What are Cookies, First click and last Click Attribution in Affiliate marketing

(slow sitar music) – What are cookies? And how does it help
in affiliate marketing? And what is first click
and last click attribution? This is what we are going to learn today. Hey guys, welcome back to the second part of affiliate marketing by ShoutMeLoud. This is a free video series for all of you to learn
about affiliate marketing. Now in the first video
I explained to you about what is affiliate marketing, and in this video we
are going to understand what are cookies and how does it helps. So let’s understand what cookies are. So whenever we browse any website the browser store information
about our preference for example whenever you go to a website you see those pop-ups or
you see those cookie consent where you say I accept, but the next time when
you visit the website it doesn’t shows the pop-up
or the cookie consent, well that’s what the cookie does. It’s a tiny file which is
stored by your browser. And it’s because of the
cookies the companies or the affiliate marketplace understand that the sale has come from you. Now, a cookie has a lifespan. Like for example Amazon
has a 24-hour cookie. That means when somebody
clicks on your affiliate link and if they make purchase
within first 24-hours you get a commission. Now many other affiliate
programs have higher cookie life like 30 days, 60 days, some
of them also have lifetime which is amazing and which actually helps. But the real question is, what if somebody clicks
on your affiliate link and somebody else’s
affiliate link as well, who will get the commission? Well that’s where the first click and last click attribution
come into the picture. And let’s understand this with an example. So if somebody clicks
on your affiliate link, they visited the website but just before making the purchase they actually visited
somebody else’s link. Now this is where the affiliate policies of the product comes into the picture. Most of the affiliate programs
have last click attribution. That means, whichever
the last affiliate link they clicked on before
making the purchase, the sale will be added to
that particular person. Now there are a few affiliate programs which also has first click attributions. So in first click attribution if somebody visited a website
by clicking your link, but they have made purchase by clicking on somebody else’s link, you are the one who’s
going to get commission. And that’s how the cookie and first click and last
click attribution helps. But if you’re already part
of certain affiliate program, it’s a good practice that you go back and check their affiliate
terms and conditions, and ask this basic question, what is the cookie life of this particular affiliate program? Is it first click or
last click attribution? It’s a very vital piece of information which will help you in the longer period to make more money from
your affiliate marketing. Nonetheless, the fundamental of cookies also apply to other aspect
of digital marketing such as email marketing. And you remember the
first example I gave you about the email pop-up? Well that’s where the cookie
also plays an important role. So I hope today you learned something new. Now in the upcoming series of this video I’ll help you understand more
about affiliate marketing, stuff like recurring affiliate
program, link cloaking, and many other aspect
of affiliate marketing which will help you to make
most out of affiliate marketing. Now before we bid goodbye
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