Under the Dust Jackets!

Hey, everyone! So, I cannot read with a dust jacket on a hardcover book. I just find it so incredibly annoying. And so, recently I was reading this book and the dust jacket was driving me nuts. So I was like, that’s it! I gotta ditch it. And I got rid of it to reveal an absolutely beautiful, under the dust jacket hardcover. And I just realised, “I have to make a video about this”. Because I personally really think of books as, of course, the content is so important. But I also think of them as like physical art objects. Like, just things to be loved. And I have found quite a few gems and I wanted to share them with you. So yeah, the first one is this one. It’s beautiful. It has orange on the edges and the colours all match to the colours of the dust jacket. It’s just a beautiful combination. This also happened to the last book I bought, which was Exit West, by Mohsin Hamid. Already this cover is beautiful. I just love the kind of gradient spacey thing. And if you can tell, there’s little glimmering stars It’s beautiful! But when you take off the dust jacket, ooh! You reveal this beautiful blue and purple, and embossed insignia on it. And that totally matches the dust jacket. This is beautiful, guys. I love this! Another amazing naked hardback is The Circle, by Dave Eggers. So, this is like the logo for The Circle, which is a company in this book. But when you reveal… Oh! Oh! I can just imagine reading this like, on a train or something. The truth is I read all of my books in my room. But I always have this grand visions that people will watch me read. And this would be an amazing book to be seen with. You gotta feel cool with that. You gotta feel cool. This next one doesn’t have a super impressive naked hardback, but stick with me for a second. We Were Liars is one of my favourite books. When you take it off… okay, that’s not that great. I’m chucking all of the dust jackets on my bed, by the way. So that doesn’t look so amazing, but the spine! The spine is like completely a mirror. It’s crazy! It’s so reflective and so shiny! Imagine, I mean, maybe this is a ludicrous. But imagine if they have done all of that over all of the book. That would have been cool. This one is kind of weird because it does have a dust jacket, but the dust jacket doesn’t go all the way. Yeah, look at this! Look at this. This is a graphic novel with amazing art. If you have not read Seconds, boy, do I recommend it! But I love that they took the art from the inside and put it on the outside. And the final one is this one. An oldie, but a goodie. I read this ages ago. And when you reveal… This is possibly, controversially prettier than the actual cover of he book. It’s covered in this painted rose petals. This actually have significance to the plot. So if you read the book, this is actually relevant. But it’s also, just actually beautiful. So when I was going through all of my hardcovers to make this video. I found another really interesting thing. Even more rare than a beautiful hardcover. Hear me out. Up first a Morgan Matson. This is the dust jacket. But when you open it up it’s like a poster inside! What?! This is so cool! And again, with her other book. Wow! Look at that! This is so amazing! This is almost like you don’t even want to put this back on the book. You just wanna hang this up! You know, that’s just art. It’s beautiful! And finally, Armada. A book I didn’t like. But, doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate this! Oh! You see? I love this! Beause they could have left it blank. Like every other dust jacket, they could have left it white on the inside. But they didn’t. They used that space for art and for design. This are… What kind of a hand position is this? I haven’t tried this, but you could maybe just like flip it and use your book like this. Alternative cover art. Now, finally, I wanted to give a shout out to another type of naked hardback. This is the kind of naked hardback that doesn’t need to hide behind the dust jacket. I’m talkig about books like this. Ooh! Ooh! Beautiful hardcovers that don’t even come with a dust jacket. Look at the intricacies! And it’s clothbound. So it’s soft. Another example: this, Lost In Translation. This is like a little dictionary of words and it’s full of illustrations. Guys! It’s just so beautiful! And finally, possibly the weirdest book contraption casing I have. This book, which does not look like a book. It looks like a little box. I found this in, like, an old bookstore. But it’s like never been read and it looks brand new. And when you reveal… this might win. Honestly, in my opinion, this might possibly win. I’d love to hear down below if you have had the amazing experience of taking off the dust jacket and finding a little bit of treasure. I also realised while tearing through all of my hardcovers for this video that hardcovers have another unique feature. End pages. Oops! This is the back. The pages before the actual text begins can be beautiful. So, tell me if you would like to see a video about beautiful end pages. And I might make that happen. I really hope that you guys enjoyed this video and I will see you in my next one. Alright, bye!


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