Wealthy Affiliate: They Paid Me $3497 For THIS… (2019)

in this video I’m going to show you how
I have made three thousand four hundred and ninety seven dollars and fifty cents
with wealth affiliate so far what’s up guys my name is Greg Kononenko you might
also know me as the caffeinated blogger on this YouTube channel my goal is to
help you make a full time income online so that you can have a better future for
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video let’s get into it first of all I want to show you my personal results
from using wealthier female I’m here inside my wealthy affiliate dashboard and
as you can see I’ve earned thirty one dollars and fifty cents today so far one
hundred and forty-one in the last seven days and here are all the different
stats I’ll talk to you a lot more about all of these throughout the video by
just at a high level you can see that sci-fi in 2019
I’ve sent eight thousand six hundred and fifty two clicks to or fifty nuts and
that’s under the rule clicks column and then if I scroll over to the right then
you will see here that’s the revenue column and as I scroll down so my total
revenue from it so far is three thousand four hundred ninety seven dollars and
fifty cents and you can see here are all the individual sales that I have made so
you can see they’re coming in very regularly now the cool thing of course
is that wealthy affiliate offers recurring affiliate program so you can
see that a lot of these sales are actual recurring so once you refer somebody to
wealthy affiliate you will get paid forever and ever until for as long as
they keep their membership so my income is kind of growing all the time you can
see here on the payout history I’m my first ever check was 198 then 615 seven
hundred five hundred fifty fifty seven and then last month in for the month of
August so I just got paid a few days ago I made my biggest commissions ever from
wealthy affiliate eight hundred and thirty five dollars and fifty cents was
the payout which is pretty awesome this is one of many different things that I
promote online so it’s just a nice little ever-growing passive income
stream that I’ve got on the side which is really really cool
but it is in addition to other things that I’m doing you know it hasn’t even
taken me that much time to actually promote wealthy affiliate so that’s just
a little sort of overview of some of my results I’ll talk to a little bit more
about those later on in the video but first let’s talk about what is actually
wealthy affiliate I’m gonna take you inside wealthy affiliate and actually
show you in more detail step by step all of these things but sort of as a summary
you know at a high level it’s an all-in-one affiliate platform it’s free
to join so there are two membership tiers I’ll talk about that is a bit
later on as well but it is free to join and even as a free member you can
actually get really good amount of training and you can make money with the
wealthy affiliate referral program as well as make money using the stuff that
they teach inside ok so it includes really good affiliate training gonna
show you in just a second it does include hosting so as a premium
member you get hosting for 50 sites as a free member you get hosting for 2 hosted
sites and there is also coaching in community and thousands of training
videos so wealthy feel it basically it’s kind of like a place where you know to
make money and I feel that what do you need you need to have a website ok and
you need to have training and you generally need to have some kind of a
community because if you get everybody gets stuck and if you know nobody online
who is also doing affiliate marketing then you often feel lost and wealthy
affiliate actually provides that community and that support so anytime
you’re stuck you can ask a question so let me show you in detail what is
actually inside I’m here on the homepage I’m logged in to my wealthy affiliate
account and as you can see on the left hand side there are different things
that I can do I’ve got the dashboard training you can manage your website you
can attend live events you can research your keywords and you can also use the
Help Center we can use the live chat now the cool thing about this is that
anytime anytime you you are stuck or like you need help you know there is
many ways to do it there are thousands and thousands and
thousands probably tens of thousands of active wealthy affiliate members that
log on every day and a lot of them are very very experienced so let’s say if
you go into the training tab okay and you can see that under training
there are lots of different training items so for example if I go into online
entrepreneur certification you can see there are five levels and it takes you
through basically step by step what to do to build a website and to start
making affiliate commissions online okay so you just need to kind of like log in
and then as you go in level by level you can views the courses and you can
complete them as you go along so there are dozens of videos just right there
gets a five phase well actually 15 lessons series of course is walking you
through the process of creating and growing a business with absolutely any
niche that you want so you can use this training to build an affiliate website
and to start making money using affiliate marketing there’s also an
affiliate bootcamp there are 17 essence there again everything step by step and
there is training HQ where you can access all of the training because
there’s a lot of training that actually gets uploaded by other members who are
also very experienced and there’s tons of additional training but let’s just
say you know you are going through this training and all of a sudden you aren’t
sure what you should be doing with a particular thing so they’ve got that
covered as well which is really cool okay so let’s say you’re doing these
phase 2 lesson one creating readable content that converts and you are doing
all of this training and then all of a sudden you feel stuck okay you’re not
sure what to do you can see that a lot of people are in a similar sort of
situation and they get stuck okay and this member here said okay so she needed
help but she said I’ve created my blog post how to build a website do I have to
add a link and then you can see that everyone jumps in the whole community
kind of jumps in and helps this particular person so that’s the great
thing about it that’s one way to get help you can just get help straight
there kind of inside the training all of the questions are in general I find get
answered in under 24 hours often you get an answer like that like within an hour
or two you can always jump into live chat as well and ask for help or you can
start typing stuff into these search box at the tops of
for example if you are unsure like let’s say how to build an email list all right
and then you you will see that you get all of the matching searches within the
wealthy affiliate platform they will all come up and you know there’s tons of
resources because because there are so many members and it’s been gone for so
long very often you will find that similar kind of questions have been
asked before or there is training some more about it so that’s what I really
love about wealthy affiliate you never stuck you know there’s community and
there’s always help available as well blast don’t forget that hosting is
included often you know people who have affiliate marketing websites
well everybody who has an affiliate marketing website actually needs to have
hosting and hosting can cost anywhere from kind of like five to ten dollars a
month and wealthy affiliate is just a little bit more expensive than that and
it includes hosting as well so it’s really good value in that regard too now
the question probably is that you think about well how do I actually make money
with wealthy affiliate so I showed you some of my earnings let’s just talk
about this because there’s two sides to wealthy affiliate and how to make money
with wealthy affiliate option one is of course to just follow the training and
the training will take you step-by-step through how to find your niche how to
build your website how to get traffic to that website free traffic so it’s all
about getting Google traffic and then how to make affiliate Commission’s from
that traffic so wealthy feel that platform covers all of it in a lot of
detail Plus this community there are successful members I’m gonna show you a
little bit later on in the video proof of other people who become successful
through wealthy affiliate training ok so that’s option one you can basically just
follow the training and make affiliate commissions that way that’s what I think
a high percentage of people there in wealth they feel it actually do they
just follow the training and they get great results option two for how to make
money with wealthy affiliate is to become an affiliate for wealthy
affiliate so the earnings that I showed you before there were my affiliate
commissions for referring others to wealthy affiliate and you can make
recurring commissions that way as well he
see I’ve logged into my I feel it area within Wealthy Affiliate says been
revenue by referring people to wealthy affiliate so you learn 23:50 monthly
recurring for everybody who you refer to wealthy affiliate conversion rate is
quite good around twelve percent of free members end up upgrading because people
just love the training that they provide you know in the community here and on
average you earn over a hundred dollars for every person who ends up upgrading
to a premium status so these are the two different ways here to make money with
wealth and village just to recap one is you can follow the training and you know
don’t worry about kind of referring anybody else to wealthy affiliate you
just follow the training focus on the training build your website learn how to
drive traffic and start making the money start getting that help from the
community and option two is to become a wealthy affiliate I feel it and refer
either seeking you can either do what kind of like one or two or both of them
it’s completely up to you so what do you actually get in detail inside welfare
fill it so this is the best summary table that I’ve been able to find to
show you guys clearly what you get so start a membership is 100% free it’s
free forever until you are actually ready to upgrade and what you get is
live live help for the first seven days so first seven days of you joining you
can always interact with people in chat you know and ask questions and so forth
you can’t send private messages you are allowed to build two websites but those
websites will actually be hosted on wealthy affiliate service so it’ll be
Greg’s website dot sight Rubik com so it’s a it’s a hosted website you can
later move it to its own domain if you choose to do so there are web site
backups you know there is also beginner training course you also get your
personal affiliate blog you get video walkthroughs or various training you
also get access to the keyword research tool you get training into two of the
training classrooms you can promote wealthy affiliate as an affiliate so you
can join an affiliate program but you just get paid twenty five percent
commissions that are fifty percent commission and you can sort of earn
while you learn and you get one-on-one coaching so you know you can always
reach out for help and get help within the first seven days so
but training and websites and everything there’s no limitations there in terms of
the time you you can access the training and implement it and learn it etc for a
lifetime as a free member so just as a recap there basically as a free member
your website if you if your website is best blinds your website domain will be
best blinds Rubik comm that’s that whole thing that you get for the two sites
they’ll be sort of hosted within the site Ruby’s com domain but you know you
can you can rank them you can make money with them it’s it’s it’s a fully
functional website you get the training and you get twenty five percent
Commission’s on referring others to to wealthy affiliate as a paid member you
get all of this stuff that would kind of already talked about you get unlimited
life help you get hosting 450 websites 20 and that’s you know these are your
actual websites if you want to buy your own domain so like best blinds.com you
can host that on wealthy affiliate if you’ve got hosting already elsewhere and
you might be paying you know 10 or $20 a month for hosting somewhere else you can
just move over that hosting into wealthy affiliate to kind of you know save on
the hosting costs and get access to everything else that wealthy affiliate
offers sorry there’s all of these things that I ticked here I won’t kind of go
through them in too much detail but it’s everything that I showed you guys it’s
instant it’s instant help it’s hundreds probably even thousands of training
videos that you get in there as well the big question of course is does it
actually work so let me show you a few things here because wealthy affiliate is
built a little bit like social media network you will get this thing here
which is News Feed so the different things that are happening around the
network and for example this person here says Google index that was quick so you
know this person actually had success getting indexed on Google now you can
see there is another person saying I have good news and bad news so if we
open that up you will see that the good news she’s sharing is that I made my
first Commission outside W paid $200 okay so these people and you see that
all the time people are finding success with wealth in
just by following wealthy affiliate training now if we’re gonna scroll
through here you will see there is there are all of these things new blogs
motivating posts so here under these successes happening right now it says my
second goal reached two thousand for the month so you can open up all of these
and actually see what the people are talking about will who first sell on
Clickbank now of course all of these is by people just following the training
that’s inside wealthy affiliate are these person is sharing that I made you
know two thousand for the month for March okay total 2143 this person he
says he’s sixty sixty-five years old so definitely it’s possible pretty much for
anyone you know to just do it so the training there is really really good and
that’s of course that side of wealth they feel it kind of just following the
training it absolutely works and I’ve already showed you my stats I’m just
gonna jump there again if you do decide to also look at the second way of making
money with wealthy affiliate to actually promote the wealthy affiliate program
that is you know it’s it works really well you can see that I’ve sent eight
thousand six hundred fifty two clicks and I’ve made so far three and a half
thousand dollars from them this has been just quite passive I basically put my
links to wealthy affiliate in various places around the internet on my content
on my website also in some of my video is a link to wealthy affiliate and you
know people people join us free members and then they like it and then they end
up upgrading because it just makes sense if you do want to check it out and give
it a go I’ve got a pretty good bonus for you guys to join via my link so it is
free to start so just scroll through to the description just below this video
look for the link to join wealthy affiliate and if you do like everything
and you you know at some point in the future decide to upgrade I’m going to
give you my high value course that’s currently selling for $67 I’m gonna give
it to you as a bonus once you upgrade that’s all going to be delivered
automatically within Wealthy Affiliate so once you join by my link and then you
upgrade that’s when the delivery of these bonus is going to happen that
bonus will also help you promote and learn how to promote wealthy
I feel it as an affiliate so to promote their affiliate program as well a couple
of things around how I actually personally promote well they feel it
like I told you guys it’s not actually my number one priority I do a bunch of
other stuff as well I don’t focus one wealth if you let inside your dashboard
if you go to links and tracking you can then create wealthy I feel in and what I
really love about it is you can actually what’s called create a custom link so
you can create a custom homepage link and then you give it a name so you can
actually create kind of like a customized landing page you can give the
campaign name then you give a message title and then a little custom message
I’ve just typed in hi grant Kahn an anchor here but obviously you can put in
a lot more you can put in your image and then so if we take this link this demo
Gregg yes campaign that I’ve just created and we’re having it in a new
window you can see that this is actually your personalized landing page right it
says platform design for affiliate marketers of all levels and then this is
your custom message here and you can write anything that you want and you can
share this link on you know social media you can share this link on I don’t know
wherever you want to YouTube and various other places and whenever people get
here and they end up signing up this lead will get or this you know free
member will get allocated under you for ever and if they do end up upgrading and
many people do about 1 in 10 so about like 10 percent of people end up
upgrading long term you will start getting paid residual commissions so
that’s one of the ways that you can promote it they’re actually tons of
other things that you can do but you know once you once you’re inside wealthy
feel it you’re gonna learn all of that through the affiliate training it’s
their their affiliate system is really really good and of course they training
like I said is pretty dope much as well so then you can take that link and you
can share it anywhere you want for example on my some of my youtube videos
you can see this YouTube video has had five thousand eight hundred views and
then I’ve got a little link here saying learn how to become a full-time blogger
an affiliate marketer and this link is my wealthy affiliate I feel that link so
if anyone clicks that it’ll take them to this page alright
and I’ve got my custom message here so it works really really well and you can
do the same thing you know you can I’ve got this link on my blog as well in some
places so you can just share it anywhere like social media pretty much wherever
you want that’s exactly what I have been doing that’s how I’ve made this you know
three and a half thousand dollars roughly over the last few months from
just sharing this link in various places and I haven’t even been focusing on it I
mean if you really focus for it and go hard for it you know it’s I think it can
work out pretty well the important thing here is though guys is that you can do
all of this as a free member okay I want to remind you that you don’t need to be
a premium member to make money with wealthy affiliate it gives you that
flexibility as a free member you can follow the training and make the money
using the affiliate marketing training or you can refer others to wealthy
affiliate and you’re going to get that twenty five percent commission for
referring other people via your affiliate link as a free member even you
don’t need to pay anything to access their affiliate program all in all I’m a
big fan of wealthy affiliate I think that the training is some of the best
you know it’s kind of like they teach you how to build a real business right
it’s not about press a button and the money comes out it is about putting in a
little bit of work but they’re teaching the proper basics of affiliate marketing
plus you’ve got the communities so if you guys do want to start just check
that link in the description below and subscribe to the youtube channel as well
hit the subscribe button just below if you want to get future videos from me
where I show you how to make a full time income online so that you can have a
better future for yourself and your family my name is greg kononenko thank
you so much for watching these I’m gonna put a couple of videos here for you guys
as well as that you can watch next that are really going to help you and I’ll
see you in the next video

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