Ways to Earn Money Online, work from home opportunities examined

John Moore here and i want to cover
today a few of the ways to earn money online i know this is something that a
lot of people are interested in this something that i have a background in
night work full-time on the internet from home and it’s
awesome and um… but there’s a there are a lot of lessons to be learned so that i do let me go through about
eight of the different ways that you can make money online working from home the first one is transcription um…
medical legal transcription is frequently done from home online you get
files you download them uh… claudio files any transcribe them the drawback to the transcription if
there is one is that it requires a very special training you
have to understand the medical terms you have to know you know hezbollah’s all of those things
rates of transcriptions very specialized field but um… there’s a huge demand for it and it is
in one area where people can if you go out and get the training and learn your field you can you know you can do this on when you
also have to know how to deal the type pretty quickly to be able to make good money with transcription so the next uh… the next one is indeed a cells
that are still a lot of people who are selling stuff on ebay and it certainly is one way to make
uh… some good money ended its it’s good if
you have things to sell um… you know people i know solve their
own products through the day they opened stores uh… it’s no longer just a sort of a
garage sale kind of thing along with that would be through any other way they’ve sold your
own stuff online um… my prom i’ve sold stuff on ebay it was a headache to
manage it really was like a full-time job dealing with the buyers they’re all
their you know all their questions and when is it shipping and people didn’t
you know people would buy stuff and not pay and um… you know for me allure too much of a
headache but i know you know i have known people through the ages of made
um… made some significant money on e-bay working from home other x one is affiliate marketing this
is where you sell somebody else’s product online nominee get a you get a
commission for that and that you know there’s tremendous potential there uh… and it works best if you already
have a list and that your emailing to you if you don’t have that it’s very difficult to sort of jump into
mill affiliate marketing the kind have to build your list first and it’s really good if you have huge
amounts of traffic thanks for the cpa advertising which is
um… cost per action that is here you put an ad on your website and
somebody does something like that click on it and then they go fill out there
you know where the click on them and buy something um… there there is really can make significant you know you can make multiple dollars for each action people
take that sort of thing four cpa advertising to work he needed
huge amount of active traffic on your website um… many of the cpa networks are looking for
things like fifty thousand unique visitors a month um… to not to get into the really good
ones with your homespun blog unless you have a pretty big following so thing
about that plus you see a lot of people to come in and clickindia those actions
so but it’s something you could set up and if you get into if you get into a
network is something you could set up and let me go as passive income in
passive income is fantastic writing uh… can be a good source of
income if you’re really good you can write all kinds of things online uh… articles blog posts that sort of thing content people are really hungry for
content on the web one of the issues has become that you know writing in some respects is
become monetize and you know people urged selling articles for you know four dollars apiece for five
hundred-word article online not high quality but it’s you know it’s difficult to compete in a commodity market place like that so
you have to distinguish yourself as an as a excellent writer who is
really skilled at what you do itial to learn some s_c_o_ uh… units roofing and pick and niche market to write for uh… and the next one is information
markings where you sell your own information online um… usually
requires a list or are you combine somebody’s list and some traffic uh… perfect for niche marketing
information marketing uh… a good niche a good niche market example so many of
them build a multi-billion dollar business office first idea uh… somebody neeku built a_d_m_ uh… website that sold information on
how to build a potato done one you know thing that launches potatoes which is a hobby that some people have
been some people who have that hobby are really into that
niche and team a lot of money that way plus one of my call the empower method
and amid provide a link to a video down below and i suggest you click on that um… click on it now if you want to uh… it’s about it twenty-something minute video and
explains this method and i think it’s brilliant i’ve signed on and on doing this right now i know people
who are earning i mean huge amet like full-time income each month that i know that i’ve got you
just need fifty thousand dollars last month it’s absolutely brilliant um… the nice thing about this particular method it’s it’s really
different that’s why you have to watch the video below it pays you from the very first day sign
up you can get paid for the very first day build your listeners a mechanism in that
builds your list so you can do combined with this you can do any of the
other things white information marketing that require
a list um… into offer some killer online
business training some information that literally cannot get anywhere else um… by signing on with this group so you know check of the video it’s free
watch the video uh… you get started for peanuts if you
decide that this is for you but really watch it with an open mind and decid e
for yourself go ahead and click on that link now to see how to earn money online working from home thanks


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