Using Affiliates To Promote Your Thinkific Course

If you’re trying to grow your business
online chances are you’re always looking for new ways to expand your market reach
Right? And usually you’re trying to do that at the lowest cost possible. Well, I no way you can achieve both of
those goals and it’s around affiliate marketing programs for your courses,
earlier this week Tyler talked about why joint venture
partnerships are effective and how they can take some of the work out of
promoting your course. In Thinkific we refer to this as an affiliate program
this sounds like something you want to explore yourself stick around for my
friday feature focus. Building a strong network of affiliates to
help promote your course can help you being sales momentum faster than ever. Think of affiliates like your own personal sales team the more they sell
the more they’re rewarded and are constantly motivated to spread the word
about your products. For each affiliate you work with, you set a commission
structure and which courses they can sell and they get to work selling your
course for you they get some great content to pride to
their audiences while it turn you gain access to a whole new set of
potential students. With Thinkific we’ve made it easy for you to track affiliate
activity right in the dashboard. Start building your selling army then manage
what you owe and pay them with our built-in reporting the nice thing about
using this structure is you don’t pay unless you get results your affiliates
will only receive their commission if they are successful at driving new sales
on your site. Let’s take a look at how to set this up
in Thinkific. Think of affiliates like your own personal sales team for each
affiliate you work with you set the commission structure in which courses
they can sell and they get to work selling your course for you. You can keep
track of all this right in Thinkific, when someone is added as a user to your
site you can set their status as affiliate and choose the commission
percentage that they’ll receive, you’ll then be able to visit current affiliate
pages to keep tabs on how much you owe versus how much you pay them you’re in
complete control over affiliate payouts with the ability to approve or deny
commissions. Affiliates also have their own dashboard where they can access
their personalized referral links view commissions earned and owing and see
traffic. There promoting you but also making money it’s a win-win situation. By
building a strong relationships with your affiliate partners, you’re setting
yourself up for long-term growth opportunities that are mutually
beneficial they’re promoting you but also making
money themselves it’s a win-win situation. Are you ready to supercharge your course
distribution with affiliate marketing sign up for an account at
to get started.

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