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(laughing) – [Audrey] Wait, what? (laughing) Can you do that? – [Jordan] Right hand – This is hard. (screaming) – [Jordan] Audrey you’re out. – [David] I don’t see a purple. – Hi guys, welcome back
to The YouTube Family! – And we are the adventurers. – And today we are going to play extreme Twister in the store. – Wait, what? – This is a giant board game challenge – What? – where I’m going to call out a color and you have to get either
your hand, foot, body part on that color. – Oh my gosh (screaming) – So it’s gonna be all over. Are you guys ready to play? – It’s gonna to be embarrassing – Yes. – Last one to the leave the giant Twister game in Target wins. – What do we win? – You get $100 – What? – We can buy what ever we want in target. – Before we get started,
make sure you subscribe. (adventurist music) – Okay guys, for the first
round, I’m going to call it (competition bell rings) while David and the kids play. – Oh boy. – [Mom] Are you guys ready? – I’m ready. – Is the first color silver? – [Mom] Left hand orange. Oh, Jason touched Ty’s shoe. (laughing) Okay. Let’s do right hand blue. Right hand blue. – I got it. – Ty, Ty, stop. – [Audrey] There’s a blue
right there, you guys. – Blue tag. – [Mom] Okay. Left foot gray. All you have to do is put
on Jake’s jacket, David. (laughing) – Jordan’s out. – Jordan’s out. – [Mom] Jordan’s out. Okay Jordan, call it, call it. – Oh, my turn? Okay. – You can’t do right foot,
you can’t do right foot. – [Jordan] Left leg black. – [David] What? – [Jake] Oh, my shoes are black, so I’ll just put it on my shoe. – You literally could have
just touched right here. – [Jake] I put it on my own shoe. – Ew. (laughing) – Right hand – This is hard – [Jordan] Right hand, white. – [David] Oh, right here. – [Jordan] Or the floor. – I’m touching this. My left hand is hurting, hurry up. – [Jordan] Left hand, pink. – [David] Pink. – [Ty] What, what hand? – Where’s pink? – Wait, are you kidding? – [Jordan] Go for it, go for it yeah. – [Mom] Jake’s out. (buzzer) – Dad, you have to keep
touching me with your foot. – [Mom] You didn’t keep
your hands on everything. (buzzer) okay, so who’s in? – [David] – I couldn’t find pink. – Me, I’m in. – [Mom] Audrey won. – I won. – [Mom] Good job Audrey. Awesome. – Okay guys, since I won that round, I get to be the new caller, and I get to pick a new section of where everyone has to go. Follow me, follow me. I think I found a colorful section. This is a pretty good section over here. Okay, we’re gonna go over here. Ready? – Oh no. – Well, you can’t touch any color. – [Audrey] You can go wherever you want. – Because there’s a casing. – [Audrey] Okay, ready? – Don’t we all have to be together? (competition bell rings) – [Audrey] Right hand, white. – Right hand white? – [Audrey] Five, Four, three, two , one, okay. Okay, everyone’s touching something white. What are you touching? – This comforter. – [Audrey] Okay. Left hand, black. (laughing) Wait, what? Can you do that? (laughing) – Wait a second. – [Audrey] Okay, Ty, that is gray. – That’s black. – [Audrey] That is gray, you
have to pick something else. Five, four, what are you touching? – The end of my shoe right here. – [Audrey] Okay. – My shoe’s really black. – [Audrey] Okay, right foot pink. This is hard. – Does this count as pink? This coral-ly. – [Audrey] Yeah, that counts as pink. – I don’t see any pink. – [Audrey] Four. Are you following all the rules still? – Wait, wait, wait, what hand? – [Audrey] Right foot pink. How are you gonna do that? (laughing) – Maybe I’ll find something else black. Oh, black, right here,
but then right foot pink. – [Audrey] Oh my gosh, look at that pose. Okay, is everyone following me? – It’s touching it. (laughing) – [Audrey] Okay, right hand, blue. (screaming) – [Audrey] Four, three, two, one, – There’s blue up here. – [Audrey] Ty’s barely
touching that tiny blue spot. Okay, we’ll see if you can do this. Left foot (laughing) Left foot on what color? – [Ty] White. – [Audrey] Left foot on,
no, the floor is white. Black. (laughing) – How am I gonna? Wait, am I already touching it, because I’m touching my
leggings with my left foot? (screaming) (laughing) – [Audrey] When a teacher
bends down in front of you to help another student
with their problem. – [Jake] Help, I’m in a (screaming) – [Audrey] David’s doing the splits. (laughing) (screaming) Right hand on orange. – I’m out. (buzzer) – [Audrey] David’s out. – I moved my right foot
too, so I’m out. (buzzer) – [Audrey] Jordan’s out. – Wait does that mean I’m out because she took my black away? – [Audrey] Yes. (buzzer) Ty, what are you doing? Jake, oh my goodness
– It’s orange. – [Audrey] Are you touching the orange? – Yes. – [Audrey] What are you doing, Ty? Where’s your orange? – My orange is right here, up here. – [Audrey] That’s red bro. – That’s orange. – [Audrey] Okay, we’ll let it slide. Okay, right hand on green. – That’s turquoise. Where’s green? I lost (buzzer) – [Audrey] That means Ty won this round. Good job Ty. Wow, he’s like the real Spider Man. Hi five. (crowd cheering) – [Ty] Okay, ready? (competition bell rings) Left hand purple. Five. Everyone got purple? – [Mom] We got purple. – I got purple Orbeez. – [Ty] Right hand, yellow. – Right here, (laughing), it’s mine. I got this right here. This is slime. – I got more Orbeez. – [Ty] Okay, ready? Right foot, green. – [Jordan] Green? – [David] Over here, there’s
a green on that picture. (laughing) – [Jake] I’m out. – [Ty] Jake’s out. (buzzer) Now – [Jordan] Oh man. – [Ty] Left hand, pink. – [David] Pink. – [Jordan] Pink? – Right here, there’s pink. I got pink. (laughing) Guys, I found this pink,
and it’s on the skeleton. It’s his intestines, so, that’s my pink. – [Mom] Hurry, we’re gonna be kicked out. – [Audrey] Hurry. – [Ty] Left foot pale. – [Audrey] Pale? (laughing) – [David] I don’t know what pale is. – [Mom] I’m out, I’m out, I’m out. – [Audrey] What’s pale? – [Ty] Like that color. – [David] I’m out. (buzzer) – [Audrey] Oh, orange. – [Ty] Fine, orange, I guess. – Okay, wait, I got this. – Oh, wait, I already put my foot down. Wait, does that count? – [David] Five. – [Ty] You can try again. – [David] Four, three, two – I can’t do it. – [David] One. (buzzer) – Go. – [Ty] Audrey wins. – [Jordan] She won. She
was the last one, so. (crowd cheering) Oh yea, I’ve got to do this again. Since I’ve already won a round, I’m gonna let Jacob be
in charge of this round. (competition bell rings) – Okay Jake. – [Jake] Left hand, purple. – Where’s purple? I can’t find purple. – I got a bubble blower – [Jake] Does everybody have purple? – [Mom] I got a purple tag. – Barely. – [Jake] Okay, right hand, green. – Right here. – [Ty] I got a little pump
that has green on the picture. – [Jake] Left foot yellow. Guys, the walls are yellow. – Oh, thank you. – I’m moving, this one. Okay, I found a bouncy ball. – [Jake] Left hand green. – Right here. – I’m already holding green. – [Jake] Right hand white. – [Mom] White? – [Jake] Oh, you have white. – [Mom] Oh, I got white. – [Jake] Ty, do you have white? – Yep. – [Jake] Audrey? – Right here. – [Jake] Okay. It’s on yellow as well. – [Jake] Let’s do right foot black. – Black? – Audrey, I need you. Where’d you go? – [Jake] You guys having a struggle? – My right foot is touching the boarder right here that’s black. – [David] Yeah, me too. – [Jake] Okay, I think mom lost. (buzzer) – Mom’s out. [Mom] Audrey moved. – [Jake] Ty, are you touching
black with your right foot? (screaming) – [Jake] Audrey, you’re out. (buzzer) – I tried to do the splits. – Right foot white. – [Audrey] The floor. – [David] The floor. – [Jake] Left foot silver. – [Mom] Silver? – [Jordan] Over here, right here. This thingy. – [Jordan] Where do you
find something silver? – [David] Right here. – [Ty] That just seems impossible. – [Mom] Ty’s going to be out – [Ty] Oh, I think I found a way. – [Mom] Ty’s going to be out. – Is there silver anywhere here? (kids counting down) – [Mom] No, not near you. Key play, you’re out this one. (buzzer) You couldn’t make it in time. Okay, it’s between David and Jordan. – Right hand gray. – Right hand gray? Oh no. I don’t know where any gray is. – Me. – [Mom] Really? – Oh wait. – I’m already touching him,
you can’t do the same object. (laughing) – [Jake] Left hand pink. – [David] Left hand pink? – [Mom] Left hand pink. – Wait, I – You let go. – I’m out? (buzzer) – [Jordan] Oh no! – Okay, it’s my turn because
I won the last round. I took us to the pet aisle because everybody’s missing our pet Logi because we haven’t seen him for a week. So, here we go. Let’s see if I can
catch anybody off guard. Here we go. Left hand red. Left hand red, left hand red. Okay, right hand blue. Right hand blue Oh, is there blue right there? A little piece of blue. – [Mom] She’s copying me. – I’m copying mom. – [David] Oh, Jordan’s got the big blue. – Guys, come here, come here, come here. There is an employee that just passed by and looked over and was like, okay. – [David] Right foot, right foot yellow. Oh, Katie’s there, Jake’s there. You gotta see this from back here. (crowd laughing) – Hanging out with dog food. – [David] Okay, left foot black. Left foot black (buzzer)
Jake’s out. Katie’s out (buzzer) Audrey is, in three,
two, oh Audrey made it. (screaming) Jordan’s out (buzzer). – [Jordan] I fell. – [Jake] Oh, there’s black right there. – [David] Okay, all right. – Hurry, I’m falling. – [David] Let’s go with
right hand, purple. Right hand purple. – I’m on purple. – [David] Are you on purple? – [Audrey] Yeah. – [Worker] Target Twister? – [David] I don’t see a purple. Oh, Audrey your foot came off. – I’m out. (buzzer) – [David] Audrey you’re out, Ty, you won. Good job buddy (crowd cheers) Good job. High five. – Alrighty guys, that’s it for today. If you liked that extreme Twister, giant board game, last to leave, – That was crazy. – Let us know, because we
want to play this game again. – There are so many people watching us. We’ve got to get outta here
before they kick us outta here. – One of the workers was like, what? – Okay, thanks so much for watching. Make sure to like,
subscribe, and share, and – Hit the bell. – And make today an adventure. – We’ll see you guys next time. Go play! – Bye. (upbeat music)


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