Video Affiliate Marketing 馃挜 BEST Way to Make MONEY with Affiliate Marketing

You are looking at proof of earnings from
video affiliate marketing. This new approach made over 1000 dollars a
week in affiliate income, and I am going to show the exact steps on how you can also copy
this new method. There are 4 steps you need to follow
Step 1 is to choose a profitable affiliate program to promote
I didn’t want to spend time manually researching products to figure out which affiliate product
will sell best. So I used affiliate video bot. This pro club is one of affiliate tools I
got with affiliate video bot. The link is in the description below. This GIVES ALL the top 40 affiliate programs
and its updated 24/7. what you see here are details of new products. The reason I target new products for video
affiliate marketing is because I want to get free traffic from youtube and google. This way my videos rank on the first page
when someone makes a search for the product. Here you see details like when the product
is launching, name of the product, the affiliate platform, who created the products price and
the commission. you can easily get the affiliate link. What is most useful for me is that I can see
the competition on YouTube and google. I can decide if its worth my time to create
videos for these products. Which bring to the next step. Step 2 Check if you can profit from the affiliate
product by creating a video You don’t want to waste time creating videos
which you know won’t be profitable. So by using the video research you can get
details to make that call. for example, lets say I choose stealthd from
step 1 as an affiliate product. I can sort results by views, earnings, channel
views and so on. Here you see summary of videos that are already
created. thumbnail, description, how many views per
day the video gets, estimated earning per day, likes dislikes for the video, the links
in the video description. Likewise you can see the same for other videos
that are being ranked for this product. By looking at this you can get ideas and also
know whether the product is worth creating a video on. Next step is to create affiliate video
Step 3 create affiliate video Keep watching I will show you how easy it
is to create videos. For this also I am going to use tools I got
from Video bot. They have some premade content which can be
added to videos I will show that next. Here you see 74 popular affiliate products
that continuously sell well. They have created slides and images from the
sales pages. you can take these images and add as content
to the video which I will show next. This 60 second video is also one of the tools
I got with video bot. So you don’t need any other video editing
software. Here you can add your own audio or you can
choose one from the music library. You can add a background color, upload your
own image or choose one from the image library. The font color and font type and then the
duration for each slide. Then go to the next step. From these categories you can select what
type of audio you want to add to your slides. For example, lets check make money. I can hover over and listen to what they are
saying. you can import the images, or just add text. Basically, a video is a collection
of scenes. Here is a sample video I created. The 4th step
is to create many videos. Since you rely on traffic from YouTube and
google, you need upload several videos on a consistent basis. As its really easy to create videos using
videobot. You can get it at
to try out. You get a 30 day money back guarantee. They also provide detailed training videos. So follow these steps with me and see if you
can also make over 1000 dollars each week.


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