Wealthy Affiliate Review – Wealthy Affiliate Review With Exclusive BONUSES

hi there it’s Chris here with SelfMadeNewbie.com. Welcome to this wealthy affiliate review so if you’re
researching now wealthy affiliate you want to know what it is essentially it
is a university / Academy probably the oldest one out there on how to make
money online through affiliate marketing which is the best way to make money
online burn on in my opinion and wealthy affiliate has a special place in my
heart because it was really the first place I went when I made the decision
that I want to work for myself or what I make money online I joined wealthy
affiliate in 2015 and you know I was blown away by just everything from the
community to just the step-by-step training that you just kind of follow
and it’s all done within the context of that one platform and you know I started
making money and really it’s the only thing that ever fulfilled on the
promises you know there’s a lot of promises out there in this make money
online kind of business and this really really if I if I think back at all the
trainings I’ve done and things I’ve signed up for I think I got lucky that
it was the first thing I signed up for and I learnt a lot so you know and it
delivered on what it promised which is where I want to do if you want it today
so today we’re gonna take a deep dive into wealthy affiliate I’m gonna take
you through everything that you can expect and as well as that I’ve also
gotten you some exclusive bonus products that are gonna really supplement and go
hand in hand with when you sign up to wealthy affiliate that are going to
really help you hit the ground running and learn a lot more about making money
online and affiliate marketing and blogging then what actually wealthy
affiliate has on offer despite their training being awesome
I’ve got a new a couple products there that are gonna go a bit deeper into
different areas especially questions that you’re definitely going to come to
because I know the mouse those that you’re gonna hit if you’re a beginner to
blogging and affiliate marketing I know the mast owns you can hit I know the
questions you’re going to have so all these bonuses that I’ve gotten for you I
can add you know help you to just climb over those
was really quickly before we get into looking at Wealthy Affiliate if you want
to jump ahead and look at the bonus page or go sign up for wealthy affiliate at
any time during this video make sure you go through the link in the description
because that will send you off to my bonus page which looks like this and it
is integrated with the wealthy affiliate official page
so essentially what will happen is if you click on any of these green buttons
it will secure your bonuses and launch you off to wealthy affiliate so that
when you sign up these bonuses will be delivered to you once you sign up to a
premium account on there so really quickly the first bonus I’ve gotten few
is called find your niche now when you do the wealthy affiliate training the
first step in fact the first step to creating anything online whether it’s an
e-commerce store or an affiliate marketing blog or even a social media
marketing agency or even a coaching business you have to choose that niche
now when I remember when I signed up to wealthy affiliate I chose a niche and I
just got that whole concept wrong and I remember for you know a whole month I
just went off in the wrong direction and I had to come back because I didn’t take
the time to understand what that finding in each really meant so this is gonna
help you with things like choosing a niche that is going to be profitable
mistakes to avoid how to find products within a niche how to market to that
niche where to find that audience and things like that and just really help
you out on that first step you don’t want to get things wrong on the first
step okay because if you don’t understand finding a niche you are just
gonna start walking you know down the wrong road for a for possibly a really
long time and then have having to come back ok so this is going to save you a
lot of potential time wasted and heartache so bonus number two I’ve
gotten for you as well it’s called seven finger mastery and this is a video
upgrade edition I recommend this product to a lot of people and this is really
everything you need to know about building that business online including
affiliate marketing including you know high ticket sales
EECOM on-page and off-page SEO this strategies social media advertising
through reddit driving audience to your content capturing your audience it’s a
32 part video series it’s massive and are really really useful you’re gonna
your brain is going to be getting pumped full of knowledge on wealthy affiliate
and I understand that this is also going to do that but you can go through this
in your own time and you’re going to just get that edge because you’re gonna
get knowledge from two different places and it’s all going to come together I
promise you it’s all gonna start making sense and you’re gonna really know the
direction that you should be going and the activities that you should be
focused on doing you know a lot of people waste their time on the wrong
things bonus number three I’ve gotten for you is social media income now I’ve
gotten all of the versions of this usually they’re sold separately but I’ve
got a new or five and I’m throwing them all together and the reason I threw this
bonus in there is because this is gonna be one of those milestones or roadblocks
that you come to you’re gonna go through the training and wealthy affiliate
you’re gonna build a blog you’re gonna start understanding SEO you’re gonna
start feeling confident about that but then you’re gonna say well how do I get
people to my site and I’m wealthy affiliate they rely a lot on getting the
SEO part right but getting the SEO part right and hoping that your site will
starts ranking higher and higher over like weeks or months for me is a very
defensive strategy and I like offense I like going out there finding my audience
throwing content at them and saying you know giving them value and saying you
know check this out and where is everybody they’re on social media most
people they just blast up their content on social media in the same way and it’s
not how you do it there’s a different language on each
social media platform this nuance is this is a certain way people communicate
there’s a certain way people consume content you know people have more of a
say for example people are more willing to you know browse slowly through
Twitter and look at what’s going on in the world people on Instagram I just
like looking for memes and pictures and they want it quick they want quick
content they want good thumbnails you know LinkedIn people want articles there
are different ways to produce microcon on each one and by doing that
effectively and learning how to do it you’re gonna get people visiting your
site and looking at your content and clicking on those affiliate links and
buying products and making you money bonus number four I’ve gotten few is
Authority blogging now there’s a lot of training on blogging the actual art of
blogging and writing content on wealthy affiliate for sure that’s really what
it’s all about but I like this product as well and it just goes into you know
other things relating to blogging and other ways to you know increase your SEO
and little tweaks you can make in your content that I didn’t see wealthy
affiliate talk about and as it says there in the subtitle proven strategies
to boost subscriber rates and maximize your income so just another bit of
another bit of training there that’s that’s just going to help you you know
get because you want to get as much knowledge in your brain as possible
because it is an ever-changing environment you know Google SEO things
like that so this product is really useful I think you’re gonna get a lot
out of it bonus number five are for an N is called
email marketing success now I threw this in there because this is another
roadblock milestone you’re gonna come to you’re gonna create content you’re gonna
get confident with that as I said you’re gonna finish the training on wealthy
affiliate you’re gonna start you know getting feedback from people your site’s
gonna start looking better you’re gonna start getting comments you’re gonna
start making friends you’re gonna start helping each other
out you’re gonna learn from the third bonus how to drive traffic from social
media and then you’re gonna think a lot of people are coming to my site and just
leaving and how do I stop that and this is how you capture the visitors to your
site you’re not gonna capture em it everybody
but the more people you capture the bigger your list gets the more people
you can talk to communicate with on your terms the more people are gonna buy it’s
just how it works it’s just statistically sound the way that works
so building an email list is a is a is a real stage have you if you’ve ever heard
the saying the money is made in the list the reason for that is
you capture people to your list people sign up an email pop-up thing that you
might have they want to sign up because they like your content and they like who
you are and they like what they read and they like the value they get when they
visit your site so they’re people who are you know gonna fall into the
category of your true fans and people who are gonna buy what you’re offering
people are gonna listen to you people are gonna open your emails and it won’t
be everybody but it’s just the nature of how it works why do you want people to
hit your site and leave and increase your bounce rate and and the number of
people you can never contact again increases when you can just try and
capture that you can create a list you can manage it well you can learn how to
you know give value on your terms via content through email as well as on your
terms throw out offers to people who you know are definitely gonna open and read
it and therefore increase the chances of you know you getting sales so definitely
a good bonus definitely something you’re going to need at some point so that all
sounds good to you it’s step one click the link in the description that will
take you through to my bonus page which looks like this clicking these green
buttons will launch you off to wealthy affiliate now this is me inside my
wealthy affiliate dashboard or a free account I just created I should say so
you can see what you’re getting for free and yeah as you can see down the
right-hand side here this is like the activity that’s going on on the site two
minutes ago three minutes ago four minutes ago eight minutes ago you know
people are active people are actively in the chat people are actively asking
questions there are 1.4 million members on this
site it’s probably the biggest kind of online Academy for making money online
on the web I mean it has to be you got new members that you can click say hello
to you can add them you also get your own profile where you can you know keep
a diary write an introduction you can see this individual here has written
down everything about them they’ve made a little network by following people and
people have followed them people are sending them messages as if it’s like
Facebook you know look at all these messages she’s going after just
people are like hey what’s up how can I help if there’s one thing wealthy
affiliate does well is the community is super nice
I believe there’s probably a lot of people on here who just come for the
network and for the friends and now for the chat and things like that because
it’s all going on and you know you might be one of those people as well you know
it’s all good so you’d come through to wealthy affiliate and you’d go through
the training which is set out really easy here and yeah really you just go
through it step by step and everything is taught within the context of wealthy
affiliate so for example you know you’d get taught how to build a site and it’s
not going to teach you how to build a site by signing up to some blog host and
then figuring out their system now it’ll say come here go to build a web site and
they just do this so well they just do this so well on a free domain or a
domain that you own you click that we’re gonna call my site super money-making hacks money hacks and
I choose a theme and this is all WordPress this is all WordPress colleges
this one build site installing team installing database asset protection
security anti-spam this is magic this is magic and there’s my website it’s done
there’s my details I go log in there it is super money-making hacks siterubix
com Here I am I mean this is WordPress I’ve
got plugins installed which they’ve put together for me
they’re legit plugins which I would have chosen anyway and I’m ready to get going
I’m ready to create a blog you know so the training is like do this this and
this and everything is super easy other things on offer you’ve got your websites
you know so you can create multiple websites so there’s two that I’ve made
it also shows you the statistics like you can view the details on your site
you can see where you’re lacking as well so it’s like I’ve got site security but
I don’t have good site hull I don’t have any comments I don’t have feedback I
don’t have support so you just go through and you you add all that stuff
here it tells you you know what’s included and obviously you get more if
you up word upgrade to premium here there’s live events which is another
cool thing I remember like this webinar sore mic really clued up people you got
a calendar up here so these are webinars and events coming up in the next couple
of days a couple of weeks researching niches leveraging kora for chat and
cloud building and audience beyond Google understanding marketing funnels
you know there’s just so much and these people are out there to just really try
and help help you you know they don’t get paid to to create this live content
they just do it and now that’s really really good it’s really good stuff and
it’s a really good sign of a healthy community then you have the keyword
search which is integrated with jacksie so jacksie
is a keyword search tool which helps you find longtail keywords that you’re going
to try to rank for in Google I’m not going to go into what SEO is in this
video because you know that’s another 20 videos on it on their own
but yeah you can research keywords and see how strong they are and see what the
competition is so you know you know immediately what words you should be
using in your content and you just rank really easy it’s all in the training
it’s all in the training another thing they added which I didn’t have when I
signed up in 2015 but another thing they have now is affiliate programs so you
can find out whatever niche you go into so let’s say for example I go into the
nutrition niche right I’ll click here on nutrition and it’s gonna show me
different networks that have that I can income
from if I sign up to them so let’s say for example I’m Canadian right and I
want to talk about the benefits of protein supplements right well whatever
this one is about here you got my protein Canada I’m gonna get
if I sign up to this I’m gonna get some affiliate links that I can throw into my
article and if someone clicks on them and buy something from this site I’ll
get two to eight percent Commission’s on those purchases to two to eight isn’t
great two to eight isn’t great but here these are offering twenty five son food
is offering twenty is there anything higher than twenty
eighteen some people offer sixty fifty percent some affiliate networks give you
a hundred percent of Commission’s which is weird
and ever knew how that worked out this is gonna give you sixty dollars for
every sign up okay and whatever niche you go into there’s gonna be something
there so they didn’t have this I had to like go browsing around Google for
affiliate networks because I think my niche the first one I went was was like
bachelor pads for a single man or something it was something weird like
that and it was just difficult to write content but I was but whatever it is
let’s say that you are into camping so camping will be a niche you know there’s
blogs out there about camping and obviously you can sell products on
Amazon but there’s better things you can sell so you know here’s one get one to
fourteen percent Commission’s which forty percent is is has high potential
in the camping niche because if you get like a thousand-dollar tent that you’re
reviewing and like a hundred people visited me and fifty people order
through your affiliate link you know you’re getting one hundred and forty
dollars per person now if you don’t want to choose a niche a lot of people what
they do is they get into them make money online niche and they promote wealthy
affiliate okay wealthy affiliate has their own affiliate program and it’s
funny because I signed up a couple weeks ago and some
I made four dollars commission five days ago and I haven’t even done anything in
this account so I don’t know what the deal is there but you know I’ll take it
and you can find you can get you know links and what a lot of people do is
they they create a site called you know what did we call that make money online
hacks and now review products online and they’ll debunk things and try to you
know debunk scammy website and then in that content now go but check out
wealthy affiliate they throw it and then they throw in their affiliate link and
they’ll promote wealthy affiliate and end commissions through there and a lot
of people on this site I remember they were promoting wealthy affiliate as
their website as their niche and you know making a ton of money because
wealthy affiliate is that kind of product where you’re not gonna get a lot
of backlash going hey wealthy affiliates a scam what are you doing
no wealthy foot is not a scam at all you can tell when you log into this thing
that this isn’t some platform that someone’s created over you know the
course of a few weeks or a month this is in depth this has like a lot to it it’s
like a deep program I know there’s it started you know about I think it’s 14
years ago and they had you know a few million dollars put into building it out
there’s different things you can do I don’t know what I’m missing out you can
get feedback from other people on your site you can get you comment on your
site and I remember when I signed up I you know didn’t make any money and then
I think three months in I made six cents on a book that I was talking about in
one of my blog posts and someone’s like that sounds like a good book they went
through to Amazon they bought it you know I guess six dollars and I got six
cents I got timbers and Commission and then at the fifth five or six month mark
I’d written more content and reviewed certain products and I remember one day
I made like $10 like three days in a row and I was super super happy and then I
made and then maybe I made like zero for like a week
and then I made like fifty bucks and then I think hi and then I think a few
days after that I did like three days in a row of like $99 and I was like what’s
going on so I was like slowly climbing and I thought you know oh this is it I’m
gonna be on a hundred dollars a day you know I’ve hit it but then they’ll be
like zero for two days and then like four dollars and then I remember one day
I woke up it was a Friday I woke up on the Saturday morning I’d made $400
overnight and then I made like a hundred dollars on the Sunday so I’ve made $500
over the weekend and then the Monday Tuesday Wednesday
I made nothing and then Thursday I made like 50 and Friday I made like 40 so
what happened was it be like days of zero six cents and then like nothing and
then a dollar and then nothing five dollars and then nothing ten and then 15
and then two days or 20 dollars and you you kind of like slowly rising up so
then you just start getting less and less zero days you might get some two
dollar days and then some ten dollar days and then your minimum becomes like
like you might get a zero day but in a month spread over 30 days you might get
a zero day but your average low is like 20 and then you’ll have days of like a
hundred and two hundred and it just slowly climbs up like that and the
reason it slowly climbs up like that is because your your blog is getting domain
authority over time you’re being aggressive upon so it’s not aggressive
but you’re you’re going out and finding traffic through Korra through social
media through browsing hashtags all those different ways and you’re also
communicating with people on wealthy affiliate you’re using that feedback
platform where you get feedback for to people they give feedback to you and
they’re saying things like your site has too many colors your site’s low you’ve
got too many plugins most likely or you know you’re doing this you’re doing this
and slowly what happens is you chip away like a little statue and it takes shape
and it becomes like a legit site because people are helping you out and this is
our true istic community until you have a real site with real content properly
written SEO post as the optimized part giving value and overtime you know it’s
a good analogy you’re chipping away at this block and you be cut you take form
does this authority site making and it’s slowly over time that you barely notice
it’s kind of like when you learn a language if that’s relatable to anybody
you just slowly it’s so slowly that you don’t notice and then one day you’re
like I could quit my job tomorrow and it’s and it’s powerful powerful thing so
that’s really everything you can expect a great community wicked training a lot
of good functionality for getting feedback to your site a very easy site
builder and yeah you know I thoroughly recommend wealthy affiliate especially
if you’re new now again just a quick reminder if you do want to check out
wealthy affiliate go through the link in the description because I’ve got all
these bonuses for you and you won’t get access to them unless you go through
these green buttons to wealthy affiliate okay then it will initiate my bonuses
when you sign up for premium that is so I do encourage you to check it out
risk-free if you’re sick of like scammy offers and you’ve thrown a lot of money
at things that haven’t worked out it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme but it does
work you know and and I told you my story ever from from now nothing from
even choosing a not such a great niche not really understanding it to where I
was at three months and to where was it six months and then a year it’s just it
just climbs it climbs as long as you climb right does that make sense so yeah
check it out it’s free you don’t need a credit card in the beginning so I leave
at least go through the description click on these green buttons and then
sign up for free you know at the very least check it out yourself
because there’s not a lot to lose really see if you like it do the free parts of
the training and then sign up if you want to if you think it’s going to help
it for me it helped for a couple hundred thousand people it has helped it’s a
legit platform it’s a legit way to studying
get good at affiliate marketing which is still you know it’s still a big thing
there’s still so much money to be made it’s like because they’re just so many
niches that you can get into so yeah enjoy wealthy affiliate I hope you love
those bonuses and yeah I’ll see you again on the next video
take care


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