Video 1: How to work with top rated Debt Settlement Affiliate Programs

Hi my name is calvin with Crusader Services. i’m here today to present to you a little bit on the Debt Settlement Affiliate Program that we currently offer so lets talk about who we are and what we do We are Crusader Consumer Services a Debt Settlement company based out of Colorado We have been in the market for around 8 years now We are with Better Business Bureau Our Better Business Bureau rating as of today is A rating And we have never been rated below A- well we have always been rated A, A+ or A- Not only that going down but in fact were also a m corps member with a better versus pirro uh… there’s a little uh… logo that we to isis roots basically a certificate that week uh… kind of a war that we uh…
achieve because it was to be considered a
straight years that we did not have financing the complaint from unity consumers receipt uh… let’s talk about what a bit on
what is this item the instruments in the agreement between
the better an accredited fully satisfied that prairies p_m_ now the that summer programs have alice uses
consumers in wiping out existing expenses without
good-paying complete tolls so that’s it for example a liable as
about i am a mis cal wen i would consider
services sam here today to present you a little bit on the then summon if you’re
a program that were coming off uh… so let’s talk about four you are
all we do you with a set of consumer services we are
interested we r_e_m_ that’s gone company based out of uh… colorado um… says the market for writing and i
also that uh… with at least fear of uh… better business bureau reading
today stage rating and went never dated so in my list of
all it’s been uh… vay that um… it’s that state or a minus only down but in fact were also a m exco
member with a better restaurant uh… there’s a little uh… video logo
that we have to be a vicious works basically a certificate that week panel were there we tom that you found because it was to treat conservative
straight years that we did not have any significance break from work unity consumers receive this award um… first took a valid that i was
there some a_t_m_ determinism agreement between the better but it’s not an
accredited fully satisfied death where he is p amount and a m specimen programs have alice
racist consumers wiping out existing expenses without with paint complete posts specific sample eight part who knows
about um… ten thousand dollars wit and they’re paying only about six numbers of the six thousand amount to pay back
taxes has included with with the fees the pay back to the creditors to but
some of these attorneys fees and everything so overall they’re saving
about four thousand of what they are perhaps mazlin so um… sealed the six
town them out well we do we switch proved that into it
so much program where typically from twelve to every six months program which is a very
short program and that helps them to pay that amount
back uh… within the time given and then in the end it’s a lot of money
and they become that’s been a very short period
time also this helps teens um… through the
samantha came in that they have to pay or no papers on unit towards the orange silk road that
will be pain approach made out to the state fifty four dollars philip program
will compile for material or payment it could be uh… my i would say thirty
forty percent lower than what they were supposed to pain politically right now so it’s it’s a very good business anaheim overhang so in a stalker again on why
that some it’s a good business uh… and get some rest of the business
because the earned while you’re help matters touted debts and it is one of the fastest way to and
gravity regularly so um… decided you know a few reasons uh… they were
them in their life reasons but this is a few reason why dishonesty business uh… this is to be do number one
hundred beat up into you on the freedom issue in new statements
uh… well we’re going to be discussing about why choose crusader and benefits of process uh… see you then


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