USAPA Nationals 2019-How to Play Your Best-3 Days Before the Tourney

hey everybody is CJ Johnson I know that
a lot of you are prepping for nationals and four-time US Open champion Laura
Fenton kovanda is here during a four week series on how to be better prepared
when you hit the courts on tournament day so Laura what’s tip number one tip
number one we’re going to talk about how do we prepare say three to four days out
before your event we’re not talking about yet if you’re gonna play two three
four five events at the tournament but three to four days before your first
event first of all tip number one three to
four days out depending on your age if you’re 50 and over 60 and over 70 and
over we know that our recovery time is not as quick so I always say three to
four days out depending on what kind of physical condition you’re in already and
what your age is that wants to be your toughest day you want to have at least
three days in between or two days to recover so that particular day is a day
I’d want you to go out and play hard maybe do some weight lifting your speed
training you know if you’re gonna do any work in the gym or running but that’s
gonna be your hard day so that’s tip number one we’ve got a few more tips
coming your way to help you get prepped for nationals or any other tournament
that might be on your schedule hit the subscribe and then the bill notification
because together we can train smart with bold and aged well

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