WAMA Hemp Underwear Review // Ethical + Sustainable

(STATIC) (MUSIC) Welcome back to my channel. If you guys
are new here, hello. Welcome. My name is Kristen and thank you so much for being
interested in sustainably sourced, sustainable underwear And yeah, let’s get
right into it. I’ve tried them for a week. So I do have an honest review about like
what they feel like, if they’re good, how’s the fit, for me. So let’s get right into it. They’ve had some tape around it that I
already took off. But the box itself, it says, “this box is made from 100% recycled materials and is fully recyclable and biodegradable.” So I will be using this box when I resell something online. WHOAAAAA. We have this paper bit on top that I can
use for shipping things. We have this bag, which is kind of cute and fun, that I can keep all of my underwear in. So that’s nice. And then it says, “You are awesome! Your purchase of hemp underwear has helped preserve nature and you have chosen the perfect fabric to protect your privates, naturally. Let’s open this up. Oh my gosh! So cute! So I have- let’s see… one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight,
nine, ten! I have 10 pairs of underwear in here. I’m hoping these fit. This looks like a brief. It does have like a waistband on top. But these feel really soft. This is also the same. This is the thong. These for lounging… A+…A+. Let’s wash them and test them out. (MUSIC) First off, let’s talk about the packaging. You guys saw the unboxing. I really appreciate the packaging. This is made from 100% recycled materials. It is recyclable. It is biodegradable. I will definitely be reusing this. All they had on the inside of this box was tissue paper. They did have this sticker. Don’t know if that’s biodegradable… probably is, knowing the company. But, yeah. I’ll definitely be reusing all of this. And thank you all for zero plastic! It is so rare to find something sustainably made and have it not be shipped in some sort of plastic. Then, the second thing we’re
gonna talk about is the sustainability and ethical aspect of
this brand, WAMA. So, I really like that they
actually have a team member out in China to look over the factory where these
items are manufactured, to see if people are getting paid fair wages, to see the quality of the factory, and they’re being treated fairly/ ethically… all of
that jazz. So I really really appreciate that. They also have a ton of
certifications. First off, they source their fabrics from GOTS certified suppliers, which that means the Global Organic Textile Standard. It makes me happy when they actually go beyond just saying they’re sustainable and they’re
actually getting those certifications. That makes me, as a consumer, feel really
stinkin good about the brand and the company itself. Second of all, they’re
PETA approved, which so random. I guess I never really looked to see if
clothing is PETA-approved or not. But I do really like that. The factory is actually a BSCI certified factory. And then they’re also
a Green America Certified Business. So that, also, is a great certification to
have. Their hemp is actually grown organically. Because hemp is a kind of niche crop, it’s actually grown on a lot of like small family farms. They actually use organic cotton with the hemp and a little bit of spandex for the underwear
itself. It just gives a lot of breathability to the underwear and it is SO stinking soft, you guys! It is so so soft. But, yeah, we were talking about like
conventional cotton. Why would you want to use like a hemp or organic cotton over conventional cotton? Well, cotton in general… it’s just really water intensive. It needs a TON of water to grow. And conventional cotton uses SO
many pesticides and that goes into the runoff and then it goes into all the
waterways and oceans and rivers and lakes…da, da, da. I’ve talked about this before. But it’s just not the best thing for the environment. So, I really do like that
they use like the majority hemp and they mix that with the organic cotton and a
little bit of spandex to give some stretch. So, let’s get into the four kinds
of underwear that they actually have. They have a boy short. They have a hipster. They have a bikini and they have a thong. So let’s start with the thong, first. Pretty basic. Nothing crazy. Super soft. The elastic band on top is great. Not too loose, not too tight. It fits really well. I did order the size large in all of the kinds. And yeah. I think they only have
that in black. But, I give it a 5 out of 5. Really like it! And then the next kind
is the bikini. I would say this is my favorite out of all of them. Um, it’s just a typical underwear bikini look. Again, super soft. I think this only comes in a black color… So, I wish they had more colors. But, it’s really soft. I really like the feeling of them. Again, not too tight. Not too loose. Kind of a good feeling, overall. 5 out of 5. And then the next item is the hipster. I would say I just like the bikini more
than the hipster. I feel like the hipster, like, has, like, a little extra fabric in the front. It feels really good. Super soft, super comfy. It’s like it has fabric that kind of bunches in like… in-between- before like
my leg starts (gibberish) type thing. I don’t know. It just kind of gets a little
bunchy, but it like feels fine. Super comfortable. So basically, if you’re
wearing like really tight clothes or something, I would recommend the thong or
the bikini. That’s what I’m trying to say there. But again, super comfy,
super comfortable with like shorts or like really like straight 90s mom
jeans or something like that. They would feel great for that. And then let’s- ahhhh…woo. Let’s start with the fourth item, the boy short. I have never tried on underwear…
boy shorts underwear, even if they were a size too small, that did not fit my thighs. I could barely get these over my legs. Let me- let’s talk about what it
says in the description on their website. But their sizing is really off with this
one. Like it is awful and I highly recommend this brand, so far. Like really really liked these products. But this boy short is not great and I’m not trying to be like super harsh. But I don’t think this is gonna sell well and they’re gonna get a lot of complaints on the sizing for this one. It says, “a bit tight
on the legs and perfect for wearing under your dress or your skirt.” It gave like my legs “muffin top” if that makes any sense. I could not pull them up all the way to my waist. Like the waist would fit fine. But, it was too tight on my legs. I’m gonna show you guys. So- because I would LOVE to wear these, especially with dresses or skirts. It would be great to have like these boy shorts under it. That’s why I was really excited about them. But it’s a no-go. Like, I’m gonna
have to cut the sides so that it can stretch out more to my leg. But I’m gonna show you guys what I’m talking about. I’m just gonna put them on like over my
overalls right now. But it’s- it’s really bad how tight they are. And like I know that I have like… a little bit more of like an athletic bigger thigh. But, I’m not talking like they’re that massive. I don’t know. Like, it’s like when you try on clothes and then it just like brings your self-esteem down because it doesn’t fit right. That’s how I felt when trying that on and that is not okay and… I just feel like a size large underwear should fit my leg. I don’t know. Let me show you guys. Hold on. So here they are. They look great. Right? I’m gonna stand on the couch here and let me show you. When we put these on- if I can balance here. Do you see how tight these are? Like I literally… can barely pull them up. I literally can’t- this is how far I can get them up. Like, I- the waist is totally fine. I can’t pull them up! Like, do you see how tight these are? It doesn’t look that horrible on camera, but they’re so tight. Like, they need more stretch or
something in these… or it definitely needs more fabric. So uncomfortable! So uncomfortable. So- and I was really looking forward to that. But like… It’s so tight. It’s so tight. So, yeah, I would give these a 1 out of 5, to be honest. Like, I think they’re great, in theory. Super soft! I like the waistband. It’s not super thick. And I just wish that they would fit on my legs and it’s kind of sad that underwear doesn’t fit on my legs. Like, isn’t that weird? Have you ever had
underwear not fit over your legs? I don’t know. I’m really not trying to be
harsh. But, yeah. I was just really bummed because I was so excited to like have
these and wear ’em under skirts and dresses and it’s- (sighs)- it’s not gonna work. I highly recommend the other items: the thong, the bikini, the hipster… But, unless you have pretty small thighs, I wouldn’t recommend the boy shorts just
because they’re really stinkin’ tight on my legs. So, like I said earlier in this
review, I would highly recommend this underwear. It’s super comfy. It’s just the
boy shorts don’t fit my legs, personally. I would say order size up, especially if
you’re in between sizes, order the size up. And yeah. The waist is super comfortable. They’re super soft. They’re super stretchy. They’re breathable. Also, according to WAMA, they’re antimicrobial, they’re antibacterial, and they actually
have like anti-odor properties, which is pretty cool, as well. I hope you guys check it out! I do have some affiliate links, down below, that you can click. I’m not being paid to say any of this. Obviously, I gave you a bad review of
their boy short. But they did send these to me. I have been trying to find more
sustainable undergarments, like underwear. And it’s just something that I think
people look over a lot And so I hope this is helping you guys find more
sustainable and ethical pieces to wear. Um- I hope you guys liked this review. If you did, please give me a thumbs up! And until next time. Remember: you do not have to be
perfect to live sustainably. So, I’ll see you guys in my next video. BYEEEEEE. (MUSIC)


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