We Raised Praying Mantises At Home! – A Fun, Educational Project For Kids With Kit From Insect Lore

I got something in the mail today that I
think is gonna be fun for us to do with our grandson. And it’s a Praying Mantis
Gift Set from InsectLore.com. And inside is actually a praying mantis egg case, and everything else you need to grow these to maturity. So we’re gonna
open this right away and get the egg case set up in its proper environment, so
these praying mantises have the best chance of growing to adulthood. And you
can choose the date that this ships. Because you wouldn’t want it to arrive
when you’re away on vacation, and no one would be home to get it in off of the
porch. So let’s see what’s inside. And they threw in a packet of seeds of wild flowers so you can grow something else besides praying mantises. Right there is the praying mantis egg case. And that has all the praying mantis eggs in there.
Looks like they broke it off a twig that it was on. You also get this little stand.
It kind of looks like leaves. There are some little plastic pieces. Or like little plastic toys, more or less. There’s a praying mantis, egg case, some leaves, And there’s also a little pump bottle inside. “Read Me” instructions…very
important. Praying Mantis Egg Case Quick Guide, to get you started. And then this is the actual habitat that you’ll be putting them in. So you can undo it and
pop it out. It unzips. And then that egg case and everything will go down here on
the bottom. So now you’re supposed to take the egg case out of here and put it
in this holder. And I’m gonna pick it up by the little stick that it’s on. You’re
supposed to put it right in the middle here, so it’s supported. Looks like it’s
on there pretty solid. And it says to maintain this egg case at room
temperature at all times. And this is actually a misting bottle. So you put a
little water in this, and once a week you’re supposed to lightly spray the egg
case to give us some moisture. It says dehydration is one of the main reasons
that these egg cases fail, and you never get to see any nymphs. So that’s all you have to do at this stage. And you can kind of push down on this habitat so it’s easier to put the egg case in there. And then let it come back up. We’re all set! And besides just the instructions in the quick guide, you can
go to InsectLore.com, and there’s videos you can watch that show
exactly what you’re supposed to do, step by step. And they go into more
detail. And our praying mantises are still inside their egg case. Nothing has
really changed with them. So we just keep spraying the egg case to keep the
humidity around them. Its finally happened! Got up this morning, and was going to mist the egg case. And saw all these little guys had already got out. There’s
a whole bunch of them in there! They’re real small. The thing now is to get them fed. So it says to find some soft bodied insects and feed that to them. If you
can’t get that, you might go to a pet store and get some fruit flies. So I have
to find some food for these little fellas. You should also decorate their
habitat with some sticks and leaves, different types of foliage, for them
to perch on. There’s another look inside. They’re moving around in there pretty
good, some of them. And I’m waiting for my grandson to get off from preschool so he
can check these out too. He’s been really interested in these. Not sure he’s ever
really seen a real one! There they are, grandma! Wow! Awesome! What’s going on with them, Cohen? Well, they just got out of their little thing. And they kind of broke their way out. And they’re kind of walking around right now. And they’re climbing. I see their little pinchers. They kind of look cute. They’re like little babies! Hello! They are babies, aren’t they. What are they? What kind of bug? Praying Mantises. What do they eat? Insects. Is this a good bug or a bad bug? Good bug. Yeah! They can eat any bad ones. They can eat any bad bugs. They eat crickets too, when they get bigger. They’re babies right now. They’re just gonna get bigger and bigger. We need to keep feeding them. They are moving a little bit. One thing I’d caution if you’re going to
raise praying mantises, is to be sure that before you get them, before they
hatch, that you have something to feed them. That you have a steady food supply for
them. They eat soft bodied bugs, such as aphids. So if you have plants that
attract aphids, you’ll be fine. So, I didn’t have any plants around my
house that attracted aphids. and my pet store didn’t have any fruit flies, so I
ordered some from Josh’s frogs off of Amazon. They sent me this fruit fly
culture. And it arrived with some adult fruit flies in it, and some that haven’t
matured yet. So this should keep them going for quite a while. Keep that in mind…don’t order them, don’t try to raise them, unless you know you can feed them. There you can see some fruit flies in there. So I’ve got them outside, and I’m gonna
take the lid off of it and just kind of shake the lid into the praying mantis
habitat. And see how well they like fruit flies. And the praying mantises are doing
fine. They’re running around catching the fruit flies that are in there. So they’re getting well-fed. And there are very good hunters. I’ve just added some more of the fruit flies in there, and we’ll see if any of
the praying mantises are actually hungry right now. So we timed it pretty well. We caught
them coming out of their egg case! Here’s some new ones just making their way out. Very cool! Looks like quite a struggle for them to get out of there and get
separated from each other. But that probably helps them get a little
stronger, too. We’re going to have several once they all get out of there. That one there has caught a fruit fly. And so has that one. Cohen, I guess it’s time to let them go. What do you think? Why do we let them go when they’re babies? They’re growing up, and they get bigger
by eating. And we’re running out of food to feed them. So you think they’ll find
food in this bush? I already see one…a spider. You see one? It’s a baby white spider. They could eat that! We’re gonna release them out into some bushes that have some flowers and other types of leaves. And insects smaller than them that they can feed on. And this turned out really well. The egg cases that we had produced a lot
of praying mantises. And they’ve been really fun to watch them grow. Very educational and very cool. And today’s a nice sunny, warm day, so
I’m just going to tip their cage over and let them find their way out into
this bush. There they go. One of them just jumped. Can you tell them goodbye? Bye, bye, bye, bye, bye. That was a good goodbye. Goodbye, guys! And I keep checking on them and this is
about a week and a half later after we released them. There are several praying mantises that we see in the bush where we let them go. They’re growing. So they seem to be doing pretty well out here. And I’ve seen one
that’s bigger than this one too. And I’m looking forward to seeing them grow and
watching them throughout the summer. And this is a project that was fun and
educational. And you might want to try it too.

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