VTech – V.Reader Animated E-Book System Review By Wd Toys

welcome 2wd toys I K a big here VTech – V.Reader Animated E-Book System Review By Wd Toys why always great to see you again boy we’re gonna have an awesome episode
today today we have VTech be reader Wow worried books to you and it has so many
different fun activities Wallace check it now it’s so cool off what guys before we
start let’s go ahead we have to buy this with the Barbie cash register K this is the
barbie cash register with a nap let’s go ahead and skin at why put CL what 140 LA Wow okay let’s go ahead and pay
for it well cash or card card the I can’t stop paid for let’s go ahead and open it up while
missing is of some take a look at look at that the company different book cartridges
you could buy four and says animated learning interactive writing art studio downloadable e-books the concert three downloadable e-books I
mean they’re shorter they’re not as good as the cartridges
the cartridges his second fall color screen so the
cartridge is really nice it’s almost like a little movie watching
it okay let’s go ahead and open it up check
it out okay here it is it’s a really cool size Amiga see the size of my hand here so it’s little bigger than the size are
making and here it kinda nice cover on it on both sides you put in bad really put in the car to
cheer and if you wanna download the books you
have to put in SD card already put in SD card here and then you hook it up to your computer with the USB cable and you download the
books like this said the book see you could download or not the greatest and then inside you have like that up a
bit here for like typing different letters for games and stop you have a play and pause button in
everything let’s go ahead and check out discrete
I’m gonna go ahead turn my light obsolete EC a better I get a game in here I bought and bought
my kids that %ah it’s a tinker Bell game so let’s go
ahead and check that out all hall and then down here it has a this it’s like a little soul for you or you call he stays almost like
a panting he enlists start the game let’s see
where is it UK here you pick the car to Euclid N rest the K the okay let’s try this story he just click
on the Start it’s almost like a miniature movie the the the for getting the changed pregnant haha ply to make setup the and then after reads
it can’t hope Hall cabell and then when you done you can either press the Continue button re could touch
different stops the and different stuff happen like see here the when he touched that or when you
touch her those like a little pop-up pixie das the Tinkerbell you could touch the name just click Next to go to the
next page the the City or tangible the care all the top left human see the cuban hottie humans are okay she freedom the okay then you could touch the screen
again to do different stuff let’s see here the the the and then though are go to the next page
the I’m also me try hi fine all families upstart the whole accident key still staked on a bus flying the name like I said it is interactive key difference the the take pops the car the cash wowie well the idea shake since all keitel what are you doing the the the the the the the call try fun then stops notch house a young to own thanks to see at of top 25 get out fine hi just fun still Tom the the the the fuck ever gonna stop there but did these
are really cool it plots might my kids really like these
blocks I mean its really an awesome block and it is with up copper that comes with it it is
pretty kid proof I may could be dropped quite a
few times and still keep on working well guys did great i mean they’re
really come with a lot of cock there’s a lot of different cartridges
you could buy I mean they’re not the cheapest new I think the cartridges
about fifteen to twenty dollars but they are very interesting me and you
can tell a lot of fun with them but if you do buy them years you can get
it on EVA or Amazon per much better deal well guide that was fun I mean this is
really a fun I interactive VideoBook hi why now book lists cool it so funny tech watching it many movie but when it relates to you the one
sprite to you couldn’t reach you finished so
many fun games and activities one of those churches 0 hmm ok eat Mokai if you think it up but don’t which subscribe to my channel and can be
no gambino their be loaded movie you could leave me comments you can also
click clack wowie which one is the phiri’s is your
favorite even leave me the answer in your in the
comments if you look at the video is to stop
heard why how would you or full video honey naked too much fun with you and I hope
to see you


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