WDTN Affiliate Switch From ABC To NBC [2004]

[Voiceover]: WDTN Channel 2 Dayton-Springfield
now begins its broadcast day. [Voiceover]: From WDTN, Dayton’s NBC, this
is 2 News First at Sunrise. [Karen]: A man is dead after local sheriff
deputies open fire. We will have details on that story coming up in just a few minutes. [Jim]: Are they coming to us? Oh hi! There
we are! Karen, Danny. I have a tail wind going. Be careful with that head. Hey we’re out in the parking lot of W-T-N…
Lemme try that again, WTBS… I got a tailwind going watch out. And we’re celebrating the big switch to NBC.
Look at the folks who showed up already. Hi guys. Say hi. They’re not only here to say hi, they’re picking
free stuff today. It’s party all morning long, Bucher’s Beat live at Sunrise with Ronald
McDonald with a chicken head is coming up. [Dan]: Man that is one thing he does not need
today is a tailwind with that outfit on, you know what i’m saying? Hey it’s a historic day here at 2 News First,
Dayton’s new NBC here in just a few hours here. It’s an exciting time here. Good morning,
i’m Dan Edwards. [Karen]: Yes it is. I’m Karen … What do
you think of the new set Brian? Pretty nice. [Brian]: It’s neat. Looks different. [Dan]: Do we look better? I don’t know. [Karen]: It’s the same old us. [Brian]: Yeah, I can still see myself so…
(Chuckles) [Dan]: Just glad to see you back on set with
us, we’ve been at the little coffee table. [Brian]: Well that was only for a couple of
days. It’s been about a week. Remember the last time we had a new set put in, it took
like about a week to two weeks to do it. Well anyhow lets see how the weather is like out
there this morning. Good news for our party in the parking lot.
Even though we have a little bit of patchy drizzle here and there it won’t be very much
at all. Cloudy skies expected this morning. Mostly dry weather and things all pretty quiet
right now on Live Doppler 2X. Let’s take a look at our current weather conditions
this morning. 64 degrees. We have a wind out of the North at 8 miles per hour. 96 percent
relative humidity. Dew point this morning sitting at 63 and the barometer on the rise
at 30.02. Here’s our forecast today, we’ll see those temperatures at 63 degrees at 7:00,
Noon reading 68, and at 5:00PM a little bit on the mild side there as temperatures climb
up into the low 70s for later on today. 72 at 5:00PM. Right now with those news headlines lets go
back to Dan and Karen. [Karen]: Brian, thank you very much. Well
new this morning, shots ring out outside a Harrison Township nightclub sending one man
to the hospital. Mandi Sheridan is live outside “Frogs” where it happened with our top story.
Good morning Mandi.


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