Wealthy Affiliate Review – How I Made My First $175 (2019)

this is my review of the wealthy
affiliate program I’m going to show you how I made my first dollars with it and
how I’ve since gone on to make much more what you can see here on the screen and
how you can start today to do the same what’s happening everyone my name is
Greg Kononenko and on this channel Caffeinated Blogger i put out regular
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when I upload my next training video let’s get into it first of all I want to
show you my results with welfare feel it I started approximately one week ago and
I’ve made around about one thousand dollars so far Here I am inside my
wealthy affiliate dashboard and I’m just gonna refresh this page here and as you
can see it’s saying that my next paycheck
is $100 iron $60 today 16 yesterday last seven days one hundred dollars now
you’ll notice that I’ve did I’ve just told you before that I’ve made close to
a thousand dollars again the way that this works is that a lot of the sales
that you get there actually subscription sales so basically the members that you
refer that will continue paying monthly and their average payout per each member
that you refer is actually close to about hundred two hundred and fifty
dollars I’ve referred nine members so far so that’s why I said that roundabout
you know if I take into account all of those subsequent Billings in the future
months I’ve made close to thousand dollars so far as you can see this all
actually happened just now in the last week or so of March started on them
around 15 16th of March it’s the 24th now so in the last seven eight nine days
that’s how long it took me to get these results here I’ve done a search in my
inbox for the subject line Congrats and uwa Commission and you can see that
these nine sales that have come in they literally have happened all in the last
six days first of all let’s get the first thing out of the way what is
wealthy affiliate program and why is it so good so it’s a free to join platform
ok so it’s free for anyone to join wealthy earth in it and it’s an all-in
platform we’d lets anyone learn affiliate marketing so it’s got a lot of
really good training and also how to build great websites so you can call it
blogging you can call it niche websites whatever it is it’s basically to build
websites and then how to make money with affiliate marketing from these websites
so it’s a all-in-one platform it has got I feel it marketing training it also has
got website builder tools it includes hosting as well so the hosting service
is part of the wealthy affiliate membership and it’s also got web content
platform that allows you to produce content quickly it’s got a keyword
research platform and it also has got a community slash kind of coaching
mastermind aspect to it as well so it’s a really really comprehensive all-in-one
platform I’m just going to quickly show you some of the components that are
included inside Wealthy Affiliate so the first aspect that I want to show you is
the training so if you go into the training tab from your dashboard you can
see there are a few different training options or actually quite a lot of
different training options that you can complete now the training is super high
quality so the first one here is online entrepreneur certification and that’s
about kind of how do you even get started with affiliate marketing and
building websites how to build your own traffic producing website alright then
you can see there are actually lots of modules and tasks everything’s really
well organized there are 28 asks here 35 tasks here then how to actually make
money mastering social engagement achieving maximum success through
content creation and just got it to show you how this is all laid out
it’s very step by steps the training is great
you know all of the training is kind of here and then you have to tick off the
tasks as you’re completing them you can follow along you can ask questions at
anytime just either through typing stuff in the chat box kind of here or just
through this thing here ask a question here and someone from the community will
actually get back to you very very quickly there are lots of other training
I’m not gonna go through all of it now you know there are the restraining HQ
there are kind of different classrooms so the training is really really
extremely kind of comprehensive and you’ve got training on pretty much any
aspect of online marketing that you can possibly imagine which is
really good the other things that are included in here is you can actually
build your own websites within Wealthy Affiliate so are things like site
manager site builder you can get domains hosting is included within Wealthy
Affiliate as well you can research your keywords as well you can research
various websites keyword lists so tons and tons of information here the other
thing that’s really good is if you ever get stuck at Wealthy Affiliate then you
can actually just ask a question here so for example you can say how do I build a
website okay and because there are lots of questions similar questions that have
been asked before you can just pick up one of these and read the answer or if
you still can’t find a question then you just type it in here and someone from
the community will get back to you so if you ever get stuck you know there is
always help available so how can you actually make money from wealthy
affiliate well there are two ways that you can make money the first way is to
obviously follow the training that you get inside wealthy affiliate to build
your affiliate website and then make money from those affiliate websites
there are thousands of members inside wealthy affiliate that have done exactly
that you know they’ve built the web sites in different niches like in
gardening niche or in computer niche technician cetera and they’re making
money from the affiliate commissions from their website the second way to
make money is to refer members to wealthy affiliate and you can refer so
the membership the initial membership is actually free so you can just refer
these free members and you will get paid when those members upgrade I’m gonna
talk about that in just a little bit later later in this video but first of
all I want to cover does the training actually work well there are tons of
success stories in the members area I want to show you some as I was saying to
you guys there is actually a massive community aspect to wealthy affiliate
which I absolutely love and what do you know unexpectedly you know I’ve just
come through here to the home page and four minutes ago one of the members said
I made an unexpected sale okay so basically anyone who joins wealthy fina
has got this thing called my blog and people can share things on their own
blog and you can see a lot of those successes
and you know you can kind of connect with people that way but someone here
just said I made an unexpected sale I was so excited tonight when I checked
MoMA’s on account and discovered that one of my sites had a sale all right it
sounds like this particular member has made their first sale ever
as I continue scrolling down there is another post seven hours ago this member
Jerry Wayne has had $100,000 a week now he’s obviously a bit more experienced do
you know he has done a lot of different things but he did start out here I know
Jerry a little bit now from welfare fillit and he started out by applying
the training that he learned here at Wealthy Affiliate to have a hundred K
week and there’s just so so many similar posts you can see here new blogs ok that
one I made an unexpected sale milestone reach so someone has had success as well
my journey with wealthy affiliate that’s kind of like a again a success journey
so very exciting ok then said I made it 1k followers on YouTube my dream has
come true I’m finally leaving my laptop lifestyle so people are loving wealthy
affiliate and that’s a very important thing for me when I looked at kind of
you know getting on board and promoting wealthy feeling and being part of
wealthy if you know they’re actually tons of really positive members who’ve
had a lot of success with the wealthy affiliate system and training so let’s
just talk about this kind of free versus premium so there are two pricing tiers
there is a free pricing tier and a premium pricing tier so it is actually
absolutely free for anyone to join you can join right now you can just check
check the link in the description below and grab my bonus if you join up but it
is free to join ok and as a free member you can access some training and you can
also promote welfare fill it as an affiliate ok
so free members you can do the training and you can also promote this platform
to others and get paid as well you don’t need to pay anything to start making
money with wealthy affiliate you can just use the training or promoted our
Premium Members actually have more benefits they have access to more
training and they they get slightly higher commissions as well if they
promote wealthy affiliate platform as an affiliate to others so for example I’m a
Premium Member at welfare feel it you can see that I’ve got access to all
of these online entrepreneur certification to everything within the
affiliate bootcamp you know I’ve got access to every single thing free
members have access to a lot of amazing things as well I just want to run you
through exactly what is actually included at each of the levels so here
is aa starter is basically the free membership and premium is the premium
membership now as a starter membership you’ve got access to ten of the lessons
from online entrepreneur certification which are really really good
high-quality training to ten of the lessons from the 17 essence of the
affiliate bootcamp training which is really good and two out of the twelve
classrooms for you no additional training that is covered as well now
there are other things for example a website platform you can grow with so as
a start-up member you can have two websites there there are twelve
beautiful website designs okay you can you’ve got access to domains and as you
can see basically as a starter member you actually have access to a lot of
really cool things that for example ultimate writing platform grammar
grammar and spelling perfection templates for efficiency and so on and
so forth so even as a free member you have a lot of good good benefits by
being a wealthy affiliate member so I won’t go through every single thing
because it would just kind of take too long and you guys can read about this
yourselves but if we focus on categories wealthy affiliate has got really good
education I mean honestly this is some of the best education online marketing
and affiliate marketing education that I have seen alright so there there is lots
and lots of it the second thing it says the most powerful websites in the world
so it’s a website platform you can grow with alright and there is a website
platform which allows you to quickly install websites and quickly build
websites there are website designs there are things that you know speed up your
website and give you site health analysis and free SSL certificate etc
etc there is also hosting is included within the wealthy affiliate system in
general okay so which is really really good I mean you know hosting by itself
can cost a lot of money there is ultimate content platform so
you can actually quickly create content as well and that is part of the wealthy
affiliate package there is a keyword research tool that’s included called
jacksy and in my opinion probably the most valuable thing is a community that
cares so like I said you can actually get help in virtually you know within an
hour or two you can have pretty much any kind of a question answered and the
reason why that happens is because as as a wealthy as a wealthy affiliate member
everyone is encouraged to look after other people all right there is this
thing called rank so when I started out I was like ranked 300,000 and your rank
grows if you help other people and you’re also expected to help people that
you invite into the wealthy affiliate platform so for example there will be
notifications that I get okay so there will be kind of like notifications that
I get if one of the people who I’ve referred to wealthy affiliate is asking
questions I’ll go and I’ll help them I’ll help everyone personally other
members do the same and also people actually help out even the people that
didn’t they do not know so people like to connect so see how it says here on
the home page new premium members say hello so I can go in there and prompt me
to say hello to them welcome them to the community and there are kind of like
moderators that anytime someone just asks a question in here that goes into
the queue and people will help you virtually instantly with any kind of
question or any kind of problem that you have which to me was really mind-blowing
I mean I’ve never really seen anything like this before so here are the things
that I liked about wealthy affiliate so the training is great shows you how to
build your blog or website drive traffic and make sales it’s really really good
there are tons of success stories I mean I’ve seen hundreds of success stories
myself within the membership area already even free members can actually
learn a lot for free and you can also promote WS and affiliate as well I’m
gonna show you in just a second how to do that but you know the good thing is
that even as a free member you can actually get a lot out of wealth they
fill in now hosting and content tools are also included in membership that’s a
big big big thing you know that’s Hosting and content tools can actually
be a massive additional expense and with wealthy affiliate that is all included a
lot of it is included in the free membership and a lot of it is included
in the premium membership community coaching is actually really really super
helpful as well so these are the things that I really enjoyed so how do you
actually make money so like I said you know if I was starting out you could
actually just implement the training and make money with affiliate marketing so
just start implementing that in parallel you can refer people to wealthy
affiliate and make commissions and you can do this even as a free member so a
little bit about the affiliate program so essentially what you do is you get a
link and then you just invite others to join the wealthy affiliate for free ok
and the conversions are really really good so it says that their average
conversion rate at Wealthy Affiliate is about one and eight so out of every
hundred free members that you refer about twelve people or so will end up
becoming premium members and lifetime commissions for each person who kind of
upgrades is one hundred and twenty one dollars per sale now my own stats that I
want to show you here all right I’ve made nine sales as you can see seven one
and one so basically in total these are all of the referrals that I have had
it’s about 160 referrals a plus or minus that I have made to wealthy affiliate in
the past ten days or so and out of them I have had nine sales so if we pull out
the calculator here and I go nine divided by 160 so far my conversions are
at 5.6 percent now the thing is that like I showed you guys before in my
email as you can see here the sales are now starting to come in because it takes
a little bit of time for people who join as free members to kind of realize the
value of wealthy affiliate and I started promoting it I think on the 14th of 14th
or 15th of March then I made like one sale than two sales than no sales then
on the 23rd I made three sales and then today I’ve made three sales alright so
in the last two days I’ve made seek sales and I was making noise sales
before so I’m expecting that this will continue because more and more people as
they stay in the wealthy affiliate platform you know the
quality of the actual platform encourages them to upgrade because they
see how good it actually is so I love the aspect of it I think that it’s very
very powerful you just refer people for free membership you know they get great
education they’ll like it and then a lot of them will upgrade and
you get paid money so how do you actually promote wealthy affinity as an
affinity so you can use the training inside wealthy affiliate so wealthy
affiliate will teach you how to get traffic and you can use that knowledge
to get traffic in any niche and if you decide to do it within they kind of make
money and opportunities niche then you can promote wealthy affiliate as well
with that knowledge you can also make Facebook posts you know you can post on
Pinterest you can post on YouTube so what will happen is you’ll come in here
you will grab that link so you can see that I’ve got different links set up
here and if I get this link and I open it in an incognito window so that’s the
kind of I feel that link through which you can promote then basically what
happens is that anyone who you share this link with they’ll click on this
link they’ll land on a page similar to this and it says all right you know just
join here for free and I feel that platform design for affiliate marketers
of all levels as soon as they enter that email they will join and they will be
assigned to you for a lifetime so if they upgrade in three months time you
will still get that sale okay there is no cookie or anything like that they
become your referral so if they are bred in even in six months time you will
still get a commission of that sale how much do you actually get paid okay so
this is what I get paid as a premium member I get twenty three fifty per
month for people who sign on or on a monthly plan okay there are some people
I’ve actually made one sale someone who signed up on a yearly plan I made one
hundred and seventy five dollars for that straightaway and there are kind of
other packages that people can buy so for example if they go on six monthly
plan I think that’s around you know commission of about eighty dollars so
you roughly make just under $50 sorry just under fifty percent of what the
person pays to welfare fill it now as you can see here starter members also
earn money okay so if you join as a free member you can still promote wealthy
affiliate I just want to make Klee you do not have to upgrade to
promote it all right and as a free member you will also get that link and
you will earn four dollars for special offer renewals okay it’s a special offer
is the $19 for the first month of the membership and then it says eleven
seventy five monthly so instead of twenty three fifty you just get half of
that so roughly you make twenty five percent commission as free member as a
startup starter member you make roughly twenty five percent commission when you
promote wealthy affiliate to others which is still really awesome because
this is completely free guys okay you can just join for free start making some
money and then you can upgrade to premium if you want to down the road you
can also use the videos from my channel I’ve got a ton of videos on my channel
already about how to generate traffic and you can use those videos the
knowledge from those videos to promote welfare feel it now quick mention there
is actually a really good bonus that I’m gonna give to you if you guys join
wealthy affiliate through my link just in the description below this video when
you upgrade to premium I will send you my traffic training ok that will explain
how to promote wealthy affiliate as an affiliate so I just joined w-wait you
know there is no it’s it’s free to join whenever you’re ready to upgrade you
guys can upgrade as soon as you upgrade to premium I’m gonna send you that bonus
via a direct message within Wealthy Affiliate I can see through my reporting
tools I can see all of my referrals okay if I click on my referrals I’m gonna see
all of them I’ll keep track of who actually upgrades you can also just find
me on welfare feel it if you want and you can drop me a message on the wall
saying hey you know I’ve joined three or whatever and I’m gonna drop that link to
you via direct message into your inbox on wealthy affiliate with the training
for how to get traffic to your wealthy affiliate affiliate link the cool thing
is that you know as an affiliate of wealthy feeling it’s actually I feel
proud to be sharing wealthy affiliate with others because I’ve looked at a lot
of similar platforms and you know I had kind of like a bad feeling about them
I’m not gonna name in the names I mention any platforms but often there is
not enough kind of like useful information there
you know if I recommend some kind of training similar to this wealthy
affiliate platform I was just not happy doing it and with wealthy affiliate the
good thing is I actually feel good about recommending these to other people all
right if I send an email to my email list or I mention it in a video I know
that even a free member of wealthy affiliate is gonna get is gonna be very
very happy it’s gonna get really good training you know a good support good
community good connections and for you as an affiliate if you’re deciding
whether you should do the same or not it’s good to know that you’re actually
promoting a free membership right it’s gonna help somebody and because once
people are wrong the wealthy affiliate platform they’re gonna upgrade I’m
already seeing this and you’re gonna see the same thing and each upgrade is worth
about hundred two hundred and fifty dollars long term including all of the
rebuilds etc to you guys okay so I just wanted to get that out of
the way the other thing is there is actually a really cool way just want to
share with you a little ninja affiliate trick for how to promote welfare feel it
easy and share any piece of content with your affiliate link let me show you what
I’m talking about so like I told you guys there’s actually everyone has got a
blog and a lot of the blog post on here are very very useful for example you can
just look at some genuinely useful blog posts something like my blog ranked
number one in Google five percent bounce rate alright now I haven’t read this in
detail but there are actually some really really useful blogs on here okay
you can take somebody else’s blog post any blog post at all from wealthy
affiliate and you can click this thing called the feel it and just copy this
now guys this is your affiliate link this becomes your affiliate link let me
show you what I mean so you can share this on social media maybe you can share
it with your followers on Instagram or on Facebook you can just you know send
an email to an email list you can do whatever and you can just say hey guys
check this out you know there is a that here is a cool blog post about how to
get page one rankings on Google ok and when somebody clicks on this link there
is your affiliate ID on here they don’t need to be logged on to see it so
they’ll come in here and that will actually be like oh wow
okay that’s really good information I’m very interested in this mm-hmm okay you
know and they read about it okay and what they will see here on the page is
they will see that there are some join links and there is also this modal
pop-up now if somebody signs up right here they become your referral how cool
is that I hope you understand the power of this you can just share useful
information that you don’t even have to write on social media in other places
and anyone who signs up through this becomes your referral you know that’s a
very powerful thing you can even write your own blog post like this so you can
just write your own blog post within wealth they feel it and share it on
social media and once again you know when somebody lands they’ll read it
they’ll like it and then I’ll be thinking what is this thing welfare
feeling hmm not logged in here join now and it says joined for free and a lot of
people will actually sign up I’ve actually done this myself and I got
really good results so you will see here see these things here guest join forum
website join if any program view on top and default create account modal so all
of these I’ve actually made about 10 referrals just by sharing one of these
blog posts with my followers so that’s the ninja healer trick that I wanted to
share with you guys now a lot of cool stuff happening at the free level just
to recap it’s actually really good to get some initial useful training alright
it includes seven days of some premium features as well and it allows you to
promote wealthy affiliate as an affiliate to services really nothing to
lose at a free level you know and when you promote it to others you can be
confident that this is something really really useful as well at a premium level
you know premium level of Isla unlocks everything like all training and all
tools hosting etc etc etc and pays high commissions as well so who is this
actually for well I believe because this is actually free to join in the reason a
risk I think that anyone can benefit from that initial training you know
there is no reason not to join right and anyone who wants to learn a feel it
marketing how to build a blog how to build a website how to drive traffic can
actually really benefit from just even a free membership at Wealthy Affiliate and
anyone who then wants to promote this as a
as a as an affiliate okay like to promote it or act in it marketing
techniques can benefit from it as well just once again if you join wealthy
affiliate from my link in the description below whenever you guys are
ready to upgrade okay you don’t have to do this right away like months or weeks
or days down the road whenever you upgrade to premium I’m
gonna drop you a direct message on welfare fill it with the training
traffic training that will help you to promote welfare feel it as an affiliate
that’s it thank you so much for watching I hope you found this wealthy affiliate
review useful subscribe to my channel if you would like to get notified about my
future videos about traffic generation I feel it marketing and making money
online don’t forget to click that Bell notification icon to get an instant
update whenever my next video goes live thank you so much for watching Greg Khan
an anchor here and I’ll see in the next video


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