Vintage Coin Sorter

Whats Up everybody for today’s video I’m going to show you a vintage coin sorter. This one is made around 1970’s. Let’s see what it’s all about I got here a bag of coins Let’s set this up first and then we going to put coins in there there is a leg right here you open it up and stand it like that and then like this same way…. boom. You can actually Make it stand like this, make it more angle or less angle I’m probably just gonna put less angle, like that on this side we got a plug and we just going to plug it in This thing is huge to show you how it works I probably have to handheld the camera. Right here you put all your coins in here and this one when you press on it’s starting to vibrate you can make it vibrate more or less and as you can see right here there is little slits for different type of coin it tells you how much money you got over here You gotta put ’em like this, not too much Okay let’s turn it on It’s starting to vibrate. Let’s put it on medium and look, its starting to fall slowly Okay I’m gonna put it on max See what happens… Boom and coins starting to fall How cool is that? Woah look at them seperating woah this is so satisfying and look there is overstock This is so awesome I have mostly pennies As you can see And as you can see if you get too many coins it falls in in there WOW! Let’s see what happens if I push too many coins You see there is a bunch of coins Going into the overstock Gotta pause it Because We have right here overfill Boom right here we got ourselves 75 cents A whole roll. That’s awesome You see? Too many coins falling in into here There you go okay I loaded up again Let’s do this one more time because it’s awesome put the vibration more It’s starting to slip and look they fall in through here wow this is mesmerizing Sometimes you just gotta fix it a little bit but for the most part it’s beautiful and it works so well Boom! Ha nice Overstock right here Empty now we can turn it off Overstock right here so it goes into right thing and then we can just drop ’em these one are overstocked now too boom look at that we got ourselves 15$ and 50 cents here over 75 cents Right here almost $4 and right here over $3 and 25 cents one of a kind coin sorting machine definitely a huge thumbs up from me also let me know in comments below what do you think don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up and I’ll see you next time.


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