Wealthy Affiliate Review: 7 Big Problems (2019)

Bali, Indonesia. My home for the past four
months. Temples, beaches, festivals, awesome little monkeys. Yeah, I haven’t experienced
much of that lately, because I’ve spent the past two weeks in front of my laptop,
reviewing an affiliate marketing course called Wealthy Affiliate. Now you’re
probably watching this video to find out if Wealthy Affiliate is legit, or if it’s
a scam… Basically, you’re wondering if you should
sign up for it or not. And I’ll tell you right now, up front, that I don’t think
it’s a good idea. And hey, it’s not just me saying this. My friend Mark also
reviewed the course. Mark, do you think people should sign up for Wealthy
Affiliate? “What? No!” Rachel, how about you? “Noooo. Noooo.” Okay. Reggie, what do you think? Should
people sign up for Wealthy Affiliate? “Oh hell no!” Caesar, how about you? “No!” There you have it. Doesn’t seem to matter if you’re male, female, black or white, or even a
different species. You probably shouldn’t sign up for Wealthy Affiliate. All jokes
aside, I really did sign up for a premium Wealthy Affiliate account a couple of
weeks ago, and spent more than 40 hours going through the training materials. I
just published a big mad article detailing 27 things you should know
about the course, and in this video I’m gonna quickly run through the seven
biggest problems I found. Before we get into that, hi my name is Niall, nice to
meet you. I’m from Ireland and I quit my last real job back in 2010. Ever since
then I’ve been making a living from my laptop and publishing monthly finance
reports so you can see exactly how I make money online. And thanks to my
online business, I’ve been able to visit more than 50 countries since quitting my
job, and like I said I’m currently living in Bali. Now I only started focusing on
affiliate marketing myself several months ago, so I am NOT an affiliate
marketing expert by any means. But, I have had some
early success and I think I know enough about affiliate marketing by now to
recognize bad training when I see it. Speaking of which, I think it’s fair to
say that Wealthy Affiliate is the most popular affiliate marketing course in
the world, with more than 1.5 million members and about 5,000 new people
signing up to it every single week. The first big problem I have with Wealthy
Affiliate is that much of the core training is seriously outdated. I went
through all 120 lessons in the core training – and that’s the training every
new student is advised to go through – and found that most of the videos there date
from 2015 or 2016, and some days from as early as 2012. Which wouldn’t be an issue,
except we’re talking about affiliate marketing here, and this industry evolves
fast. What worked in 2015 and 2016 isn’t nearly as effective today. The second big
problem with Wealthy Affiliate is outdated credibility. Lead trainer Kyle
reveals three of his affiliate sites throughout the core training. I checked
them all on Ahrefs this month, and the numbers don’t look good,
racking up a combined 92 visits and $70 traffic value per month. “Jesus!”
The other lead trainer in Wealthy Affiliate is a guy named Jay Neill, who
claims that one of his affiliate sites earns $300 a day or $9,300
per month. For proof, he offers a single screenshot from a
3-day stretch back in early 2016. “What? Yo what are you talking about, man?” I know Ross: it doesn’t add up for me either. So I went ahead and messaged Jay Neill asking if he could please
provide more recent screenshots that, you know, actually show that he’s earning as
much money as he claims to be earning each month. And, well, he didn’t take my
request too kindly. So what we have here are the two lead trainers of the most
popular affiliate marketing course in the world, and no evidence that either of
them has earned very much from affiliate marketing since 2016. And hey, that
wouldn’t be a big deal, that wouldn’t bother me at all.
if lots of Wealthy Affiliate students were still getting good results from the
training. But, if they are, I’m not seeing it. I went through this big list of
supposedly successful Wealthy Affiliate students and found only 9 reporting
what I’d classify as great results. Now maybe it’s just me, but with more than 600
people signing up for premium accounts each week, if the Wealthy Affiliate
training was truly still effective, I’d expect to see way more than 9 people
achieving great results over the past several months. The third big problem is
misleading claims. Wealthy Affiliate is absolutely riddled with these. For
example, they tell you it is going to take less than 30 seconds to get a fully
operational profit ready WordPress website up and running online. A claim
that one veteran premium member described as “clearly nonsense.” It’s also
claimed within the program that Wealthy Affiliate members have always noticed
notable boosts in rankings and traffic with every Google update. But it’s not
hard to find members reporting otherwise. And to give one final example, you’re
told in the free training that with what we have already given you you could
easily scale a campaign to make over 1 million dollars per year. Oh, I’m sorry
did you say “easily?” “You keep using that word. I don’t think I means
what you think it means.” Tthe fourth big problem with Wealthy
Affiliate is good old-fashioned bad advice. For example, you’re told multiple
times that there is no such thing as choosing the wrong niche. Because
apparently, “You know, you can create a lucrative business within absolutely any
niche online… and never think that you’re too targeted. It’s more often the case
that you’re too broad with your initial starting point.” Perfect! In that case I’ll
go ahead and start my tiddlywinks for African-American amputees affiliate site.
I’m sure that will do well! And, of course, despite the claims that there’s no such
thing as choosing the wrong niche, many Wealthy Affiliate members end up, you
guessed it, choosing the wrong niche. I’ve listed many other examples of bad
advice from Wealthy Affiliate in my written article – I’ll put the link in the
description – so I’m just gonna mention one more for now. Here again is lead
trainer Kyle, this time talking about heading tags. “So if I wanted to make this a heading tag, I would simply go up here and I’d scroll down to the heading 3 or
the heading 4 tag. I find the heading 1 and heading 2 tags a little bit too big,
so I usually try to keep it to an h3 or an h4 tag.” Kyle repeats that advice several
more times throughout the core training, apparently having little understanding
of what Yoast refers to as a basic part of SEO, or how to style headings using
CSS. The fifth big problem with Wealthy Affiliate is that it’s missing crucial
info. Going through all 120 core training lessons in the program I noticed that
there was no – or in some cases, grossly insufficient – training on topics such as
these. To be clear, most of these topics are addressed within Wealthy Affiliate,
but the issue is that they are not addressed within the core training
material. So while many of these topics are absolutely crucial to affiliate
marketing success, you might never know about them as a member of Wealthy
Affiliate. The sixth big problem with Wealthy Affiliate is that the training
is very poorly organized. The lessons often appear scattered, disjointed and
repetitive, giving me the impression that the entire course was not planned out in
advance, but more likely pieced together haphazardly over the years. For example,
it’s not until the 46th lesson of the Online Entrepreneur Certification
that you receive instructions on how to plan out an article before you start
writing it. Which wouldn’t be so bad, if you hadn’t already been advised to write
20 articles throughout the previous 45 lessons! Sorry kids, all that work you did
before? Kind of useless now. Another example: this premium lesson
advises you to set up a Google Adsense account. And then, in the very next lesson,
you’re told that actually Google Adsense is a waste of time,
and you should focus your efforts on affiliate marketing instead.
“Sike, that’s the wrong number!” The seventh big problem with Wealthy Affiliate is the ranking system. All members of the program are ranked according to their
contributions to the community, and the top 25 are referred to as Ambassadors. This explains why you see so many people posting so many pointless
messages and comments within Wealthy Affiliate: everybody is trying to improve
their ranking! But here’s the thing: it’s entirely possible to achieve a high
ranking in Wealthy Affiliate, and still be terrible at affiliate marketing. For
example, this lady is ranked in the top 20. She’s been a member of Wealthy
Affiliate since 2009, and yet here she is blogging a few weeks back that she’s
only getting 30 visits per day on a website she’s been working on for 11
months. Let me say that again: she’s been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for more
than a decade. She’s been working on one particular website for 11 months. And
she’s struggling to get more than 30 visits per day. “Oh my god! We should leave it at that. We should close with that. That is the mind blower of mind blowers.” Oh it gets worse, Joe! You see, all of these issues with Wealthy Affiliate are
especially inexcusable for two reasons. First, we’re talking about the most
popular affiliate marketing course in the world here! More than 1.5 million
members alreadym and another 750 or so sign up for a free account every single
day. That’s a lot of people who rely on the Wealthy Affiliate training to build
a successful online business. And I’m sorry, but I believe that training is
failing those people massively. Second, about 90 of those 750 daily new members
eventually upgrade to a paid premium account. By my calculations, that means
Wealthy Affiliate is now generating approximately 10 million dollars per
year in revenue. 10 million dollars per year and they’re telling you to back up
your WordPress website manually every week, they’re spending 10 whole lessons
teaching you PPC on Bing and Yahoo before teaching you PPC on Google. And, my personal favorite: occasionally abandoning all pretenses and having
entire lessons that say hey, you know what, just do whatever you like!
“Today I don’t feel like doing anything…” Oh cool, Brad’s here! Brad, tell us: did you get any value out of the Wealthy
Affiliate training? “Noooo. Noooo!” Okay, thanks Brad. To wrap this up, you might be thinking, “Hey
Niall, if Wealthy Affiliate really is so bad,
then why is it so popular?” And the answer is: for the same reason you’ll probably
watch that new Robert De Niro movie. “You talking to me?” Ah, no not talking to
you, so much as talking about you. “Oh yeah? Okay.”
Sorry about that. Here’s De Niro’s acting career plotted on a graph. As you can see,
early on he mostly made great movies, and people enjoyed watching them. Then, at a
certain point, Bob stopped caring and people stopped enjoying. And yet, many of
those same people will still go check out a new Robert De Niro movie. Even
though the man’s been laying turds for years, he keeps cashing in on his early
success and reputation. The same can be said of Wealthy Affiliate. Their training
was probably fairly effective a few years back, but I’m not seeing many
people getting results from it today. Regardless, hundreds of people are still
signing up every single week. “In the casino, the cardinal rule is to keep them
playing and keep them coming back. The longer they play, the more they lose. Eventually, we
get it all. Goddamit!” Thankfully, there are plenty plenty of alternatives to Wealthy Affiliate
available. I’m on a mission to review all the top affiliate marketing courses by
the end of the year, so if you’d like to see how that shakes out, click the link
in the description and sign up to my mailing list. You’ll also find a link in
the description to my full review of Wealthy Affiliate, where you can see lots
more examples and screenshots of misleading claims and outdated training,
bad advice, etc etc. My goal with all this is to save you time and money while
building your online business. If you feel I helped you do that with my
review of Wealthy Affiliate, then a click on the like button would be very much
appreciated. Thanks for watching, and I guess I’ll go
outside now.


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