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♫ It’s time to say hello! (children laughing) And Laura sits down next to me and picks up a giant booger. (baby squeals)
Yeah! That’s my desire, just to raise kids that know their mother loves them. (bright synth-driven music) – [Man] Enjoy! – I didn’t have a dream today. – [Man] You didn’t have any dreams? – Yeah, today. – [Man] Did you have a dream, buddy? – Yeah. – [Man] What happened to your lip? – I was bleeding. – [Man] Yeah, yesterday
you bonked it, huh? – Yeah. – [Man] It hurts. – We’re headed out this morning, I’m dropping the big kids off at school, and then I’m coming back and I’m going to host preschool with Laura’s friends. My question for the day, is how do you get to school, or how do you get your kids to school? Do they ride the bus, do they walk, do they bike, do they use
public transportation? Or do you drive them? We drive our kids. They’re going crazy in
the car, I’ve got to go. – Today at school I’m
practicing my singing part and I’m really excited. – [Woman] Is it going to be
your first time practicing it? – Yup, my first time, but
I’ve been practicing at home. – What I’m excited about
for school is recess. – I am excited for lunch. Another thing I’m excited
about is I really like P.E. and I’m doing some fun things in art. – [Woman] All right guys,
have a good day at school! – [Kids] Bye.
– [Woman] Bye! I thought the kids were
going to be late to school, but they have to be here
by 9 a.m. and we made it. But the kids and I did have an interesting conversation
about speeding. It got me thinking, like, I think I need to try harder not to speed. So I’m hosting Laura’s preschool
little play group today and we’re starting with some music time. ♫ Hands clap, feet tap, ♫ it’s time to say hello. ♫ Let’s all come together, come together! ♫ And raise our voices high. ♫ La, la, la, la, la. ♫ La-La-La-La-La. (children’s music) Go.. so… slow. Motorboat, motorboat, go so fast! Motorboat, motorboat, run out of gas! [Child] Again! – Put the oil in the pot
and you make it real hot, sizzle, sizzle, sizzle,
sizzle, sizzle, sizzle, pop! It’s snack time and we’re making popcorn, because that’s Laura’s favorite. (children laughing) – [Man] They’re pretty
excited about this snack. – Yeah, apparently popcorn is a big hit. Who wants some popcorn? [Children] Me! (sweet piano music) – Whenever I’m hanging
out with preschoolers, I always try to time
snack time and story time, at the same time because
then they’re quiet and they listen really well. Someone is driving up, snip-snap go the blinds, is Mama coming now? Nope, it isn’t Mama, it’s only Mrs. Cow. Here’s the books we’re
reading for story time today. You guys ready to hear Corduroy? Corduroy is a bear who once lived in the toy department of a big store. The store was always filled with shoppers buying all sorts of things. Now it’s just free play time. We’ve got some play
dough out for some kids, and other kids are just playing with toys. It’s almost quiet and peaceful. They’re swimming to school? This is beautiful. – [Child] There’s one for everyone. – [Woman] This is fun. So the preschool crowd just left and we had a really good time with them, but its always a good
reminder when I’m around a bunch of three-year-olds,
what three-year-olds are like. Because sometimes with Laura I’m like, come on, just share, come on, do this. It reminds me to be patient with her, because her behavior
is just totally normal for a three-year-old. Right after they left, I came
and sat down on the couch and Laura sits down next to me
and picks up a giant booger. Like, this giant booger wad. And she’s like, “What is this?” I was like, that’s a booger
that somebody left on the couch. She said, “Hmm,” then she reaches down to put it down on the couch, I’m like, no! Get a kleenex, throw it in
the trash, wash your hands. Yeah, I think that’s one of the things that we learn as we get older, is not to leave giant booger
wads on our friend’s couches. So, a little fun, friendly
reminder for the day. – So Britt and I were
just having a meeting about our law practice
and now I’m going to head and pick up the kids from school. (heavy guitar music) So I’m here a little bit late, so I’m at the very end of the line of cars to go pick up the kids. It looks like I wasn’t
the last person in line, there’s still a line
of cars back behind me. So, I don’t feel quite as bad. You sang today? How was school? – Good. (soft acoustic music) – She’s wearing her swimsuit. Are you wearing your swim suit? So Laura has told me
before that the best way to wake up is snuggling. Is that true? Are we snuggling? The big kids are going to
be home from school soon, and then the day is going to get exciting. Why is it going to get exciting? Who’s coming over? – Allison and Brandi and they’re
bringing their swimsuits! – So I have a friend who
just recently had a surgery, and so we are having
her four kids over today to hang out and play so
she can hopefully rest and keep recovering. (soft acoustic music) You did it, you snapped! – [Man] So how did it
go singing your part? – Oh it was good! One person was gone from our group, so we just sang with two people. – [Man] And you guys got
your school pictures back? – [Children] Yep. ♫ Tell me honestly, would
you still love me the same? What happened up here? – [Child] I found them! – [Man] Did you hide? Did you jump out? – [Woman] It was pretty good. Do you want to show him? Grab it? Let’s show him how we were hiding. – [Man] Let’s get Isaac. (laughter) He got you guys! So how’d the school pictures turn out? – [Children] Good. – [Man] If you had to
pick a favorite of yours, which one would you pick? – [Child] I like that one. – [Man] That one has a lot of personality. Isaac likes D, Louise likes B and C. – [Woman] So I bought this banner thingy, Jeremy says it’s called a decoration. I got it from Target and
I’m trying to decide if I like it or not. I’m wondering if since
I don’t decorate at all, if having a decoration is
actually kind of awkward. Jeremy is voting against it. – I feel– It reminds me
a little bit of something my grandma would do, no offense Grandma. I’m just going to stop right there. – [Woman] That’s okay. – I would keep it up
just so that you remember to be thankful, especially
with Thanksgiving coming up. – [Woman] It’s not like
a permanent decoration, it’s like a Thanksgiving decoration. Since Jeremy and I can’t decide about this decoration thingamabob, we’re
going to leave it to a poll. yes we should keep it, or no we shouldn’t. Let us know. – I think it’s actually
really good because hey, you have a decoration
for your favorite holiday. – I really, really love being
a mother to my children. Sometimes my kids drive me crazy, but most of the time I just feel like this stage of motherhood is
just going by too quickly, like it’s slipping away from me. Whenever I feel that way, I am tempted to kind of wallow in that and get a little bit sad. Instead, what I’m trying to do today to respond to that tug on my heart, is to spend the time doing the things that my heart yearns for. I don’t care today if
my house isn’t picked up or what kind of an amazing dinner I cook. Maybe we’ll just buy something for dinner. But I do care that I get
to hold this little one. I do care that I have
time to read with Laura and snuggle her and snuggle the big kids when they get home from school and talk to them about their day and play with them and
answer their questions. Just be with them, these little people, they’re so amazing. I just love them. Look how precious she is. I feel like I could just sit
here all day staring at her. I love being a mother. It’s the greatest gift and
privilege and challenge. I know that I’m making mistakes
with motherhood everyday. It’s hard. But I truly love my kids and I hope that sinks through passed all my mistakes
and that they feel that. That’s my desire, just to raise kids that know their mother loves them. Okay well now I’m kind of stressed because while I was
having a wonderful time snuggling and reading and playing with my girls this afternoon, I wasn’t getting done the stuff that I maybe should have been doing, like cleaning up the kitchen, doing some dishes, getting dinner out and de thawing soon enough
so I can make dinner for our friends that are
coming over this evening. It’s just hard, like it’s
a hard balance in life. I want to be able to enjoy my kids, but you also got to get stuff done. (baby squeals) Yeah, that’s how I feel too. So we currently have nine kids over here and I’m making dinner. I’m making my red and white pasta because it’s a crowd pleaser. Kids just like pasta. Veggies for all. – [Child] I think they should
get a chain saw and just go– – So late this afternoon I
was feeling kind of grumpy and it was just before I was going to pick up my friend’s
kids, and this is my friend that just had surgery and
so we were watching her kids and feeding them dinner tonight, and I was just feeling anxiety, welling up in my body
and I picked up her kids, and almost immediately I
started feeling better. Just seeing what she was going through and having the chance to love her kids, it just really lifted my spirits. And then when I was watching them, I ended up texting her and I said, can I do some laundry for you tonight? It’s funny because I
know it was really hard for her to accept that help, but it’s actually helping me. Sometimes my anxiety, I don’t always know why it comes or goes. But consistently when I’m able to push passed that anxiety and try to love or serve other people, it always helps the anxiety. At least for a little bit. And so those are my thoughts for tonight. I’m happy to be doing laundry. J house out. – I think I have a heart attack. (children squealing) (joyful wacky music)

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