Update Russland – Neues Equipment – Olgas Mama ist da!

Okay, welcome A new video We are in Irkutsk And there is Olga And there is Olgas mum, she is visiting us For some days And She brought us some new eqipment Now we have a look on what we got A new matress because our is broken And Thermarest provides a lifetime warranty So when it’s broke we write them and they send us a new one New gloves from Goretex Because the old ones aren’t waterproof anymore After some years And now the fall is coming So we need gloves Nice New clips For our Ortlieb panniers A spare tube We got our old gaiters Which we send home last year Because we were in SE Asia and India But now we need them again Exactly, now we need them Also from Goretex, waterproof Gaiters to keep the shoes dry Need them now A new mug because my mug fell on the floor And the layer got destroyed A new Moomin Mug For coffee in the morning Anther sd card Fore recording with the drone we need a fast one Chain lube from Rohloff From Wijld We got new clothes This is for Michel A sportshirt Clothes made from wood Super comfortable Antibacterial They don’t start to smell And very sustainable In the video description is a link To the shop where you can check it out And we also have a voucher code “Rausgefahren” You get 5€ discount On your next order Than you have a Tanktop Then For me a sportshirt I think it’s written on it That’s pretty cool The sportshirts are the latest development from Wijld So this shirt is made from 211g wood And 2 plastic bottles In the inner side Is the synthetic fibre Which transports the sweat from the body To the outer side, to the wood fibre And the wood fibre Transfers the liquid very fast to the environment So this is the combination Inside synthetic and outside wood fibre And we are really looking forward to test them A sportshirt A longsleeve An a Tshirt Let’s see what else do we have I think.. This is brake liquid For the Magura, brake liquid 2 times Two new brakes And two brake levers Okay I think we can’t use them The conatct with Magura is interesting I don’t know what they think We wrote them that our brakes are broken And if they can send us new parts “Yes, everything no problem” Then it takes 10000 mails And we have to write ten times that we need ney parts And now They send us two brakes levers, nice I mean, the whole thing is broken The whole brake thing Somewhere it’s leaking How do i build in new levers I don’t know how to do that And if it’s possible This i can probably do It’s also only one part Just the brakes But i think i can build these on our bikes From Busch&Müller We got two new lamps Very cool Yes, this looks good In ours some water came in One isn’t working anymore And the other just a bit Mine is flickering Two new lamps Great, completly A new Powerbank Here also Good customer service from Anker We couldn’t charge ours, so we send a mail And they send us a new one My new Visacard My old one expired So we can get money With this you can get money all over the world Without fees Comdirect New painting utensiles for you I unpack it? Yes Two new brushes So i can continue to draw postcards and other stuff Two eddings A pad A bit bigger DIN A5 A new Airzound honk Great We already use this for some time now We have it since India, there we needed it a lot So since… I think 1,5 years But now it got broken But We like it a lot so we ordered a new one Also if it just lasts for 1,5 years We’ll see how long this will work It’s a lot of fun to honk around with it A new waterfilter The Sawyer Mini. In Pink I Pink yea, it was 5 cent cheaper So i bought that After three years ours is a bit blocked One or two times We filtered some really dirty water Longterm that’s not so good So now, also for Russia For the wilderness We have a new waterfilter now So here i wrote it Unfortunately we have a new problem The welding of our 10l waterbag is destroyed We can’t use the bag like this We try to glue it, but don’t think it will work Can you also help us with this? I send it to Ortlieb and it went back and forth 10 mails or something And in the end they wrote Hello Olga and Michel please excuse the mistake My colleague made a mistake Of course we send you a new one To the adress in Stuttgart I wish you a nice journey Best regards Group leader customer service Yeah, now we have A one or two liter bag Is this two liter? No idea I don’t know why All these customer service stories It’s a fight all the time It’s exhausting, i wrote them, 10 liter Now i sit here in Russia And got a two liter bag Then, nice Some cableties We need them all the time Then, this is from Alex or? From the “Luftpumpe” in Hamburg He send us new brake pads Two Rohloff oil kits The chainlube was also from him Hey you two, greetings from home and a nice journey Best wishes, Alex www.Luftpumpe-hamburg.de Nice bikeshop, there we bought our bikes Thanks, Alex By the way, he sent exactly what i wanted Superglue Other glue Really good glue for everything We use it all the time Just this, repair extreme You can glue waterbags Matresses, ortlieb paniers We glued it all. My mudguard Mudguards Shoes, yeah shoes It stays a bit flexible So it’s really good for the matresses etc. Really good Kytta cream For the knees sometimes Contact lenses New SSD, 2TB For more videomaterial This is for the drone A protection set For the Gymbal And for the propeller Two new shoes Xero Shoes Sport sandals We had them before too We have them since A good year now We used them quite intense Almost every day And they were a bit broken So We also wrote them And they send us two new pairs That was still varranty Also the ones which we wanted Great, thanks, really nice shoes And last but not least, mold-stop In our tent We have some problems with mold It stayed wet sometime Power against mold, bacterias Discoleration With chlorine Yeah, it smells like that We hope that we can remove it We’ll try We will see That was the equipment Some new stuff Okay No idea We have to check in detail what we have What we do with it Now we see the city Irkutsk, and then tomorrow We go back to Ulan Ude by train There are our bikes And then we rent a bike for Olgas mum And then the three of us go to Lake Baikal And cycle together for some days Yes And we are looking forward to the adventures Absolutely, looking forward You too? I’m a bit nervous No, that will be awesome From that we show you a bit now And Yeah, right Let’s go We made it! Awesome! We are good Very good, absolutely We are strong as bears and foxes And lions! How was it, did you like it? It was Very interesting As you imagined? Almost, but i thought It will be a bit harder The weater was good The team was helpfull Very nice, yes Great I’m not sure if i could go for another month or two Or weeks, but For one week it was nice, yes Perfect New experiences With the kids, that’s always good Great We are in Ust Bargusin My mum is on the way back home And we stay here for some days Do some work Maintain the bikes After that we head to the north Yes, we want to go on the BAM road It’s a street which conect the lake baikal With the Oblast Amur It’s also a railway The street is always net to the railway It’s an alternative railway to the transsiberian It’s around 450km north from here Just the way to there will be quite adventureous We checked googlemaps and Maps.Me There are some ways Small, wild paths through the wilderness We will see how it will be And also on the BAM we will see How we move on We read some blogarticles from some motorcyclists It will be really adventureous With destroyed bridges Hundreds of rivercrossings It will be really adventureous I think we are really looking forward And if we can’t continue with the bikes We are at the railway, so we can take a train This is the plan for the next… Weeks actually yeah To the north, around 450km to 500km And then to the east Next week a new video again On Sunday Again from the older videos So this is really up to date Today is Sunday, so if you watch the video, this is just some hours ago That we recorded this Beside this we have the older videos Which we edit one after another There we are in Uzbekistan now And the video comes next week We go from Uzbekistan to Kazakhstan And over the Caspian sea Also another great video And we also wanted to thank you For the nice Feedback on our last video The Day in Mongolia video Many people saw it And we got many nice comments And if you haven’t seen it, check it out It’s a really nice video We also just saw it again With my mum in the tent Really nice video We see you next week at the caspian sea Right, and in two weeks a short update again We’ll see where we are then See you


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