We Tried On $600 of Bikinis For Summer (swimsuit shopping)

– Hey guys, it’s Sierra. Welcome back to my channel, and today I have the lovely
Hannah Witton with me, all the way from London.
– Yes! So Hannah and I have actually
been friends for a while, but we’ve never filmed together. – No, first time!
– First time, and I’m so excited because I
feel like I have a hard time finding swimsuits because of my chest, and Hannah has even more
of a struggle than I do. So we’re gonna go with each
other for moral support to try to find some chest
support in some swimsuits. – Very nice.
– See what I did there? So today, Hannah and I
are going to be going to three different stores of
three different price ranges and trying to find some
swimsuits for summer. Hopefully this can show you guys that everyone has
struggles with swimsuits. I know how demoralizing it can be. And it’s just, it’s hard. It’s hard for everyone. But also, I hope that we
can find some swimsuits. – Me too.
– Because I… I would like to get
one, maybe two new ones for the summer, that’d be great. So I have one current swimsuit. It kind of checks all of
the boxes for what I like. With bottoms, I really
look for high-waisted, but not just like straight,
cut across one piece of fabric. I like some kind of ruching,
like these bottoms have, or cutouts, or design, just something to give it
a little something extra. And also, coverage on the butt. I don’t like showing all the cheeks. I feel like it’s just no my thing. And then for tops, again,
really full coverage top, I wanna be able to go to the beach and do the things I wanna do without worrying about a nip slip. And also, I want supportive cups, but I don’t want it to be pushed up, and I want thick straps and a thick band that gives me that support, and also, adjustable straps. I know I’m asking for a lot
here, just two more things, longline bikini. That’s basically when there’s
that extra bit of fabric so it’s not quite a tankini, but it’s not gonna stop
right under your chest, I like that extra bit of fabric. It makes me feel more confident. And, last thing, colorful. I am not like a plain
black swimsuit kinda girl. I want some patterns, some
color, I wanna be fun and bright, now what about you? – Yeah, so for me, top has
always been the main issue. I am very petite. I am only 5-foot, so I have a small frame and a really small back,
but I have massive tits. And back home in the
UK, there is one store that I can get a swimsuit
that actually fits me in, because it’s basically a bra. So I kind of like the
same with you with tops. Support, coverage, and then
when it comes to bottoms, this has changed with me recently, because I had abdominal surgery last year, and I now have a stoma bag, so, whereas before, low-rise everything, because I wanted to get like a full tan. Now I’m like, okay, either high-waisted or a full swimming costume. Like on the one hand, yeah, there’s definitely some
confidence issues there with not wanting the
stoma bag out and about. The scar– don’t mind so much the
scar, it’s pretty epic. And then same as you, I like colors. Colors and patterns! – We want fun, bright,
and I feel like I have a lot more boxes than you,
but mine are easier to tick, and then you have fewer boxes, but it’s gonna be harder to find something that can tick all of them. So let’s head to the mall
and see what we can find. Okay, so Hannah and I are at Target, and we’re each gonna try to
choose like one or two swimsuits and then we’re gonna try them on together. What size should I pick for you? – Okay, so in the UK, my
cup size, my bra size, is a 28GG, which we worked
out, in the US, is a 28J, which I don’t think exists in Target. – I don’t think they’re
gonna have that in Target. Also, a lot of the swimsuits
are just small, medium, large, extra large, which is–
– So dumb. – It’s gonna be a struggle. So let’s do this. Let’s find our swimsuits. (upbeat music) Okay, so here’s our first swimsuit. This is Hannah’s pick.
(Hannah laughs) So how does it work for you? – Okay, so this one’s the
small, which fits amazing here. – It looks amazing on you. – And as soon as we get up here– – The armpit boob. – Oh my god. Let me see if I can, like, rearrange. – Yeah, I do like that
it has wires in the cup. I really like this suit. And this was Hannah’s pick. I think this is like, the
perfect amount in the cup for me, and I have a smaller chest
than you, which makes sense that you would then be spilling out. But I like the coverage
on the butt is good. I feel like a lot of them
nowadays tend to go like, fwoop! The print’s really fun.
– I really like this, I just wish it fit my boobies. – Yeah, if you tried the medium, would be it be too loose here? I could try it.
– Yeah, do you wanna try it? All right, so how’s the medium? So we still get the boob
problem in the medium, and it’s like, I can’t
really tell the difference in the actual rest of the size. – Yeah, it actually
doesn’t look that much– I mean, could you even try a large? And then have even more
room, ’cause it’s still– – Actually, you know what? – Oh, it’s adjustable, though,
do you want me to adjust it? Is that better, adjusted? – That is better, but um, you just– it just doesn’t fit the cup. And the thing is,
actually, for some people with my size boobs, they
would be okay with this. – It’s just for your personal preference. – Kind of, yeah. – You know what, and I notice, maybe it’s even the cut of this, because I even get a little
bit of that armpit boob, and this has plenty of space for me. I’m in an extra large,
Hannah’s now in the medium. It’s just a fun suit. – If this was used for
purely sunbathing, maybe. But for playing volleyball– – Yeah, it wouldn’t work. So I actually really loved this suit. – Yeah, me too, but it didn’t fit. – It was close, especially considering that we really scoured Target for the most full-coverage suits. There were not very many,
and this was one of the best. And on me, I thought I
had plenty of coverage. I loved that it had cups without padding. – Yes.
– I think usually, big cups– – And it had wires.
– Yeah. It had wires, it had support,
and even though it was black, it also had that fun,
colorful detailing on it. – [Hannah] I liked it but, eh. The struggle. – So I tried this one
on actually in a large. In the clip I said it was
an XL, but I got it wrong. Hannah originally in a small– – Nope.
– Then the medium. – Still nope. These swimsuits were $34.99. – Okay, so here’s my pick. I am in a 38D, Hannah’s in a 34DD. – This is not my size. – Yeah, that’s the
highest they have, though. That’s the thing. They have this big ad that
says swimsuits for every body. Apparently not. My swimsuit bottoms are
an XL, yours are a small. Let’s start with the bottoms. How do the bottoms fit? – I love the bottoms. – Yeah, I think they’re super cute. I love the cutout. – Yeah.
– And kinda detailed. – I love this cutout, and since my surgery and
having a stoma and stuff, I like having high-waisted. – It’s like secure. And then the top, I chose this one because it’s a little bit of a longline bikini, it has that extra teeny
bit of fabric below, and that’s what I like. The cups on me, plenty
of coverage. And then– – No. Just no. – Yeah, when you said that you always buy special custom swimsuits, I was like, I think we can
find one, but it’s tough, and you know what else I
don’t like about this top? The straps are so thin, I feel like it’s not supporting me enough. The only support is really coming from
the cups and the bands. I feel really confident in this
one, like I feel really good and supported, how do you feel? – No.
– No, don’t like it? – Uh…
– The bottoms, though? – Bottoms are great, this no. – Yep, okay, next. So I think the standout of
this one was these bottoms. Yeah, the bottom’s a win. Like, I don’t struggle finding bottoms. Like, I’m a petite lady. What size am I in the US? – Small, and a six. – Small or a six, like that’s pretty easy, in the UK, it’s very easy
for me to find bottoms. – I also really love the cutout. And I love that this top and bottom were from separate sections,
but for whatever reason, the striped bottoms looks great
with any plain-colored top. – [Hannah] Yes, I like
the bold, block color. – [Sierra] The top for me,
I was honestly surprised. I was wearing a DD, and I’m not a DD, but these cups, these ran small, I guess. – [Hannah] They definitely run small. – Can confirm. So the top and the bottoms,
both of these were $22.99. I was wearing an XL in the bottoms, Hannah was wearing a small, and I thought the bottoms fit great. The top, I like that the back was tied because that made it easier, at least, to make it somehow fit. – Yeah, ’cause I was
wearing a 34, and I’m a 28, so you have to like, pull it. – And then for me, I was able to wear, I think I was wearing a 36 or a 38 here, and I usually can be either a 38 or a 40. So I usually do look out for any swimsuit that has ties in the back, especially if I gain or lose weight, I don’t have to get a new swimsuit. – It’s adjustable.
– It’s adjustable, so it’s just so much more convenient. So we obviously scoured the floor for the more full-coverage ones, but this is the first one
that we’ve tried that on me, it’s way too small on the cups. – Yeah, it’s not doing you– – Yeah, it’s giving me
that boob job effect. And this is a D. I can be a C or a D, so the
fact that this is so small… But it doesn’t look as small on you. – Yeah, so I’m a 36DD is what I’m wearing. So it’s like– – The 36 is way too loose. – It’s way too lose,
because it’s actually like, way too loose here and here, so actually, I don’t know what it’s doing. – They’re not supported. – They’re not filling like, this bit, but then they’re like– – Popping out of that bit. – Yeah, I don’t really understand. – Also, this is the first one that’s like, really poorly made. Like, you can see the tan inside of it, and it kind of like, pops out. It’s just not the best. And I love the idea of this
cross-section in the front, but it just doesn’t, it’s not well-made. – I like these thick straps. – Yeah, oh, good point. This blue top was the first one that on me, did not work. I was wearing a 38D, and I just felt like I
was popping out of it. – Same. – And it wasn’t a
high-quality swimsuit either. It just, this one, to me, didn’t really have any
redeeming qualities. So this one was an easy no for me. – They were all easy no’s for me. Just so you all are aware. – But spoiler alert, Hannah
did find one eventually in this video. – Yeah, so, stay tuned.
– Stay tuned. – The wire on this one is
already fully popping out. – Oh my gosh. – This one is broken. – Oh my gosh, okay, and I’m wearing a DD because they didn’t have
a C or a D in this one. This does not look like a DD, because if you’re wearing a DD– – You feel like it fits?
– Yes. – ‘Cause it changes
depending on the back size. If you’re a 38, ’cause
actually, the way that it works, is that when you go up a back size, you should go down a cup size. – Right, which is why I
can be a 40C or a 38D, but this is a 38DD, and I
still have some boob out. – So I’m wearing a 34DD,
and what I’ve had to do is tighten it so much around my neck to the point where it’s
uncomfortable and strangling me in order– – To get any support.
– Yeah. – And these straps are
so thin, like even on me, I don’t feel enough support. It does have the double clasp in the back, which should add more
support, which I like. How do you feel about the bottoms? – I love yellow. I love these bottoms, but
since having my surgery, I probably wouldn’t. – And I don’t mind low-waisted bottoms. They used to be my worst nightmare. My stomach has always been the area that I’ve been more insecure about, but recently, I’ve been like, what’s wrong with low-waisted bottoms,
– It looks cute. – So I’ve been buying a few more, but the only thing I don’t like, is I feel like if I went in
the ocean with the waves, I feel like these would plop down because they’re also a little loose, they’re not as elastic. – I love yellow.
– It’s so pretty. I can’t believe I was
wearing a DD in this. Why did the Target
swimsuit cups run so small? Like, I am not a DD. I’m a C or a D depending on the width. And the DD, I still had quite
a bit of cleavage showing. – [Hannah] There was some boobage. – There was some boobage,
there was some spillage, and again, just those little tiny strings, it’s just not. They weren’t wide enough. – [Hannah] It was all bad for me (laughs). So I picked this one because
it was bright yellow, and I love yellow, and obviously even the bottoms were low-rise. So I was never gonna actually get these, but I just wanted to wear a yellow bikini.
– It was fun to try. I was surprised at how okay I felt in those low-rise bottoms,
because like I said, that’s always been a point
of insecurity for me. Of feeling like, low-rise
bottoms are not made for someone who’s not thin, and I think
that’s just been something I kind of had to unlearn, to be like why can’t I
wear low-rise bottoms? So I think this was a good
stepping stone for me, of maybe– – Breaking out of the comfort zone. More on that.
– I still appreciate high-rise bottoms more, but
there’s no reason I can’t try a low-rise bottom. – Yeah, they’re not like, excluded to you. It’s not like, oh I can’t do that. – So Target as a whole,
swimsuit shopping there, I would say it’s a pretty
welcoming environment. I love that their ads
are not photoshopped, and that they really
advertise having swimsuits for every body, even though–
– Not true. – Not true, false advertising. But I did find one that I liked. That one piece for me was
kind of my ideal one piece. I thought it was really, really great. And I actually did end up buying it. – I thought about buying
the striped bottoms, just because they looked really cool, but I knew that by buying those, I would need to buy some
colorful bikini tops to go with it, and I just couldn’t be bothered. – Oh, one more thing I wanted to add, we were trying all these
standard sized swimsuits because we both can wear that size, but they did have a
big plus sized section, which is awesome, but what I noticed, the plus size swimsuits
came in boring colors. – All dark.
– All dark. And… – They were all like little camis. – Tankinis. – Yeah, but like floaty, so this idea that it’s supposed to like,
rest nicely over your stomach. – And not show it.
– Yeah. – Which I was like, I’m glad that Target is
including plus sizes– – It was literally that one style. – But I’m like why
can’t a plus-sized woman show her stomach? It’s that kind of like, little
bit of negative reinforcement that I wasn’t a fan of. Stop number two. We are at Aerie and Hannah got all excited because the window display
is all like, yellow, lemony, but I’ve noticed, at least for me, Aerie tends to be less structured, on the swimsuit tops. It’s more like triangle
bikinis and bandeaus without cups or wire.
– So not for me. – And, it’s a smaller store than Target, so there’s going to be
less options in general, but I love how body positive
everything is in here. It’s nice to have that
welcoming, supportive environment that makes it a little easier. So I’m excited about the environment. – But is it welcoming and supportive if they don’t have your size? – True, true. Well, let’s find out. We’ll see. (upbeat music) Look at the dressing room mirror. – Oh yeah, you said. – Isn’t that so cute? – Sister slay, you’re hot. Aw, you’re rocking that bod, girl. – We should add one. Okay, so Hannah and I are
in our own dressing rooms. This is the swimsuit on me. Let’s go see how Hannah likes it. I hear giggling. Oh! – Okay, so, this is my
favorite one so far. I still don’t feel supported, like if I do this, it’s gonna gradually, it’s gonna fall down. But this is the medium, so
maybe I should do a large. – And it does have the attachable straps. Do you wanna try those? So when I said I was
gonna do a bandeau top, Hannah was like, that is
not gonna work for me, but like you said, this is
definitely the best one yet, I think. – Yeah, well, it’s still
not flattering on me, because it basically pushes my boobs down and is giving me like a mono-boob effect. With the straps one,
although you can see here, like how much the straps are straining to keep my boobs up.
– That’s true. So even though, it feels right now, I’m like, these could snap. – Yeah, and my problem with the top is, I didn’t put on the straps so I’ll have to try that. But I feel like it’s
weighing my chest down. Like I usually also
have pretty perky boobs, and this is kind of
like pulling them down. The bottoms I love. Like that high cut on the sides
with the tie in the front. Also, since have my bellybutton pierced, I always like when thy
dip down a little bit so I get to show that. I think that’s really fun. And the color, Hannah was like,
oh, I never wear that color, but it’s so fun. – I’m really into it. I really like this one. I would still never buy it. This would be one that would actually
make me feel a bit shit when trying it on,
because I’d be like, oh, if only my boobs were
a little bit smaller, then I’d be able to wear this. But, I feel like this
has opened my eyes a bit, so if I’m bikini shopping back home at that specialist store I go to, and they have a bandeau thing, normally I would avoid– – And now you’re like.
– So it has opened my world a little bit. – I used to never do strapless. Like, never, never, never,
because of my chest, I just can’t. And I actually do like it, especially because what
we were talking about, is with a bikini, you wanna be able to do what
you wanna do at the beach and not worry. – I feel really glamorous, like, look. – Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. I could go play beach volleyball,
I could dive in the waves, and I wouldn’t be
worried about popping out because it’s higher cut, and I think, when you get the
ones that come down like this, you’re more apt for a nip slip, which concerns me.
– I feel like I’m not gonna flash anybody in this. – No! The only thing that
concerns me about this, is look how high-cut it is in the sides. That’s a lot of cheek for me. – Oh, I don’t mind that. – You like showing the cheek?
– Look at that. (they laugh) – I don’t know. I feel like there are a
lot of things about this that I normally wouldn’t go for, but we didn’t have that many options here that we could find in our sizes. – I quite like that this
is out of my comfort zone. I’m actually just like– – Yeah. I feel like I could dance. I could like, dive into the ocean, I could like, jump onto a rainbow floatie when I’m drunk at Palm Springs. Also, it is funny filming in
this, because it’s strapless, we just look naked. – Yeah, it’s now officially purchased. – So this pink swimsuit
was originally $29.95 for each the top and the bottom, like $29.95 each, but it was on sale, so only $18 dollars for each piece. I actually thought this was gonna be the middle-tier priced store, I thought Target would be cheaper, but Aerie ended up being
way less expensive. – Sale!
– Sale! So in this one, Hannah was
wearing a small in the bottom, I was wearing an extra
large on the bottom, and then on top she was in a
medium and I was in a large. This one was such a shocker. – [Hannah] I’m still shocked. – [Sierra] It looked good on both of us, and we have very different bodies, and I just felt like it worked. – [Hannah] That bikini top
doesn’t tick any of my boxes of my ideal swimsuit, but
I just felt amazing in it. And I liked that it was
out of my comfort zone, I loved the color. – And I think that’s one of
the things that I think is fun. It’s great to go shopping
with what you want in mind, but it’s also good to
sometimes just grab a wild card because that ended up being the one that I think we both liked the best. – We both bought it. – Yes, we both bought it,
and now we get to twin, which I’m so excited about.
– Oh my god, yes. – Okay, so the suit that
I’m just about to put on now is Hannah’s pick and it’s a one piece, but they only had it left in a medium because it’s on sale. So we’re both trying it on in a medium. Hannah and I both have
very different body types. She’s usually a small and I’m
usually a large or extra large so we’re kind of meeting
in the middle here. And yeah, let’s take a look. Okay, so this is the
medium that Hannah chose. She’s about to go put hers on. The bottom fits totally fine. I don’t feel like I had to stretch it to put it on. My main issue right here
is I have major underboob on the bandeau part. This does give some
extra coverage, though, this little part. I love the design of this, and the idea. I wish I could buy this
bandeau part in a bigger size because I just don’t have enough coverage and I definitely don’t feel
supported in the chest. Let’s go see how Hannah likes it. All right, Hannah? So much room there. – So much room here, because I’m petite, but then like, it’s the same as you. Side, underboob. – The bottom fits okay on me, though. How ’bout you? Too loose?
– This is a bit baggy, so I would probably be a small in this, and then, like, a 28J, please. – Let’s go look in the mirror, both of us. Now this is a trip, because
we’re wearing the same size. Look at how different how
bodies are in the same size. – It fits you quite nicely. – It does. I thought it was gonna be too small, but I didn’t have to like
push or stretch or anything to get this stuff in.
– Look at this. – Yeah, I even have some room here. Like, why is that? I love the idea of this suit, though, like it’s really cute.
– What is this? – Yeah, why? – It’s like I’m wearing overalls. – It’s like a swimsuit overall. It’s a cute idea. I feel confident in the idea of it, but I don’t feel confident in– – The execution.
– The execution, that’s exactly it. Okay, so this swimsuit was
just a big old no from me, but what’s funny, is I actually
felt okay looking at it, like it looked cute, especially the back. – The back was good.
– So cute. I didn’t feel supported, but I felt like it still
flattered my figure. – [Hannah] Yeah, it looked good on you, I think it was just slightly
wrong with the bandeau thing. For me, it was so wrong. It was like, too big, too small. – So this one was $33 with the discount, but clearly neither of us bought it. – So what was your experience like, because you don’t have Aerie in the UK? – I don’t think we do. But I’ve heard of Aerie
because loads of people were tweeting me like, last year, when they did this big campaign with loads of disabled models, and one of the models had a stoma bag, and everyone was like
Hannah, have you seen this? And I was obviously obsessed,
I was like, oh my god. – Yeah, Aerie is really, really
good about representation. – I was like, I feel seen! – Yes, and they do that for
so many different disabilities and different body shapes,
and different looks, like I feel like any girl can
go into Aerie and feel seen and feel like they are being represented. – And they have all these
little Post-its on the mirror that people previously stuck on there with loads of compliments
and words of encouragement. – There was one when I walked in, I literally almost cried, I was
about to put on the swimsuit and there was one that said, when you look in the mirror,
remember to also look at what’s inside. And I was like, oh, I love that! So our third and final store
is called Everything But Water, and this is a much more high-end store, and I’ve actually never been here. – Me neither.
– But, I was interested in trying it, because they say that they have more sizes for your chest width and more cup sizes, so hopefully we can find
something for Hannah. I don’t know if I’ll buy anything here even if I find something that I like, because spending 80-100
dollars on a swimsuit is like–
– Normal for me. – But difficult for me to swallow. – Normal for me, it’s like a necessity. – Yeah, Hannah’s like this is just a walk in the park, very normal.
– This is is like, pfft. – It’s a small store,
but it’s only swimsuits, so let’s go inside. (upbeat music) Okay, so here is my pick. Um, I don’t like it on me,
but I know you like it on you. – I like it on me. – So I’m wearing a DD,
and you’re wearing– – A DDD.
– A DDD. – It doesn’t have like a back size, it’s just the cup size, but
what we have to do in mine is tie it on the absolute
tightest, tightest so it kind of fits. But I love this material, it’s very soft, even though it’s got
the same boobie effect that some of the Target
ones were giving me, I feel so much more secure now. – You feel like, held?
– Look at these thick straps. – And look at the side. You don’t get any of that armpit boob. So for me, the top, every
time I move a little bit, this rolls up, this right here, and I don’t like that. – If I were a rich girl,
I would buy this bikini. – I’m wearing a large, I
think I would need an XL. Look at how these buttons are pulling. – That was the design, because
when I saw it hanging loose just on the hanger, it was
designed with it being like that. I remember looking at it like, why does it look like it’s stretching? – I mean, I do think these
bottoms are too small on me. I feel like I look like
a Twinkie squeezing out of a two-sizes-too-small suit. Sorry, I shouldn’t talk so
negatively about my body. I’ve been trying to be better
about positive self-talk. It’s the swimsuit that’s the problem. – The swimsuit is always the problem, your body’s not the problem.
– I agree. So this swimsuit was my
pick, and ironically, it was terrible on me. – And great on me.
– And great on you. You almost bought this. – I almost did, but mega expensive, and a soon as I actually
started moving around in it, rather than just standing
still and looking amazing, I was like, whoa, no. – This is like that thing that was on Twitter a few weeks ago, from Pretty Little Thing about like, this swimsuit is for poolside posing. – Only!
– That’s what that was for. – That one is 100% what it’s for. But the material! Oh my, heavenly. – These swimsuits, yes,
they are very expensive. The top was $88 and the bottoms were $74. – And that is more than
I spend in the specialist big boobie place in the UK. – Also, I thought it was so
funny, because in the US, one of the things that you pay for when you go to these expensive stores, is the very hands-on customer service. So the sales associate picking
out the clothes for you, helping you with it, suggesting things, and Hannah as a Brit… – I feel like if you are giving
me that level of attention, and interference in my shopping process, I want a discount. (they laugh) – Every time the sales associate came in and was like, hey, how are you doing? Hannah was looking at me
going like, oh my gosh! – [Associate] So this one comes in a D-cup if you wanna try it to match the bottom. – And she comes back with
something we didn’t even ask for! – Yes, that’s what they’re supposed to do, they’re supposed to
recommend things for you based on what you picked out. – No! – When I put this one on, I felt like going back to
teenage years, going shopping, and being like, I hate my body. And it was a weird thing for me, and I even said something
in the dressing room where I made fun of my body. – And you know what I did? I laughed, because that was like, hahaha, rather than being like, no, stop it! Don’t you dare say that! – And then I remembered, and I was like, no, no, I’m not gonna talk
about my body like that. And I think it’s important to remember, your body’s not the problem. The swimsuit is the problem. – The swimsuit is always the problem. – It is, and I forgot that for a second, and that’s another thing that I try to be transparent
about on my channel, is that I am still on my
body positive journey. There is no end to this. There is no perfect utopia,
everything’s great– – Because we still live in a patriarchy. – Unfortunately.
– A capitalist patriarchy. – So this is Hannah’s pick. This is a one piece. When I put it on, I was like,
oof, there’s not a ton of room in the chest, but it works for you. – Yeah, I don’t know how. – ‘Cause it barely works for me. – It is pretty much
covering the sideboob here. The only thing is is
that I can feel, here, where the pad is. You know where the inside
bra that is not a bra, so that comes up to here,
and my boob is here. – See, whereas on me it’s here, it is under my boob, like I think– – This is not under my boob. My boob comes down to here but the bra is supposed to be here. – It looks good on you.
– Yeah, you can’t tell. – You can’t tell, it’s
just a feeling thing. – But the thing is, if I get
my boobs in the right place, then this happens.
– There’s all the spillage. See, I think, just for my comfort, I would like more coverage on top, but it fits fine everywhere else. Also these are in numbered sizes, so Hannah’s in a six and I’m in a 12. – I just need more material.
– Yeah, yeah. I feel much more confident in
this one than the last one. I don’t think I’m gonna buy
this because it’s not perfect and it’s $154.
– Oh yeah, no. – But, I feel like I could wear this and I wouldn’t feel uncomfortable,
whereas the other one, I was like, this is not for me. – I really like this, and
it’s better than I thought it was going to be. – Yeah, I think this
store suits you better, and Target suited me better. And Aerie suited us both. I wish these straps were thicker. They’re kind of digging into
me because I tightened it so that I would be more supported and then it’s not super comfortable. It’s gonna be a no from me. Looks good though!
– This is a shame. – I think it looks good on
both of us, actually, I do. So this one piece was $156.
(Hannah gasps) I was wearing it in a 12,
Hannah was wearing it in a six. And I liked it, but it wasn’t $156-like. – No, same. It just fitted everywhere
except the boobs. – Can we see a recurring theme here? And like I said, I
usually do have a problem with my chest, but it’s not
nearly as big of a problem as yours. – Nearly as big!
– Big of a problem. But it’s not a problem. – It’s not a problem. It is–
– The swimsuit! – The swimsuit. So this was the first
store that neither of us got anything at. – And probably for their best,
because it was so expensive. – So in the end, I got two swimsuits, I got the pink Aerie swimsuit and the black floral Target one piece. – [Hannah] And I got the pink Aerie thing! – So I think what’s interesting is we found swimsuits we liked, but most of the ones we
liked didn’t tick our boxes. – No. But I, again, would only buy something that doesn’t tick all my boxes if one, I feel amazing in it, which I did, and two, it was cheap. – That’s true. And just remember, when you go swimsuit shopping this summer, your body’s not the problem,
the swimsuit is the problem. – Exactly. – And it’s okay if not
every one works out, because I definitely had some that I felt less than amazing in, but I ended up finding
some that really worked! – Persistence. – Persistence– – Persistence in this
patriarchal, capitalist society! – So if you liked this video, make sure to go over to Hannah’s channel where we are testing out
different chub rub products. – Oh yeah, for those chafing thighs. – Summer is here, and we don’t
want any of that redness, that chafing, and we did
find some stuff that worked over there, so head over
there, check that out. Subscribe to Hannah,
she is funny and lovely and I am just so happy to have her here.
– Thanks! – And if you want more of us
just talking and being silly, head over to my blog channel, and if you want more of us
talking and being more serious, I am gonna be on Hannah’s podcast. I don’t think that’ll be
up yet when this is up, but I will link her
podcast in the description so that you can check it out, because even when I’m
not on it, it’s amazing. – It’ll be good. – So I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Be confident, love your body,
and I will see you next time. Bye!
– Bye! (upbeat music)


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