A big thank you to organicbasics
for sponsoring this video, we’ve got a 15% discount code linked
below, but more on that later. Dana, have you noticed anything
out of the ordinary lately? Out of the ordinary lately, is there anything? Can you see anything? Can you see anything special? Oh! Let’s rewind to the
beginning of the story. We’re in Southern
Greece in our van Ody when we get the call from our
good friends Bridget and Murray hiring us to film their wedding. The only catch it’s in Scotland. It is 5:30 a.m. and we
are headed to Scotland. We rented a Land
Rover for four days and I just got an email
from them saying that, we will not fit
in it to sleep so, our plan might have
already been foiled. It will be okay. Yeah. We’ll figure something out but, van life versus car life is
going to be very interesting. We’re leaving behind
all our good stuff, bye bye. Let the adventure begin. (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) I just need to figure
out where to get gas for our camping stove, It’s been to me a little tricky. I saw in the store and
they have this stuff but it’s closed right now but
they open tomorrow at nine. Okay, there’s two options. One, there’s an
actual whole gas cooker where they connect a gas. So, she said that maybe if we have the same button on ours, it can connect. It is so weird to be on the left side. Getting passed. So, we’re just taking a
quick look at Google Earth and we’re going to see
if we can find like a field or something
to sleep in tonight because I’m exhausted and . So we just got to the next parking
lot or spot we’re trying to park out and there’s private
property signs everywhere and I don’t think we
can stay here. So, I think you’ve found
a good spot Lou. We ended up going down
this crazy farm road, there was a guy having tea
with his dog in his car and I asked him if he thought we
could stay there and then he was like, oh, I don’t know a farmer
might move you on. I know a spot like, five miles
from here and that’s this spot, and then he was so nice,
he literally drove us. I’m headed that way anyway, I was like, no you’re
not, are you sure? He was like, it’s no big deal,
and then he drove us here and now we’re here, and this is
like totally fine to camp at. There’s camper vans here,
it’s a public parking lot not private property and we have views of the water, hopefully
a nice place to walk and now we just need to figure
out if we can sleep in this. Getting changed right here?
Yeah. No curtains, you showed me how me
how to do this, oh! Wow! These are some bars. Yeah,
that’s why he was like I don’t know if this is going to work. Does it work? Will work?
We can make it work. All right, so, this is
what we are working with. Metal bar there, metal bar there, bucket seat here,
bucket seat here. So, it’s a little
long. Oh, my God it’s going to be so tight. Oh, my God, Lou, I don’t know, I don’t know if
this is going to work. It’s really short I don’t know if
this is going to work. What do you think? I don’t know. Oh, boy this was like, we planned this
so far in advance like in the middle of a million things
and not with good internet. So, it was just like,
kind of like, oh, yeah Land Rover Lou’s always
wanted to experience that. Let’s do that, we’ll sleep
in the back, figure it out. This is like, this is
just not big enough, and I’m smaller than you Lou. You can’t sleep like that. How are we going to
sleep in this thing? I don’t know. That is the extent of the recline.
Oh, men, no recline on the front seats. Okay, that was a very
romantic notion that we could sleep in the
back of this car but there’s no room. Lou had the whole back injury
we just like, remembered just a few months ago, he’s
finally feeling good. So, it is 7:50 we’re in
a very cute little town. Now, I’m going to try to find us
a place to sleep for tonight and then I think for
the rest of the trip, there’s this things
called bothies and they’re like little hiking
huts that you can sleep in. So, I think that, that is how
we’re going to do the next nights is hike somewhere cool,
sleep in a bothy, those have plenty of space for our beautiful mattress
pads that we brought and we have sleeping
bags, I want to camp but, tonight it’s just
silly, we’re exhausted. We haven’t eaten and yeah, plan failed. Okay, thank you so much, see you soon, okay,
take care bye. We got a hotel. (Music) That’s the biggest
bed I’ve ever seen. Oh, my God it’s just
so much better. I feel like we copped out but I’m actually like, really
happy that we did because I’m exhausted and
this is so nice. Oh, wait let’s look
at the bathroom, it’s like, we’ve got flushing toilet. Wow! I can take a naked
shower, no bathing suit, and hallelujah. (Music) (Music) You got it? I got two just
in case we run out. Amazing. (Music) (Music) Perfect. (Music) This is where we’re
going, the Cobbler. And really nice people
in the parking lot, gave me some money
to pay for parking because we didn’t have
any Scottish coins. Everyone here is really friendly. You’re excited? Yeah. I can’t believe we get to
do a real proper hike. I have water and rain coat. Perfect, it says
four to six hours we only had enough money to pay
for three hours of parking space. We got to book it Lou. Ready. Mm-hmm, I think we can do the
whole thing up and down, yeah. Three and a half hours,
three and a half hours we do take a lot
of photo breaks. Okay. Catch me. (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) Almost there. (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) Lunch I sweat it’s really easy and delicious it’s like eating an apple
but no one does this. Our friend Sophia Roe I
think told me about this. And ever since then,
it’s a perfect snack. Tons of vitamin C hmm. Are you tired? (Inaudible) hmm. I guess we going to just
like, sleep here somehow. The question is are we going to find
this bothy or not. why not? I don’t know. That’s the debate. There are these things that
you can sleep in for free but it’s like they’re not easy to find you have to drive
down crazy roads or go on long hikes and we’ve just
hiked five hours so it’s like, that hotel last night
was really nice. We can do the bothy tomorrow. Oh-oh! We just drove here, we are on
a mission to find a bothy, but this one was special because it looked like there were
the road all the way there. Normally you have to
hike miles and miles. Well, we have to hike
miles and miles. (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) Oh, bothies right, oh, my God, I’m so
wet oh, and cold. So, we went down one road
and that did not work. We just ended up at some
people’s houses and then it said that you cannot go any further. Oh, okay so, you said
you had it on your Google off line. Yeah. Oh, oh yeah. Seen that, that’s where
we went I think. That’s the house that
didn’t allow you through yeah, and then there’s a sign it’s
like, you can’t go through and then like
something about sites and then at the bottom it’s like, sorry
for any inconvenience so it’s like, I don’t think we can
get to this bothy. Unless like look at this. So, what’s the plan? All right, attempt number two, we’re going to try a
different route at a new parking lot, also unmarked, no trail heads we’ll see what happens. Stay on the left. Private nobody was really
going to write in here. You’re allowed to be everywhere
but everything is legal and it also is private.
Everything says private. All right, let’s go and try again. Bye Hercules. It is so weird it’s
like, private. But then there’s a map there.
Yeah. Can we climb in this? Mm-hmm. Up you go. Follow the river is what
the map seemed to say. Here we go. Our first river crossing, you have waterproof
shoes on and mine aren’t. Oh, men, go up here? Yeah. Good call, like, don’t get my
feet wet within the first few seconds
of a five-mile hike. What do you think Dana? Oh, I really like it here. Feel like we found the
path, we found the sheep, mission accomplished, right?
Yeah. Now we just need to find the bothy
and let’s check all the boxes. (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) I love you. I love you. I keep thinking
it’s going to be like over the next hill… I know, I’m
like, get the camera ready. I bet right after we
cross across this one it will pop up but, still nothing. I was just thinking that maybe
we should have brought our baby. If this will happen, if it’s not there. Yeah. I think it’s going to be a long walk back. (Music) (Music) (Music) Dana, have you noticed anything
out of the ordinary lately? Oh, my gosh! Yes, we are home, we’re here.
Yeah. My head was just down just
like walking and walking because my feet are
soaking wet like oh, we made it. I wonder if there’s going to
be anyone there? Yeah. There’s a long walk if anyone else
wants to do this on a Thursday. Oh, my goodness, I want to run but that doesn’t make sense.
Go for it. (Music) (Music) I think we have made it, yes. Oh, my God we’re here
Mountain Bothies Association. (Music) You’re ready? Um-hum (Music) Locked? Hello. Hello. Hello. Look at this little room. Hello. There’s no one here Lou. You can stop saying hello. You’re just saying hello to us. Wow! Wow! This is it. We have made it. There’s a little fire place. Oh, my gosh, we don’t have any
firewood but, oh, my shoulders. Lou we made it. (Music) Our first bothy. This is so cool. I can’t believe we made it. Oh, my gosh, oh, my gosh, oh, my
gosh, oh, my gosh we’re here. Think is a baby. (Music) (Music) I can’t believe we have this
whole place for our self. This bothy has
mice, hang up food do not leave anything
on window ledges. My feet are sopping wet. Wet feet. (Music) (Music) There’s even whiskey Dana but you’re not drinking it here it’s empty oh, really? Yeah. Can’t even carry your
bottles out people come on, it was heavier
on the way in. Someone left some propane. Is it empty? No it’s got a little juice. Worcester sauce, pretty exciting. (Music) (Music) (Music) We have a bed, we forgot pillow. There you go babe. Ta-da! All right, our clothes are drying, t-shirts are hung
up, bed is made, can we get going on dinner? Oh, please I’m starving. Our million-dollar question is, will this gas canister
fit onto our stove? Okay, since we
switched fuels types, we’re going to need to switch
like, the top thing on this. So, hopefully that’s in the bag. This? Mm-hmm. So, dinner depends on if this fits on to this. Oh, my God, what is that? Is that okay? Yeah. It’s okay. Whoa! Warm dinner after a
cold rainy hike is like the best thing ever. No Danna, broken clean off oh, men. Oh! Careful, careful, careful, careful. Oh, you’re amazing. Aha saved. Moment of truth. Hallelujah. Oh, my God I’m so
hyped for this. Oh, we’re feasting. Oh, you want some chickpeas? We got them. Dana we even
have a table to eat at. Oh, yeah good upgrade
from the van, we have condiments. We are fancy, I’m so happy, dinner time. Ta-da! Brings back memories
of the van build. Yeah, sleeping bag dinners . We did this for like, four months.
Yeah. Oh, you’re fancy. Oh, men I can’t believe we hiked
a whole tin of pepper up here. I knew you liked it. So,
I packed it for you. The more Ketchup you eat now, the less you have to carry back. That’s true and I won’t tell you
that Lou take it easy on the sauce, which I normally have to do. (Music) (Music) (Music) 5:05, 5:10, 5:00. I think we can go with 5:05 if you want. Does that
sound better to you? No, I’ll do 5:05 that’s
like my backup plan. Got my headlamp. Hopefully I don’t need this because I do not want to go
to the bathroom outside in the
middle of the night. But, yeah it’s 6:30, I’m exhausted are you tired Lou? Because I like being cozy. So, tomorrow we want to see the
Harry Porter train go by, which will be so cool especially because Lou is an
enormous Harry Porter fan. I’m not as much but, I still think will be beautiful. So, we have to be
at the train area like 10:00 or 10:15 to
make sure that we catch it because it only goes
once in the morning and once in the evening and we have things to do, places to be so,
we have to catch that morning one. So, I think we’re
going to leave here hopefully Lou I think
by 5:30 in the morning, then we have a two hour hike and have two hour drive and then we have to find the
train set up everything. Your tripod, bla bla bla, the drone,
and fingers crossed we get the shot. (Music) (Music) What time is it? It is five o’clock
in the morning, but it’s bright out All right, the day has begun. We go Good morning. Good morning isn’t
this beautiful? Wow! Scotland. I feel like we really got to see
Scotland by doing this. Yeah. We are so far from a road. There’s nothing around, yeah. It might just rain It’s just like a wilderness and the little bothy.
That was so cool. I can’t believe they just
have the those little things sprinkled all
over the country side. I feel like if you are looking
for an adventurous vacation go what is it called? Bothy bagging and this you could
hike through them, stay in a bothy, get cozy,
meet interesting people. We didn’t even get
to meet anyone but, I think that, if you were here during like
the summer months you will meet fun people. (Music) As we hiked our way back to the car to
catch a shot at the Hogwarts Express, I’d like to take this moment
to thank organicbasics for sponsoring this video and
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fresher for longer, and the crazy part
is, it really works. By the end of the week, my t-shirt
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