VIETNAM – Mui Ne – Weiße Sanddünen und Roter Canyon – MotoVlog #5

sh*t! it already has been welded, great! the canyon would be really nice…. good morning I stood up at 6:15am and started at 7:00am to the WHITE SAND DUNES afterwards to the RED CANYON you can rent quad bikes at the sand dunes I started so early because at forenoon it’s full of tourists they come by buses and the sand gets hot that’s why I wanted to start early on the way back I will stop at the RED CANYON and now I take a little detour because, if you take the cost road the police pulls out all the tourists on bikes to collect some money from them mostly 1.000.000VND (50 Dollars) they take pictures with their smartphone and claim you drove to fast or you’re driving without driving license but that’s true because you don’t have the Vietnamese license the international license is not accepted many tourists try to excuse, and don’t want to pay or do like they could not understand English or don’t have any money but otherwise the police would embargo the bike for one week that’s why I try to bypass this situation it’s a little detour of about 10min but maybe it’s better I’m driving the back country it’s nice here there are some palms some sand really nice of course the coast road would be nice too I’ll let it be let’s see how fast it goes downhill that’s enough I don’t want to torture the engine sh*t! right after riding full throttle the fuel tank got a hole what sall I do now? kiss my a** and it’s even at the bottom I have already driven very far to the sand dunes I don’t have anything with me except duct tape how shall I……. I can only put my finger on it it already has been welded, great! how shall I seal it now!? sh*t! I don’t think riding full throttle is guilty but that it must happen right now….. in the middle of nowhere thats clear it’s normal that it must happen right here let’s see what I do now of course you have to weld it duct tape doesn’t work let’s see It had not taken long then and I waved to the first local that came along and he helped me immediately the fuel tank has already been welded exactly at the welded joint it cracked at first we could close it with chewing gum we filled about 3 liters into bottles afterwards he pushed me by hitting my footrest he has been on his own scooter he pushed me about 2-3 km to his home there he pressed some flannel into the hole and a glue abouve some super glue and another glue tape now I hope it lasts for a while because I’m not far from the sand dunes when I’ll be back in Mui Ne I’ll bring it to a mechanic and they shuld repair it well maybe welding again then I hope it’ll last longer that’s how it goes in Vietnam with such a bike at least once you have a problem but that’s the adventure Let’s see how it goes on over there you see the lake and the sand dunes behind nice and I already see many tourists and Jeeps on top of the dunes sadly I’m too late now I lost about 90min you have to take it easy the last meters to the dunes is via gravel road finally I rent one of these quad bikes cost 600.000VND (about 30 Dollars) and ther must sit one guide at the back it’s windy close the sight it’s very nice here I better be careful driving a quad bike in the sand is different but for 30 Dollars you can do it in Germany it would cost much more for 20min If you don’t know what’s behind a dune you better go slowly it’s nice some trees in the desert, and the lake he dares a lot when he drives with strangers on the back he doesn’t know if they can drive they may have some fixed tours they take to the top of the dunes, to the lake now we go on I guess I have much more time to ride seems like we’re now driving a littel around here he always shows me where to go he also knows better oh, there it goes downwards but you don’t see it in the dunes so you can imagine how it’s at Rally Dakar giving throttle per thumb your not used to as a motorbike rider steeply downwards feels really strange with the sand now the trip is over here you can rent them in my travel guide book is written that at the beginning the quad bikes cost more and directly at the dunes it’s cheaper but here it’s only directly at the dunes doesn’t matter, has been fun now we leave the WHITE SAND DUNES behind us now we go to the RED CANYON but I will only walk in, take a picture and leave it you can walk it down to the ocean it’s about 2km but I don’t have time for it and it’s not so special right here is the RED CANYON and it goes down to the ocean nice the red/brown and green maybe I can go through it by bike better not, I will got stuck somewhere here you see all the waste television, furnitures…. the canyon would be really nice if there would not be so much waste I don’t understand why but maybe a lot of waste got blown in and it keeps laying here oh, some broken glass I only walk some meters then I return I only ran through about 300 meters right there it’s a wedding couple they take some pictures here outside it’s pretty nice, but inside…. and right at the entry you see this waste dump I guess many tourists don’t like to enter it because I’ve been ther alone all the time now we go back to Mui Ne, hoping the fuel tank keeps going bring it to a mechanic, having braekfast and then go on! fuel tank works but I have a long way back home this is really karma in the morning I raced down these straight roads and I said, better be careful that nothing brakes down then I turned off the cam and immediately something sprayed at my leg I thought what could it be it only can be fuel then I stopped immediately yeah! that’s life!

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