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HELLO! Konichiwa minna-san! (Hello everyone) It’s me Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee- [Gags (ew)] Welcome back to another video! Now, I wanted to make this video before But I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea, but then I made a lil bit of a video like this in another video WHAT THE HELL AM I TALKING ABOUT? We’re gonna travel all across the world. From Tokyo, to…. back to Sweden! Let’s go! [Batman transition] In case this wasn’t obvious, Or, for some reason you didn’t know, my core value. I am Swedish. [Epic choir] That’s right- that’s why I’m so goddamn attractive- And so… Goddamn… What’s a bad Swedish trait? Cucked. [Chuckles] So I grew up in Gothenburg It’s the second largest city of SwEden! On the west coast, which means we get all the delicious fish, Which is why I like fish so much! Cause we get the good fish Over here in Stockholm? BAD FISH. Over here in Gothenburg? VERY GOOD FISH. I tell you about fish? You wanted me to tell you more about fish? [Accent intensifies] I am becoming extremely Swedish! [Laughs] I think that the thing is here, is that I have not been back in Gothenburg, for… I don’t know! Like eight years? Since I went on this YouTube journey, I have not been back to Gothenburg! It’s really strange. The fuck is that on the road? Someone’s bike helmet- Where should we go first? Oh, I think I know now. I think I grew up like at the top of one of these buildings. I don’t remember anything from it So I don’t even know why I’m bringing it up. All I can remember from this time is that I sucked on [my] pacifier for way too long- [Laughs] Good times! Good Memories! When I was a kid I had this really weird tic, like- for me to sleep I would suck my- not my thumb, like normal people, I would suck on my finger And wiggle my hair? [Laughs] But the weird part about it was that I thought it was so great that I wanted other people to know how great it was I remember- I remember telling other people like- No, listen- what you need to do is you need to suck your finger and wiggle your hair back- It’s- its the greatest thing ever! Okay- [Laughs] You’re missing out! You don’t understand! Maybe there’s a weird gay undertone here that.. I was not intending for. Okay uh- Ah yes, this f**king road. I would walk home every day from school It’s so goddamn long These are really pretty houses I remember my mom, didn’t want me to go to like, one of the local schools? She wanted me to go to a really good school in the center, so I had to go home from school pretty far, I remember it was REALLY far but my mom got me and my sister a cellphone when we were like, 5 years old or something like that? Which Back in the day when we had those giant brick phones? Just in case something happen but I did had to travel pretty far to go home from school and walk up here, but I remember it was also kind of weird cause uh- when you’re in school in the center like a far, far away school you don’t really get that many friends in your own neighbourhood, uh classmates just live all across Gothenburg and I remember [laughs] there was one point when my parents were like- “it’s Saturday, why don’t you go out with friends” but I’m like- “all my friends are super far away” and they were like “tshh just go out” and i’m like- “I DON’T HAVE ANY FRIENDS DAD WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO SAY”- it sounds more sad than it is but I remember there was a time in my life when I was like “I actually don’t have any friends” [LAUGHS] is ANYONE SUPRISED? and it was so shameful like I didn’t tell my parents but like- I- IN RETROSPECTIVE it makes total sense like- I- this is a thing I understand later cause it was so shocking to me, this revelation like- “I don’t have any friends at all” but I wish this was in the last video. This is the house I grew up in This is the school I went to it’s called [something in swedish] it’s where all the privileged kids went to school and I really appreciate my mom putting me in a really good school. Namaste mom. Even tho it did come with a price of not having any friends- umm I can’t really see anything I don’t know why I wanna look into the school like some goddamn creep but I don’t remember much except one time there was a legendary snowball fight between two schools over here cause all the kids from this other school- they came over and we had a legendary snowball fight over this fence [laughs] LEGENDARY. It was like the battle of Normandy, basically. I remember we also used to call like- all the kids, all the other kids like “intruders” and we had to have this big meeting about not calling eachother intruders very swedish, very nice [laughs] I also remember someone pulling the fire alarm and we had to have a meeting too and then the principal- we were like it’s four hundred people in the room and the principal stands up and be like “can the one that pulled the fire alarm PLEEEASE come forward”- and like, OBVIOUSLY THEY’RE NOT GONNA DO THAT in front of four hundred people like “yeah it was me, I’m sorry”- it wasn’t me by the way okay, IT WASN’T ME. There was also uh- I don’t know for some reason this is where we entered the school and there was like a lady that you HAD to say hi to I don’t know why- is that a swedish thing? I can’t tell She was nice. Don’t get me wrong. Oh my God they still have these squares [laughs] I can’t believe they still have these squares, God bless those squares were the best game ever, I don’t know if you guys had these in school, but you had a basket ball and we called it king but it probably has some other name for you but basically, there was a king in one square and then there was a queen and then there
were these two pawns and you started off as a pawn- and then if someone obviously gets out of the game you move up until you become the king, so basically the way you play was that- the one that was king could make up the rules of the game.[Laughs] So as soon as you become King You’re like “OK, the rules are X, Y, Z” like- and you can just make up any rules whatsoever, which was idk thats was just to made it fun. you could be like “ok I- you lose if the ball bounces in your court” and then you just go *BLaAaA!* [Laughs] And then a lot of times, what you would do is that you would come up with a pack, with a queen so you would just work together to eliminate everyone else, so no one else could beat you which led to a lot of scumbaggery. I remembered like a lot of bullying where you’d just target- I wasn’t a bully ok But we would target just like specific people and be like “oh yeah, this person can’t play” idk [giggles] people get so upset of this ba- game, I remember the people are leaving, going outside the school which wasn’t allowed just ’cause they get so mad over playing this game. Ah, So it makes me really happy the people still have these Godawful game I hope that’s what they are still playing. (chuckles) Good times, good memories. Ahhh oh god, heres Football court. One thing you need to note ’bout Sweden is that We are not good very at football but we still love football Okay. I remember every goddamn gym class People always wanted to play football And our gym teacher was like “I didn’t like playing football” And my gym teacher would always go “Aye” “Who wants to play football this game”, “who wants to play foot this (unheard)” And everyone was like “Yeah, me, me, me”. And me in the back, “Yeah me, let’s play football” I hated gym class just because we always play football Any other game, i am totally fine with But it was ALWAYS football But I wasn’t good at football, i don’t like playing football. I HATE FOOTBALL!! I STILL HATE FOOTBALL! Listen People you know the classic “Oh pick you and pick you and blah blah” You get picked last. The thing is, what’s worse than being picked last is being picked Out of the assumption that you’re actually good at football Okay? Everyone was like “oH i wAs aLwAys PiCkeD lAsT iN” “foOtBaLL WhaTever” Whatever okay? Boohoho I don’t have time for you. But what’s even worse is when people pick you EARLY. like… I remember I was sometimes, like, the second pick and then people would just realize I actually suck at football. **brEATHES** And then they would reinforce this thing that I already know, “HEY! You really suck at football.” I fucking know! AND THEN YOU’RE PICKED LAST. HUH? HOW DO YOU THINK *THAT* FEELS?! It doesn’t feel good D: i hAtE fOoTbALL!!! *rage* [Laughter] …stupid football. Ruined my life… Great times. I have… fantastic memories. uh, from this school. It was great, I loved it. I really, really, loved it. Then when you’re innnnnnn… 7th grade, you go to this school which is the same school. This is a loooot bigger. Uhhh, I remember how massive and overwhelming this school felt like when you first started at it. THEY BETTER NOT BE PLAYING FOOTBALL If you play brännboll– I was reeeaaaallly good at brännboll, ‘kay? But no one [unintelligible] Stupid– **s t u p i d s p o r t s .** [Mutters to self] If you are from Gothenberg, People as well, cause it didn’t really bother me to be alone as well UuuUuM at all I remember people pointing out like why are you walking alone and stuff like that – I’m like I don’t know I don’t care based on that I assume people probably thought I was pretty weird BUT I did have good grades still….the thing is like I went to this really REALLY nice school where everyone is generally very nice uh to each other the last three years of school you need high grades to get into the uh to keep going in the school and I didn’t have good grades and then we looked at other schools we had like a day where we got to visit others schools and I just saw how awful they were and I’m like FULL PANIC mode like I need good grades because I don’t wanna to go to a normal school with-with normal kids ..which I don’t know if that was good or bad but YEAH but I got into it. Then I uh got into university I went to ….(some school of tech) where is it? There it is! Good Ol’ (Chalmers?) out of ther – like – bler- for- forks in my life I think this is the strangest one to look back on I think my life could have completely different road depending on like small decisions like very small decisions would have made a massive significance I think in my life which is kinda scary looking back on when I applied for (school) I actually wanted to study architecture or maybe I think theres a course called art design or something like that like it be more creative ahhh but still logical type of professions or educations and I think that really suits me cause I think thats who I work but I never thought I would get in because I think you need like uhhh one of the highest averages basically I just I didn’t think I would get in so I just applied to the same course that my parents went to which was a lil easier to get into but still really hard and a really really good course but the thing was that I got way better grades than I thought and I actually would have gotten into my what I actually preferred to go to but the thing was I didn’t apply to it as my uuhhh first choice cause I was like I should probably just go here I won’t get into the other ones Anyway and I just kinda went with it I didn’t really question it and the thing was like what happen then was course (in school) that I didn’t really want to go to which just lead to eventually just hating it I couldn’t relate to my classmates I felt like even more more solitude than I was in Highschool I just felt like a total outcast I couldn’t just day 1 it was just really hard at this time was as well since I got into this school my parents we so proud of me that they let me stay in my own apartment as well I still had to pay rent for it but I had an apartment at the bottom floor in here And I would walk to university just absolutely dreading it just awful about going it was definitely I think this the probably the worst part of my life I got into the school but I hated it and if I had quit then I would basically have nothing going for me so it was – it was like not even an option but it also felt – like ah – is this what my life is gonna be Im just gonna have to be around people that you know we nice people – don’t get me wrong but t asd english is good

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