Weekend Target Practice Merytes HD Portable Binoculars

we live on five acres in the middle of a heavily wooded lot surrounded by cows and trees and farms and it’s the perfect place to set up a target practice area so we have four small targets and a spinner we like to invite our friends to bring their guns and their ammo and come shoot with us and usually have a pretty interesting array of pistols and rifles that show up for people to shoot off of our back porch. Even though the targets are only about 30 feet off our back porch, when these targets start filling up with holes our shooters sometimes have a difficult time determining if they hit their mark and exactly where on the target their shots have landed. Spotter says: Which one were you shooting at? Shooter replies: second target Spotter: oh yeah, Now I see it.
Sometime shooters shoot from the ground So they can see better, but that definitely decreases the challenge and seasoned shooters like my husband don’t like a decrease in challenge. We’ve tried spotting with binoculars before but the ones we already had access to weren’t clear. So I got these high definition binoculars to try out this weekend to see if the guys like them. The practical benefits are immediately evident Spotter: oh yeah nice. That’ll be really good using 22 because of how small the 22 shots are make it easier to see and more accurate. They’ll actually work with a lot further range targets. (Narrator):We plan on moving the target range to the back where we have about a hundred feet instead. Spotter jokes: I got a problem with them though. They keep showing me where I’m not hitting well (Narrator) In addition to seeing your own shots better after the fact the guys also uses binoculars to give each other immediate feedback to improve aim. (Spotter) Little Low. Bring to the right a little bit. (Narrator) seeing where they AR-15 shots land especially challenging the 223 ammo leaves smaller holes than the 9mms or the 45 we usually shoot out here (Spotter) ok try again.
(Narrator:) With help from spotters Steve got his ar-15 rifle scope finally trued up perfectly (Spotter) almost on top of your on the one in the blue. (Another spotter) Robin hood much?
Fist spotter: You need a longer range target now
(Narrator) and Steve well he was happy with his performance
(Steve) I guess I was doing good (Narrator) shooting is one of our favorite weekend hobbies with our friends. This weekend we had a great time and we now know that help these binoculars that will be able to arrange back without having problems where we’re hitting the targets so I’m really glad that we added them to our shooting Kit.


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