Video of Candyzon wp Theme Features Making Amazon Affiliate Blogs

candyzon is a wordpress theme
that can help you more easily and quickly create blogs on wordpress which are
like targeted niche amazon mini stores the candyzon theme is compatible with
a number of of auto posters if you happen to already have w p zon builder review azon or associate goliath those are compatible with the candyzon
theme or you can use the manual posting
feature instead candyzon is a responsive theme
which will automatically detect if a viewer comes to the site through a mobile device and will detect which mobile device they’re
using and show that version to the viewer so your visitors will be able to enjoy
viewing your amazon associate store with this this awesome theme on their mobile devices okay this is a new wordpress install
and i’ve just uploaded candyzon to the new word press and I activated it put in my license key to activate and this is looking
at what it looks like right after it has been activated before i do any customizing to it so now i’ll start the customizing now right in your admin area of your
word press blog under theme options in the general settings you can change
the color scheme the default was candy zon
tusca and now i’m trying candyzon red and there are several different wood backgrounds that you can try i’m trying the red with wood three
and we’ll see how that comes out i saved it and this what that looks
like now when you are first setting this up… if
you want to get started quickly in the theme options under the header
settings you can add either a logo which you
upload or to just get started quickly you can just change
this to text logo and then it will automatically put in whatever
you have listed as the title of your site so i’ll just save this and then I will refresh this and it will show up i’m doing one on pirate costumes and accessories for this blog here is a hint about categories since this
is a niche blog the first thing I’m going to do is change uncategorized to my main keyword which in this case i have a blog about pirate costumes and accessories as an amazon store and so i’m going to change this to
pirates costumes here is just one example of the candyzon theme using the manual post option and you can see you have the slider here at
the top and that can be set in your members area
under your theme options section you can choose different settings
including what you want your slider settings to be candyzon works well for making very
targeted mini stores to sell a certain type of product and as you can see there are different color schemes that you
can do you can easily change that within the
admin area of your word press blog this candyzon logo showing here at the top you can change to your own logo within
your admin area or to the title which contains your main
keywords for at that particular blog

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