Here we go. Grocery haul 2019. I wonder why she got those? I have no idea why she got those. This is Mary’s old lady nighttime snack. ♬ Don’t you think we’re better together ♬ ♬ Oh Honey ♬ ♬ I think we are ♬ Good morning guys. I was just changing Mary’s IV, and actually she just finished her IV. I was putting saline and heparin through her line. Good morning, Ollie boy. But I actually just got back from Walmart grocery pick up because Mary ordered us some groceries last night and I have no idea what they are, but I thought Mary is… sleeping and I’m gonna give her just time to rest and I thought we could have a little grocery haul, so here we go. Grocery haul 2019. I guess this is the one grocery haul of the year, maybe? Um guys, check it out. I got our bread maker out. We do not use it very often, but I am preaching tomorrow. I’m starting a new series in the Gospel of John that talks about there’s all these statements that Jesus makes of metaphors that kind of reveal who he is and they’re the “I am” statements. So he says like, “I am” and the first one is “I am the bread of life” and uh, and so we’re looking at that tomorrow at church. And so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna have a loaf of bread making during the service, and then after the service we’ll have bread together. But it, I think it’ll be a kind of just a cool, not only visual, but like… um… multi-sensory experience because you’ll smell it making, anyways. So I’m gonna make a loaf today because I forget how to make a loaf of bread and just to get ready for tomorrow. So I think in this grocery haul we have some bread stuff, but let’s start with we’ve got tortilla chips and… [plastic crinkling] rippled potato chips, which I know what this means. It means that Mary got… ranch dip to go with these, because that’s the only reason she would get these. So we’ll see if I’m right by the end of this haul. [plastic crinkling] We have been getting this maple hill… uh, grass-fed milk, whole milk. It’s so creamy, and so good. Half-and-half for the coffee. Apparently Mary was in a “leggo my eggo” mood. Let’s see what else? This is Mary’s old lady nighttime snack. She has this little tin, like, a little tin box that she keeps next to her bed and she keeps Triscuits and squirty cheese in it for late at night when she gets hungry for a salty snack. Triscuits and Cheese Wow. Yep. You got that right. Cheese Wow. [plastic crinkling] We got… [plastic crinkling] Colby and Monterey Jack cheese. It’s kind of fun to go through these and try to figure out what Mary’s wanting to eat. Let’s see. We got, she got me my guacamole mini. These are good. I highly recommend. I was right. Oh… That’s what it is. French onion dip. I was thinking it was ranch dip. But French onion dip with the ripple chips. That’s what she got. Sour cream. [plastic crinkling] Apparently… uh, Claussen dill pickles. [plastic crinkling] I’m sure she got this for me. Cherry almond gorgonzola chopped salad kit. Delicious. That might be my lunch today. [plastic crinkling] Oh! Fresh ravioli. Spinach and ricotta ravioli. We, we had this ravioli brand that we… It was a frozen ravioli. This is like a refrigerated one, but we used to get this frozen ravioli that we really liked, but they stopped carrying it at the store. So maybe this will be our new ravioli go to. [plastic crinkling] Oh! Asparagus. Check it out. [plastic crinkling] We got, what is this? Kale? Looks like kale. [plastic crinkling] Red and yellow peppers. [plastic crinkling] Dubliner cheese. This is our favorite cheddar. We slice it and have it with crackers. So good. We got some fresh watermelon. [plastic crinkling] And bananas. And let’s see. We got onions. [plastic crinkling] Oh… Avocado, a lime, all the good things! [plastic crinkling] Apparently Mary was wanting a little olive snack. And that’s what it’s called. Olive snack. That’s funny. She was, she was asking if we had olives last night, and so um, I think she… she kind of concluded that these little packs are the perfect size because it’s pretty much all she needs and then she’s kind of set for a little while. What in the world? Chocolate cream covered biscuits sticks. I’ve never had these. I wonder why she got those? [chuckles] Kind of fun. Um… We got spaghetti sauce… sliced stewed tomatoes… [plastic crinkling] Okay, I think this is for, oh, yeah, um… powdered milk for the bread. Put that over there. We got… yeast for the bread. And… apparently, we got decorative white icing. [plastic crinkling] And… we have bread flour. Is that all? Nope, there’s more. Oh! That looks really good. It’s like tuna. Line caught albacore tuna and water in a little pouch. Never had it in a pouch. [plastic crinkling] Chicken, chicken and stars. And we have chicken stock. And this is Mary’s other new favorite thing is these… campanelle, I don’t know if that’s how you say it, but campanelle noodles. And I made these for her last night actually. We boil them and do butter and parmesan. So good. [pasta shaking in box] And let’s see. We got… [plastic crinkling] Potato rolls. Like, once again, I have no idea why she got those but I’m sure she has some delicious meals planned. And that, my friends, is the end of the grocery haul. So I’m gonna say, as always. Thanks for watching the grocery haul and hanging out with us and cheering us on. Let’s give Mary a thumbs up as she rests and pushes through the side effects of these IVs and uh… She’s a, she’s a trouper guys. Thanks for tuning in. We’ll see you tomorrow. Good night! ♬ [Peter] Good night my Ollie boy. We’ll see you tomorrow. ♬♬


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