Useful carbon-fiber filament: Matterhackers NylonX review! #Filaween

So far, the composite materials in Filaween
have been… underperforming, to put it lightly. Matterhacker’s Nylon-X promises to be a
material that is actually functional – and it better be, at the price of 144€ per kilogram. It’s a Carbon-Fiber filled Nylon, so you
do need a hardened or otherwise wear-resistant nozzle, and store the filament in a dry place. I printed it at 260°C onto a 65° glue-stick-covered
heated bed, and it had a noticeable plasticy smell to it while printing. As with other filled filaments, the slightly
textured surface finish makes for an appealing look, though we also see the other side of
composites, where overhangs come out perfectly, but bridges are much harder to get right. When it comes to strength, Nylon-X is starting
to show off. Not only are we seeing good stiffness and
respectable results for pure material strength, but Nylon-X is the first material where layers
seems to completely bond, resulting in nearly identical numbers for the layer adhesion tests. This means it scores a combined rating of
71kg, putting it in the same bracket as Taulman 910 and some of the PETGs. So while the steep price and the need for
a wear-resistant nozzle might not make Nylon-X a material for everyone, it’s still a solid
performer, especially for a composite.

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