night last night and so when we have kids over I don’t make the kids take one toy out at a time I just let them go crazy with it and I have not been upstairs all day it is nighttime now I just put the kids in the bath and I was looking at their bedrooms to come in here and pick out their pajamas and I’m gonna show y’all the disaster this is Julie’s room stuff just all over the place Bailey what have they done y’all just wait like it’s even worse so this is the door to our toy storage room and I cannot even open it all the way because they have just taken everything out and put it on the floor oh my gosh there are so many random things in here Ross’s room isn’t too bad but that’s just because normally they will decide to play in Julie’s room it has been that way since they’ve been born they always just gravitate to Julie’s room so his room doesn’t get too messy and plus he’s my tidy one too so he tends to clean up a little bit more but oh my gosh like it’s still a mess like there’s still things everywhere he even has so many things out in his closet too like crazy this is on the other side of his bed that I just saw so yeah so totally gonna warn you guys this is gonna get worse before it gets better but because they had everything just thrown out I felt like everything just needed to be reorganized as well and so what I did was I went into their toy storage room and I just started taking everything out and what I like to do is grab a laundry basket and just throw everything in there and then I took it into Julie’s room so I could work in a much bigger space and could actually lay everything out and see everything but yeah that is why I just decided to throw everything into this laundry basket and take it in there and dump it out in there this is definitely a really good tip that I have for you guys because I have known about this tip for a long time and would use it occasionally but I’ve really started implementing it more and it has been a lifesaver so anytime I have like a lot of things to put up at one time I just grab a laundry basket and I throw it all in there and then I carry my laundry basket around the house with me and put things away for me the way I like to clean is just to grab everything up in my hands and do as much as I can at one time so this is kind of like doing it that way but more because you are able to pick everything up at one time and then walk around the house and putting things away or in this case putting everything into the laundry basket and dumping it out in one big location so you can sort through everything but before I could even think about dumping all of that out I had to get all of these little like cubby boxes organized first because they had just thrown random things in there and they were all mixed up and so each box is for a different type of toy and so I wanted to go ahead and get all of these organized first and that way it made it a whole lot easier once I did dump out that laundry basket and I could know exactly where everything needed to go I really do love having all of these like little cubby boxes and being able to organize the toys that way because if you haven’t watched my channels and you might not know this but we have that toy storage room and my kids are basically able to like check out toys so they can get maybe like one or two at a time but they can get a whole box at a time but I feel like this has really helped with making sure we don’t end up with complete disasters because there were just so many times I would go upstairs and go into their bedrooms and they had just dumped all the toys out like every one of them whether they were playing with them or not they didn’t care they were dumping them out and I just got so tired of it and so I decided to kind of do this method where they have to check out their toys and I’m not like a huge stickler for it like I said they might have like two out at a time or they can check out like a box at a time and so there’s a lot of different toys in the boxes but it really does cut down on all of the mess so I highly recommend this to if you have a little closet or something where you could make it into like a toy storage room definitely do that because it has been so worth it but like I said when they do have friends over I just let them go crazy with it like because really I want to be enjoying myself I want to be talking to the parents friends or in this case my sister since she was here and I didn’t want to really think about having to make sure the kids were like checking out their toys and so I just let them go crazy and have a good time with it but on an everyday basis this really helps out [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] so I’m sure you guys are probably thinking why are the kids not helping but they were actually in school on this day and because I didn’t go upstairs until so late the night before I felt like it would be better for them to actually go ahead and go to sleep because we were getting to bed a little bit later than normal that night anyway so I really didn’t want to keep them up another hour maybe two hours because we all know it’s longer to clean with kids and so I really did not want to do that so I just figured I would do it this time but normally they do help out a lot when it comes to cleaning they always want to help they’re asking me if they can help do chores with me so I really didn’t mind helping them out this time and also like I’m not gonna lie it was really nice to be able to do this on my own so I could organize it exactly the way I wanted it and that way I can ensure that everything is exactly where it needs to be so later on it makes it a lot easier for them to clean up their own toys but once school lets out you are gonna see them cleaning up a little bit too they’re gonna end up like putting their laundry away and things like that so they do that and then they also make their own bed every morning and just tidy up in their bedrooms before school starts and just little chores like that but really when it comes to like a complete disaster like this I almost prefer to do it myself [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] stay there [Music] just [Music] now that Julie’s room is clean I am going into Ross’s room and I’m gonna start tidying up in there and make his bed but that is also something that I normally try to do I don’t always succeed at it but I always try to finish one room before moving on to the next room and you might have noticed that by just watching my cleaning videos if you have been a longtime viewer but I don’t like to leave a room unless it is completely clean because if I do a little bit in Julie’s room and then go into Ross’s room and do a little bit in there I kind of I’m more likely to get sidetracked I guess is what I’m trying to say and then I feel like I’ve been cleaning for so long and it’s like nothing is actually getting done so if I can’t clean one room at a time and get it completely done and be able to just like check that off my list it makes me feel more accomplished and it makes me feel like I’m getting more done in a short amount of time and maybe it’s all in my head but even if it is all in my head whatever works and so that is just what I like to do so if you also feel like you are just getting very overwhelmed with your housework in that way maybe try cleaning one room at a time and don’t leave that room until it is all clean [Music] [Applause] so this is where I wanted to update you guys on the list and how I have time blocked everything and let y’all see how I was actually running 30 minutes behind at this point it took me a little bit longer to go through all the kids toys then I thought and so I was running 30 minutes behind but 30 minutes is not very long and we do catch up later regionally I really didn’t think it was even possible to get everything done so just to be running 30 minutes behind is no big deal Noah for feels like I’m gone down silence they chuckles I can medical chain [Music] but I won’t let the stormy seas fool me and open water pays and name it’s it’s enough into myself away from things on that girl floating we go bottoms up we go all the way when you’re feeling down with the pain I have to tell you guys about this new laundry basket that I have you guys probably saw me rolling it through it has wheels maybe I’m late to the game maybe you guys are like Meghan yeah this has been a thing but I know that they have like bigger more like industrial ones but I had never seen just these plastic ones that rolled and the other day I was at at home because I’m probably there like once a week I love that store but when I was there I saw this laundry basket and I was like oh my gosh I need this so if you’re like me and you wait until like your laundry is overflowing and your basket is so heavy then get one of these and I found one on Amazon for you guys so I’m gonna link that down below it is the exact one that I have I think it’s like 22 dollars which I personally feel like it’s a little expensive for a laundry basket but it’s been worth every penny like I I seriously am thinking about buying another one just so I can have two and another thing that I really love about this is that I can put it at the bottom of the steps for the kids and just put all of their laundry in there and then they can take it up themselves instead of having to carry a really heavy laundry basket and most of the time I have to carry it up there for them this is just another thing that can make them a little more independent and they can do it themselves I’m still running about 30 minutes behind but the next thing on my list was to go into Justin’s office and clean up in there we obviously don’t have this set up as his office yet but whenever I did all of my Halloween decorating I just left this like bin in there and so all of it needed to be organized and took back out into the garage this didn’t take as long as I thought it was going to take I had put down like 30 minutes for this and it really only took maybe like 10 to 15 minutes to get all of this organized and out to the garage and luckily he was helping me with that so I didn’t have to like pick up this huge bin myself and I was kind of like putting things to the side and telling him where they go and that helped out a lot so it didn’t take too long to get this done and that put me right back on track so I could start vacuuming when I was supposed to be vacuuming wide-awake is the way to judge me step aside in the car in the backseat final a kiss away the trip fitting in [Music] so you guys will have to help me out I’m already thinking about what I can do with this sitting room for Christmas you guys know I went all out for Halloween and if you haven’t seen my Halloween house tour I’ll link it down below but I have been trying to figure out how I want to do this sitting room and make it really fun so one of the ideas I have is to go like all Grinch themed and just go all out in this room then I also think it would be really pretty to just go silver and gold and I feel like it would tie in with all the decor in there you do have kids and so I try to make things really fun around the holidays for them so I don’t want like my entire house to just be like silver and gold and like neutral colors because I want it to be like festive for them as well so that’s kind of like my thinking like maybe I’ll just make this room very festive for the kids but then if I do decide to do like silver and gold in this room then I’ll probably do something in the upstairs landing for the kids and make it really fun there I have tried to have a Christmas tree in their rooms last year and they were really pretty to begin with and then in about a week they were all messed up because they would take the ornaments off and put them back on and all the ribbon was taken off and everything so I don’t think I’m gonna do that this year but I might end up putting a Christmas tree like upstairs in the upstairs landing so I could choose to do that one as like my festive one for them but let me know down below what you think I should do [Music] yesterday there was Sun there was rain [Music] sorry discard and there’s something in the air and a sparkly shower see dreamy easy [Music] tiptoes [Music] agents [Music] eeeh [Music] so now I’m gonna start making my crock pot meal and tonight we are having meatballs and this recipe is so simple and I will link it all down below with the measurements and stuff but you basically just put in the meatballs and you put in some grape jelly and some chili sauce and I can’t remember how many ounces the jars were so I will put that in the description box below in case you’re interested but you just stir it around and then I put mine on high and if you put it on high it is all warm and mixed together and the jelly is all melted in about two hours so this is one of those crock-pot meals that even if you forget to start it early in the day you still got time for dinner that is a meal that I used to make all the time and I just forgot about it but I was actually watching bilenda Celine’s Instagram stories the other day and she was talking about how you can kind of get in that rut and not know what to make for dinner and so she wrote down all the recipes that she knew and just listed them then when you’re trying to figure out your meal plan or just what to cook for dinner you can go to that and just go down your list and it’s just a lot easier to see it written down than just trying to like think of things so I decided to do that too and I wrote down all the recipes that I know a whole 24 of them seriously not a lot you guys know I am NOT the best cook but this has helped so much and we have been cooking at home a lot more lately also like can we say hallelujah for grocery pickup because I know that I would not be able to cook this much at home if it wasn’t for grocery pickup and meal services and things like that because it just makes it so much easier I really don’t know what took me so long to start doing the Walmart grocery pickup but now that I have I do it at least once a week normally I’ll make my grocery list like on Sunday nights and then go pick it up on Monday and if I need anything like halfway through the week I’ll make another short one like I don’t even care if it’s a short little list it’s so much easier just to go pick it up instead of going into the store but I honestly feel like I am getting the old me back like I talked about on my Instagram how my anxiety had just been at an all-time high and I did not know what to do about it but I feel like because I have been a stopping work at 5 p.m. every day and actually having that quality time with my family and actually cooking with my family and it has just been like a game-changer for me and I can definitely tell like the anxiety has been lifted a ton I did want to give you guys just like a little update on that if you’re wondering how I’ve been doing lately actually feel pretty amazing right now because I have been stopping work at 5 p.m. no matter what and I feel like that’s made all the difference but as you can see now I’m at the point where I am going to paint these pumpkins finally they just had these like brown faces on them and I didn’t love it so I wanted to paint these white and I just went to Hobby Lobby and I got this DecoArt outdoor living exterior and interior paint and I picked up a brush there to just like a really cheap brush I feel like it covered it really well like better than I thought I didn’t even do a second coat on these because I didn’t feel like it needed it if anything showed through a little bit I really didn’t mind too much because the pumpkin looked a little bit rustic itself and so I didn’t mind just having a little bit of Brown show through but as you can see it’s pretty much covering everything and I didn’t even have to do a second coat so that saved me a lot of time as well watching this footage back over and seeing Ross sitting with me was totally reminding me of when my dad used to work on his motorcycle in the garage and I would sit with him all the time like and I would sit with him exactly the way Ross is doing like we weren’t even talking but he just wanted to be with me and that’s exactly the way I was with my dad when I would just go sit with him in the garage and my dad actually built his own motorcycle so there were a lot of times when I was just out there with him watching him do that and those are some really good memories and I didn’t even notice it when I was actually like in the moment there but watching over this footage I was like oh my gosh this is really taking me back to my childhood but definitely stay tuned to the end of this video because you’re gonna get to see how these pumpkins looked on the front porch I tied a bow on top and just made it look really cute but I did have to let these set overnight and dry so stay tuned till the end to see what they looked like I get so caught up in thinking of traveling is polite I’m losing psychos i’m falling i’m songs etern deep down inside but I do [Music] I can hire fucking yeah cute child and you can tell I will good if it gets [Music] [Music] so I wanted to come back and show you guys what dinner looked like just in case you want to try this recipe we normally just put it over rice and all of the like juices from the grape jelly and the chilli sauce is so good over rice and then I just put it with whatever vegetables I’m feeling that night but then I crossed everything off of my list because I was done and found a little note for myself on there and after dinner we ended up making cookies and the kids did this almost all by themselves they went and got everything they have just been so independent lately it’s been crazy but I just loved this footage of them like getting everything ready by themselves I had to include it but now that I have the pumpkins done to go on the front porch I wanted to show you guys what that looks like so this is before and this is after I really hope you guys enjoyed today’s video and if you are new here please consider hitting that subscribe button and I will have a playlist of more of my cleaning videos right up here on the screen for you guys so if you need some more cleaning motivation you can go to those and also don’t forget to go check out Tiffany beeston at Beauty and the Beast and I will have her link down below as well you guys will not be disappointed with her channel if you’ve never been to it before you’ll love it and I will see you guys in the next one bye I am Vernon for you I’m [Music]


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