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hello da da da da forget so I’m here to introduce you more about that a little Fiat program how it works and the Tuesday you can use to earn more effectively so let’s get happen it means how does that feel remorse all you have to do is put out our banners or text links on your website you will have various options to advertise they after when users click on the banners or links on your website there will be a cookie which allows the system to track for 30 days or until the user makes a purchase on the Lozada website net finally you’ll receive a commission what sales validation has been done now we have more than 22 million products more than sixty thousand brands and more than 100 campaigns across surface Asia for the last 12 months all of our fleets have earned more than 4.6 million US dollars if they are able to do it we strongly believe that you definitely can as well so these are the do’s and don’ts so things that we recommend you to do is firstly to meet the generals of site condition that applied to the letter of fleet program secondly please fill in your personal information on your head office accounts such as your excuse for numbers and the bank your bank account or people information to receive your money payments so to start promoting lazada you can check out our tutorial videos on YouTube as well and there also you can share your affiliate links via social media blogs or any cyberspace which you own so if you have any problems using our tools please feel free to for the ask things that you shouldn’t be doing on the lazada via programs are firstly advertised of links to more Adsense or it was alright sample you’re not allowed to do Sen feeding or SEO or any other keywords so next would be you’re not allowed to advertise by using proper for under or Auto redirect to the set up with your Fiat link and next you’re not allowed to provide any lesson about your hood unless it is provided by the deity when you scroll or use any robotic programs to collect data from those on our website so and finally do not buy product through your affiliate link for commercial purposes so let’s have a look at our dashboard and see how you can optimize it so firstly it will just plug into Lizarraga SMS calm and send in with your pre and Joe’s so that’s our email and your password we should used when you are signing on with us and you just leave everything locking jeff lock it to has offers you’ll see a dashboard like this as a homepage this shows the last seven days performance let’s get to know more about the gray menu on your left to see what is step is for firstly with my accounts this is a very important time your to fill in your personal information here in account details please make sure that you fill in your contact able email address address and phone number you can also check your affiliate ID here and change your password here following that would be the billing menu this is an insertion cell for you to fill in if you would like to receive commissions from us you have two options either your paypal email address or your wire details next would be that you guys tab after you have up 25 USD of approved payout I’ll system for January a summary document are most commonly known as invoice of commissions here once a month the dashboard is the home page which we saw previously NIC’s would be offers most of the necessary tools are in this menu this is a do not miss tab because it’s really important for your advertising creation browse and such any bones you to look for your deep links or live campaigns which you can promote at the moment notice that the offer name has the country code at the beginning for you to identify which country it is from and extracted accordingly to the country which you would like to promote mix is product widget generator it’s a single product banner which allows you to select product and customize details in the banner this a Fiat manager is for a fleet would develop website using product fee next is the carousel banner we can also customize the product to appear here as well it’s like a sliding product banner which makes it different from the product widget generator the bestseller carousel banner is another type of carousel banner the difference would be the asking use here are the best sellers on lazada smart URL and F deep link generator are tools you can use for targeting users on the application or M site let’s have a look at the report part we have two reports the performance report and the conversion report let’s take a look at the first one the performance report the performance report is for looking at your overview performance the highlight of this report is this awesome graph here and the overview summary you can customize your graphs here here and here for data which you would like to concentrate on you can also set a time range here report options is to select the matrix which you would like to know such as clicks and impressions you can even filter the data here to export the report simply click on this button let’s move on to the conversion report the conversion report contains the transaction details made via a FLIR tracking link it is by SKU level hence one item per row you will know what time the transaction was made what’s important is to set the correct time range particularly in time zones you have to set the time zone similar to the countries offer report options allows you to add more information we got the order that was made report filter has the same function as performance report narrowing the data down and the Save button is at the same place conversions are approved orders meet during the set time range painting conversions are orders that have not been validated yet PR refers to the approved Commission’s and pending payout refers to the commission that hasn’t been validated here now let’s go on to the last but definitely not the least important the Tools menu there is one relevant tool which we highly recommend for you to use and that is the ad groups it is a beginner’s through which we would like you to start with a group is a rotating campaign banner that you don’t have to waste your time to update you just embed the JavaScript code we have the country code here following that with the category and the size you can select it and get it life promptly it will show the latest campaigns they’re running on the data so now I guess you’ll be curious on how I lose the light so let’s get started our amazing tools so now all together 3 mm and you guys so firstly better so under Venice we have offers or can’t big banners as well as put up banners and secondly their text things that these are the different tools that you can use to create your dead links and luckily at the data key under balance we have one of them are static Venice so static Venice are Dennis it comes in different sizes for our different campaigns so down together six desktop size banners for you to choose as well as seven admins so this is what tutorial which you can click on popular banners are two types one is the footer widget generator and the other the carousel metal so for the budget generator you can just you can choose to display one product and the images of what we desire and then for the carousel Venna is actually a rotating banner so you can actually display that put up that you won but you will rotate so let’s get on to deep links so dip inside to your text links which the users can see on your website or your blog post so here are example some examples of did the way our kids have actually used it links so this is a post on Instagram and this is a post on a blog is this a blog post as well as a Facebook post so far is about how the Limbaugh’s is on a Facebook post you can see that the sea has actually put a deepening on the gutter product hence when the user clicks on it and get directed to the lesser a page they will see the ganya for the SKU and with the fleet tracking thing how do you generate deep links so firstly there is a link generator that didn’t generate up and the most importantly the dip into sibling thing co2 which I highly recommend so this is actually a chrome plug-in which you can use and you can just click on it after you have installed it on your chrome and when you click on it you automatically generate a affiliate tracking link so lastly we have the detail key which is also known as our product P so it allows you to display a whole range of products from lazada so in this you can actually customize what you want to feature so firstly we have the different categories and secondly we have the price which we can choose from as well as if you want to feature the top sellers or sellers that we have so now after you you just click on download and you’re generally checking for any copy so here’s our fix at a glance so now you’re very proud to see there we have more than 45,000 of these what I’ve got with us on top of that we have 13 class support staff across the six countries ready to support you and for website visitors 25% of the traffic from lazada comes from affiliates and now I can say that we have picked over 4.6 million USD 2 of this over the last year so now that our introduction has company and I hope this tutorial of a walkthrough of the EA program would be very helpful to you on top of this you can also view how to use the different tools out that one on our YouTube you have any questions or queries don’t worry because we are here in a different artists about you feel free to write to any of this email for the respective countries to charge mobile phones and we’re literally get help thank you and happy selling

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