Webtalk Review SocialCPX Affiliate Program (Plus 5 Super Training Bonuses)

I And thanks for joining me What I want to try and explain here very briefly Is what I believe could be an enormous opportunity To earn substantial revenue from a brand new social network. Cool web tool now This particular platform is as we speak in beta testing mode So although you can join this network Right now always be free and they are in peds mode as I said be the testing mode and they do Expect the launch fully within the next month now here is where Potentially this get very very exciting for people who realize the opportunity that could be One of them. Okay. So first thing you’re probably thinking is well what the hell is web tool? Well have no doubt very surely you’re gonna be hearing about web talk. It’s gonna be all over the internet mark my words What is it? okay, very very simply if you imagine web talk as a hybrid between Facebook and LinkedIn as the social network, I’d let you discover it yourself through the videos that are online but just basically to understand are the Reason why this is so exciting and its own Reich’s. I think it’s a fabulous network a Fabulous platform is it gives you the ability? To store all your followers all your contacts out From your personal life. Let’s say and your business life whereby with Facebook you have really the social family and friend element and then with LinkedIn you have really the more professional side of things you work contacts in your work network and What this particular platform is doing quite Ingeniously is combining the best of both world. So it’s like simplistically LinkedIn and Facebook here in One it allows you to show Relevant Posts Anything that you want to put on there to your relevant groups rather than just posting to a timeline But anyway, I encourage you to go and have a look at the platform itself because as I’ve said It’s it’s an exciting platform. And I think this really really could take off But I’ll let you go through the video itself and once you check them out You’ll see what potential of this hat as it’s shown on the screen. You can sort your news feed in your contacts out by perfectional and then tank them within there so you can design groups, which is Really really? handy, and useful if you’re a marketer or you’re doing business online and you want to segregate your Contacts and the people you see the relevant information that you want them to see on your news feed. So Web talk very very exciting. Now. Here’s where it gets really really exciting Because not only is it Is it looking like it’s gonna be a great new social network? Like do you think there is the need for something like this in addition? What they’re doing very shortly is launching an affiliate program Stop. This is where it gets really exciting. Every time you refer someone to web talk you are gonna have the opportunity to refer them And a referral fee on everybody that you introduce and Not only that it’s gonna go five levels deep So you may be one thinking well, what’s what’s the massive opportunity? Well firstly it costs you absolutely nothing to join this network and become an affiliate What is exciting is they’re giving the chance for you to earn a revenue share on Everything that they produce as far as They have a you know an upgrade to a premium monthly service but I think the first of about 15 pounds a month 15 dollars a month and You get a chance to and the 10% residual income on anybody that signs up on that what gets really exciting is they’re offering a revenue share of obviously the advertising platform now to put this into very simplistic terms if you look at Facebook and you and you look at let’s say LinkedIn per customer per person per subscriber Someone like Facebook has a roundabout It’s worth around about three dollars per month to them as a subscriber So what this companies do it as far as in total in revenue advertising revenue and everything else. So what this company is doing? its offering People the chance to earn a proportion of that advertising Revenue gets really really exciting And what is even more exciting what they’ve just come out and said is for the first million people That subscribe and become an Internet coming up Billy up because you can’t become an affiliate at the moment But what they are gonna do it is is mange everything every everybody that comes onboard with you they’re gonna back they and once Once and that’s up and running then obviously you’ll get paid on anything that they produce however What we were saying is for the first million people that come on board. They are gonna provide a 50 percent revenue share all across the board on all therefore actual or all the upgrades to their Premium premium monthly service and the advertising platform and this will go five levels deep So driving obviously to people there’s cost. Absolutely nothing for YouTube Firstly in the first instance Share your link and get all your contacts to to to sign up To to web talk at the start you using the platform and the shining thing is it goes five levels thick? So let’s say for example you refer ten users and then the person below and Content in it and it goes five levels deep. So there’s this the little calculator here. What I’m gonna do is next So just for example you refer ten people just ten people onto this platform And once the affiliate program is up and running each levels referred another ten people and let’s say the percentage of users that are graded or let’s say took up some switch from advertising Space and opportunities with web talk but let us say just be very very conservative one percent five levels deep Sign up to you know, a premium premium service or sign up to any form without us and Let’s de say on the ad revenue side of things it which is one dollar one dollar Or one percent. So if we just do the calculations here as you can see obviously on the first level if you just referred ten people got one Upgraded ourselves have to to pay two dollars. But here’s where it gets really exciting level two is twenty dollars level three It’s two hundred dollars level four is two thousand dollars level five is twenty thousand dollars and That’s where this opportunity I believe gets very very exciting indeed. We are ahead of the curve here I believe I’ve just discovered this myself. I’ve just come on board just signed up as A user on the platform what I urge you to do very very simply is use the link below and sign up for yourself, so I know and you in the first instance it cost you absolutely nothing just become a user of the platform and you’ll see the link below to take you to here and Just sign up under under my link. Yeah This is what I’m gonna do. I truly believe that there’s an opportunity here. I truly believe that this B Mastiff a massive owning opportunity As far as revenue is concerned So what I’m prepared to do is if you sign up if you come and click on the link below Its sign up under me, then I’m gonna include a range of bonuses for you and that’s gonna be hands-on training I’m gonna include you in my team. I’m gonna bring me on board I’m going to show you my black book of advertising strategies across all mediums Facebook YouTube Google I’m going to introduce you to My mind my email swipes I’m going to introduce you to a lot of other things I’m just just so you got every tool in your armory to go out and very Bruce in its rival of a traffic in this first instance to get people on the platform and In addition make sure you’re driving the right sort of traffic. So as I’ve said What I would do straightaway now is go down. Click the button below this video Sign up for the web tool right now because it’d only be the first Million people that will get 50% revenue share and I’m gonna show you this is how they’re growing this is doing this they’re only in beta and if you see from the 17th of August to do to today, there’s 200,000 subscribers Only the first million people that come on board that will get is 50% revenue share So if if you do nothing else at this stage? Sign up get on board the platform. Once you’re inside the platform. I’ll be able to see that obviously I’ve referred you then I will reach out and I will make contact with you and then we can started with droid tactics and strategies in order for you, but only to get To get subscribers on board, but get the right targeted subscribers on board and as I said y’all have access to all my up-and-coming traffic strategies by the landing pages and landing pages that you can utilize email swipes personal one-on-one coaching That can be done, you know over Skype email or whatever And in addition that’s gonna be a lot more to comfort in the first instance At least please please if you do nothing else right this minute click below sign up that will take you literally literally 60 seconds to sign up and secure your profile on there for the first million that’s gonna get fifty percent revenue share across the board on their subscriptions on their advertising platform and as I said this could be massive well ahead of the curve via the way I Encourage you right this moment to click below and sign up a web tool class feature on the inside

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