yeah but what if yes hi everybody
welcome welcome working working working working working welcome to tasty mukbang
tasting my friend tasted my fanny tasting my brain
tasting my thing tasting one thing tasty mukbang eats y’all i am here today with
another vegan meal this is the seven days of veganism and as you guys know
I’ve gone a little bit beyond seven days so today I made a vegan sliders and
fries meal here we go let me get that let me get that for ya
No thank you for patiently waiting so you guys today what I have here are some
vegan sliders I have some kale some tomatoes and some chickpea patties the
morning morning star chickpea patties on here let’s say grace I’m hungry so let’s
dig in father God thank you for this food that we’re about to receive your
love your kindness your mercy and your grace and all the provisions that you
have made upon my life I thank you for keeping me from all harm and danger and
continue to protect me and have your engines and captain all around about me
in Jesus name I pray amen and hallelujah so yeah let’s take the first bite and
see how this is my first time trying this chickpea and seasoned really well hmm wait a minute y’all I think these
people being giving us chickpea patties for the longest I think we’ve been eating chickpea
patties all along hmm I think we’ve been thinking we’ve been
eating meat losing chickpea y’all mmm mmm mmm I forgot to tell you guys I have a avocado mayonnaise and mustard and onion
spray it on both sides of the bread if you guys want to see how I made these
sliders go watch the video before it and I probably would no link in the
description box below by the way if anybody wants to send a
friend meal you want to send me a postcard for me to read my video
interview shop my peal box is almost always below so as well and some of you have been asking me
what’s the name of my other channels go to the home page and just look down on
the homepage and you’ll see something that says all my other channels you know
yeah you can click on them mm-hmm and join me over there these tastes so good
yeah hmm so you guys also I have my water
I heard that drinking water room temperature is the best for you so I
some people say drink your water either 30 minutes before you eat or after you
eat not doing but you know what no one’s perfect so I’m also doing a 30-day gallon of
water challenge trying to drink more water every single day up to a gallon of
water if I can but if not I’m gonna take a drink I think this is going to be my
fourth or fifth bottle that I’ll drink today this is good you guys mmm hmm I don’t know what’s this thing I’m full you guys know I don’t eat a lot of bring
it sobre it fills me up I wish that someone else was here with me to eat
these mmm y’all just don’t know how good this
takes those patters are see-through to perfection oMG yeah allow you to make this meal for somebody
and don’t even tell them about the patties don’t even tell them that
they’re chickpea patties yeah what they don’t know won’t then promise you know
excuse me I promise you what they do not know will not hurt them I’m about to go edit some videos and I’m
sure before I go to be it I will be hungry mmm hmm yo that was good so you guys got
some shoutouts to people that are doing some of my challenges and I’m gonna have
some comment shoutouts after this so I want to give a shout out to time and
Deva she is still doing the seven day a
chicken challenge shout out to M & H munch down they were still doing the
seventh day of chicken challenge shout out to scheanette ASMR
she is doing the go-live challenge shout out to to fab 6 she’s also doing – going
on challenge shout out to G mamas world she did the freezer fridge and pantry
challenge and she also did the what else does she do she did something else so shout out to
gee mama twice she did two of my challenges recently and shout-out to
everybody that did the sour pickle challenge I have given you our shouts in
previous videos but I just want to say thank you everyone I love and appreciate
you so much for doing this I will pickle challenge and this is a pre-recorded
video so if for some reason you guys have done this I will pick a challenge
and I haven’t given you a shout out yet just keep in mind this is a previously
recorded video shout out to just to name a few people or i’ma try to make mommy
ow they did the sour pickle challenge dyani
eats shout out to you appreciate you sweetie
shout out to 256 she did it shout out to eat with eight she did it shout out to
Big Mac he did it shout out to yaki snacky
and Jacqueline X oh oh Oh shout-out to Mickey loves love now it’s 27 a yard in and so forth I can’t remember oh yeah
I’m gonna have to have my knee my list in the next video
oh you see shout out to Cynthia coops she did it oh gee I’m a good shot in the
video okay matter of fact I’m gonna have a playlist
shoutout video so everybody that is added to the playlist I’m gonna give
them a shout out so make sure you guys make sure that you guys are using the
proper tags when you do my challenges so that way I will know that you did them
because if you’re not using the proper tags and you didn’t come and let me know
that you did and when I searched the tag or searched the challenge you don’t go
video no come up you know I have no way of knowing the title of the video is
sour pickles and whipped cream challenge make sure you put by tasty mukbang eats
all in the title and make sure you mention it in the video oh eat eating
good on payday did the challenge the I love Lisa Michelle show did the
challenge living life with tea did the town challenge trait in Nene did the
challenge and some more people I’ll make sure I have my phone with me next time
so I can give all you guys a shout out or matter of fact I’m just gonna give a
playlist shout out okay so I would talk to you guys later thanks for watching
don’t forget to give your thumbs up thumbs up leave lots of comments down
below oh don’t forget to press the subscribe button turn on a notification
be oh it’s squeaky did the challenge she did a fabulous job and don’t forget to
come back we do thanks for watching bye now hmm hi
everybody welcome welcome welcome welcome welcome to tasty McBaine tasting
my bangs tasty my clean tasting with me tasty McBaine eats y’all I am here today
to do a comment shout out video I want to give a shout out to everybody who
believed in comments on my videos I’m also thinking about incorporating
putting comments shoutouts in every video so yeah let me know what y’all
think about that make sure y’all leave a comment in the comment below and start
leaving a lot of comments so that way I can feature your comments I’m gonna try
to put comments in every video I think I don’t know
so first off I want to give a comment shout out to Georgia Burnett
thank you honey she always is in my lives key deliciousness thank you so
much sweetie for all your love and support
I love ki deliciousness y’all make sure y’all go check out these channels let
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lives y’all y’all need to go over there and check her out
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Ammar but y’all go check him out yeah sister be kind always leaving multiple
multiple comments excellent excellent supporter y’all go
check her out he delicious me is so funny
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supporter I can’t pronounce that y’all but there you go you see if your first
handy solutions so y’all next up I’m within four pages
this one Jackie Naturals so cute so beautiful y’all go check her out Julia
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y’all um TCAs and or go check them out easy easy easy
dude I can’t read y’all forgive me y’all see it that’s why I’m doing it
right here mama TK reviews in go check CJ hello coach Casey let’s eat go check
her out eating good on payday mmm I know that’s right
CJ low-carb my veins nickel is white tabatha Marie yeah I’ll go check her out
kids 15 sharing you Sabrina I can’t pronounce the last name I love the way
she saved my Cobain I started copying her over there and look a baby look
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socks it’s quickie uh Sadie I hate you someone
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diva yeah I’ll go check out diamond diva that’s my girl
great great wonderful wonderful awesome awesome supportive jackie jacqueline ex
own uh Mona Butler I think I said her name right okay one more page one more
page and that’s gonna include this episode or conclude this episode of my
comments shout out Denise anastasiya and Nastasia
and I don’t know who that person is in Chinese Queen of trades yay
Oh what the mukbang y’all gonna check out what the my way I love her yeah
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it helps you it helps you get more publicity and it will pay off for you in
the long run even if people don’t support you back you guys don’t worry
about that just do what you’re doing because you’re getting something out of
it at the end of the day oh you don’t keep smokey I will talk to you guys
later I love you guys thanks for watching mmm hi everybody welcome
welcome welcome welcome welcome welcome welcome to tasty my friend Trey steamed
up a tasty mcvane eat y’all I am here today to announce that I am hosting my
very first meetup in Houston Texas I will be hosting this meetup with the
wonderful the fabulous Misty’s corner also the wonderful the fabulous the
beautiful the I love Lisa Michelle show the funny I love Lisa Michelle so and
also we will be having a genomics world from Dallas Texas and myself tasty
McBaine eats y’all we will all be there at a specific location here in Houston
Texas on May the 25th at 2:00 p.m. be there or be square you guys make sure
you guys that you are there if you are planning to come and attend make sure
you you why oh you wouldn’t you’d be there
make sure you DM me on Instagram that’s right
dear me on instagram at tasty mukbang eats too
find out the location so go ahead and just get baby out you only have no
excuse not to come get ready get ready get ready and I will see you there
thanks again for watching and tuning in enjoy the rest of the video and I will
talk to you guys later bye now


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