Urban Gardening February 2019 – Rain, Snow And More Rain!

Wet, cold and kind of miserable. Must be time for the February walkthrough! Welcome to The Hippie Geeks. If you enjoy this video, be sure to subscribe
and hit the bell notification icon to catch all our new content! To be completely honest, not much has changed
in the garden over the last month. Well, other than it has actually been colder,
more wet and less enjoyable to be outside than it was in January. Seriously, it is snowing out there as I edit
this video, and it is actually looking like it is going to stick. Correction, it is definitely sticking! Our front yard never fares well in the winter,
and this year is no different.On the upside our rain chain is going full swing, which
is always fun. Heading into the back yard, our compost pile
is looking even more full. We just pulled out some of the chicken poo
straw from the coop to top it with, which still has a few months to break down. Our hives are still empty and haven�t been
moved yet, hopefully I will be able to get to it next month. We spread out vetch and clover seeds into
the medicinal beds, and it has been nice enough for them to start sprouting. Before we put plants into them it will all
get turned into the soil to feed the worms. We are really looking forward to companion
plant with marigolds again this year, it was one of our favorite parts of the garden last
year. Next to the porch we put in milkweed seeds
this week, and next to that both of our worm bins are doing really great. I dug into the top layer this morning, and
came up with this double fistfull of awesomeness. Look at those little wigglers go! Heading into the back yard and it is a wet
mess, it has been raining for days and the yard is actually starting to flood with standing
water, fun! Looking into the laying box, one of our fluffy
butts is hanging out and sitting on a single egg, and she wasn�t terribly thrilled when
I moved her over to look at it. Inside the coop we recently removed the poo
straw that you saw earlier in the compost bin, and then spread out a new layer of straw
on the ground. We always have a bale of straw hanging up,
so that we can easily pull from it to add a new layer in the winter for the birds. Looking at the rest of the back yard, you
can see the ducks playing in the yard ocean, the dormant garden beds and our pond. The pond is looking really great since we
cleaned out some of the grass that was choking it, and I can�t wait for the frogs to show
up and place their eggs in there. That is really it for this month, hopefully
the weather will cooperate and we will be able to get a few more projects done before
the next walkthru. How about you folks, any interesting things
happening in your gardens as the year goes on? Let us know in the comments down below! If this is your first time here on The Hippie
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